Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Lacazette boost, Onyekuru latest, Liverpool eye duo

Arsenal have agreed a deal to keep Arsene Wenger at the club until 2019, and he is now tasked with building a squad worthy of challenging for the Premier League title.

The board are believed to have demanded he work fast and hard early in the window to assure we are not forced to scrap for players late as we were last season, and a number of players are expected to join.

Alexandre Lacazette has been linked with a move to various top clubs in recent seasons, but has come out to officially reveal he will be switching clubs this summer. Atletico Madrid were supposedly leading the race for his signature, but have since been ruled out of the chase, due to a transfer ban. This leaves the Premier League as his most likely destination, and the world knows we are lacking a top class striker in our ranks.

Onyekuru looks near-certain to be joining our club to bolster our attacking options, but his age and experience doesn’t fill our need for a ready-made star. We look set to sign him, with his club Eupen holding out for only £7.85 Million, and it remains to be seen whether he will stay with the squad or be loaned out initially.

Liverpool are priced up as favourites to land Arsenal duo Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who are both entering the final 12 months of their contracts. The duo have played key roles in our new 3-4-2-1 formation since the successful switch, and should be kept at all costs, but until new contracts are signed, the cloud of doubt remains over the pair.

Could we land Lacazette? Would you allow the Ox or Ramsey leave for Liverpool?

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  1. If we keep Alexis and get Lacazette that would be it for our attack. We would not need anymore. We could focus on our defense.

    But Wenger screwed up before like offerring too little or waiting too long or just didn’t bid. I don’t have confidence in Wenger. Hopefully he will prove me wrong

    1. Liverpool are the favourites to sign Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette, according to the latest betting odds.

  2. What are they smoking at Arnifield? The Ox was our best player since change of formatio to 3 5 3

    1. 3-5-3 would mean we have 12 players unless Cech is one of the back 3 lol.. Rush goalie perhaps?

    1. We probably will bid for Mbappe knowing full well He won’t sign for us and then they will say we tried.. Snells like a Suarez to me

    2. This is false. BBC listed this under their rumor mill page, which is just a bunch of rumours from various papers around Europe. The Mbappe rumour is from L’Equipe in France, which is just as reliable as Metro. Which means it’s not reliable.

      1. If you’d asked me, all things considered such as value for money, skill, age, suitability etc I’d choose Lacazette over Mbappe.

  3. Why do you guys have to keep repeating in your articles that Wenger is staying for 2 more years?We all know now that he is staying so please could you not keep mentioning it FFS.

  4. if we play 3-5-3 next season, Ox is crucial (can play left/right wing and central). Ramsey/Xhaka/Coquelin is also crucial since central role require player to run up and back the whole match.

    You know chelsea had a pretty average team ands till won the EPL. Marcos Alonso, Cesar Azpilicueta, Victor moses was playing for average teams before they moved. Its all about singing the right player for tactic, with 3-5-3 I can see that Xhaka, Chambo, Ramsey, have improved alot.

    1. I agree and Arsenal have made a huge mistake by not tying up the likes of Ramsey and Ox earlier or at least before negotiating with Sanchez and Ozil. If the other players see Sanchez and, especially Ozil on big contracts, they will demand more too.
      Seriously I don’t know how Ozil can demand double his pay. He is soft and only turns up every third or fourth game against weaker opponents. He doesn’t defend in a league where you need every player behind the ball. Anyone that believes he is worth £280-350,000 a week is a fool. Open your eyes and realise for that money Arsenal could have another star striker next to Sanchez or both Isco and Mahrez.

      1. The problem is there are no buyers for Ozil and nobody wants to pay him 350 k pw. If he doesn’t sign contract he can go for free next season and it will be 42 m loss.

        1. Yeah because he is nothing but an overrated Real Madrid reject. I would offer Bayern a swap. Ozil and £5 million for Douglas Costa.

          1. how many chances costa has created? how many goals how many assists he’s made only dribbling and sprinting, the fastest players are in arsenal.Ozil to stay

      2. Imagine a front three of Sanchez, Mahrez and Lacazette with Isco behind them. I know it will never happen but that is an attract that would win the Premier League.

        1. Real play Isco these days, why would he come here or anywhere for that matter. People thought there was a chance to sign him because he had to bide his time, but he was saying the right things about Real being huge club and him wanting to work and earn a place. Real will respect him even more, Zidane he’ll learn from.

  5. Arsenal is not bad to the extent most of us think. Its just that we fans are too demanding and overambitious. If Wenger cud just sign Andrea Belloti, Mahrez and maybe Fornals believe me arsenal will be a hit.

  6. I thought Onyekuru is fake, because the Ornstein/oracle says so. I too want to believe that Mbappe rumour, is he worth a hundred mil, or 86m pounds. If Arsene is certain that he’s a future Henry Bale Alexis type level, well then yes it’d be worth it. How much are players gonna cost in five seasons time, and this kid will still have plenty years. I would worry about him being so young and us overly relying on him though. I’d hate to see us derail this kids future because of our injury problems. Come on Arsenal, stun us all this summer.

  7. My dear friends is the numbers counts not body language, who is the king of assists Ozil, who is king of creating chances Ozil.
    if the team is not performing from the midfield how do you expect number ten to shine?
    I rate Ozil high from what he’s shown…the first season he signed we won fa cup, he’s a winner what didn’t fabregaz and nasir win for the club?
    If we buy good player fans will say it was a reject from barca or Madrid so what do you want to get players from? we buy like onyekuru you say unknown we promote from academy you say we don’t spend…pay player good money you say waste…pay player low money you say we don’t compete in what’s your stance?

    1. Too many moaners in this site! It is really frustrating for real lovers of Arsenal! You should not always moan! Now someone saying Wenger should have tied down Ramsey and Ox contracts before negotiating with Sanchez and ozil that both will now demand for huge pay: what is our problem? we were shouting sell Ramsey before now, that he’s a waste. People should stop moaning and support the club if you really love Arsenal!

      1. Essentially you make a very good point. We should get behind the team even if we are at odds with the regime. However, it can be hard to remain positive when there is so much “fake news” flying about. Sky and the Beeb have recently run with stories that later proved to be inaccurate.

        Wenger is well known for his inactivity at the early stages of the transfer window, this can cause a void in which “fake news” can flourish. For all we know our scouts have been feverishly working behind the scenes to get deals done but fans hungry for information have to rely on the rumour mill.

        The beginning of last season is a prime example of how a fan can be conflicted between the team and the regime. Before even a ball was kicked, fans were frustrated with the regime because of the incomplete activity in the transfer market. This manifested its self with being frustrated at the team.

  8. Lacazette – Yes please.
    The Ox – Better to keep him.
    Ramsey – Off you go. Enjoy Liverpool!

    Doubt it’ll play-out like that though. More likely Ramsey stays (After all, he’s the future of Arsenal according to Wenger) Ox might go (To avoid spending the next 2 years playing at wing-back) Lacazette will go somewhere that doesn’t try to get him on-the-cheap.

    1. Probably end the same way as ibrahimovic then !
      By the way, it appears maureen has turned her attention to lacazette now greizmann has decided to stay at athletico.

  9. We should all know by now Arsene is never going to change his transfer policy,he always shops in the bargain basement to sign players no other club wants because they are not good enough for them so why does he think they are good enough foe Arsenal?

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