Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Mahrez, Hummels, Tabla, Sasha

We are a four weeks away from the end of the current campaign, and with our title challenge having faded, it is time to start thinking about how we can improve for next season.

Reports are claiming we are set to launch an offer for Riyad Mahrez, who is the favourite to win the PFA Player of the Year Award for this term, ‘in the coming weeks’. It would be naive to think that we will be alone in trying to tempt the Algerian winger into switching clubs this summer, but a move does appear to be on the cards.

Arsenal, as well as Barcelona, are said to have joined Man United in the race to sign Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund this summer, with the defender entering the final 12 months of his contract. His name was thrown all over the place last summer but no such move prevailed, and if no contract is agreed, he could also be likely to move on.

One signing who sounds right up Arsene Wenger’s street is 24 year-old Eduardo Sasha. The versatile forward is valued at around £2 Million, and has been impressing in Brazil for Internacional this season. Sasha has notched up five goals in his 12 outings this term, and is believed to have caught the eye of a number of fellow PL clubs.

Ballou Jean-Yves Tabla is the last name I will be bringing to you today, with the 17 year-old being tipped for a bright future. The winger impressed when helping Canada’s Under-20 to beat England’s equivalent side last month, with a number of scouts watching including those of Chelsea and City. He currently trains alongside Montreal’s Didier Drogba, which may go against us if the Blues put up a strong bid to sign him however.

Do you think we could strike deals for Hummels or Mahrez? How big would it be to land both this summer?


  1. As an Arsenal fan, its difficult to discuss transfer talk with AW as a manager.Only hope that if AW has to step down or sacked that its done before the transfer window closes, to give a new manager something to work with.
    Hats of to Klopp, came in and really made a major difference to Brenda’s jaded team..Exactly what we need.

    1. Hahaha………….i’m Looking forward to the day when Arsenal transfer rumour round-up will be Soopa Aeon, Muff, fatboy, ArseOverTit , Arsenal007 ……

      We can’t be serious for once in our Lives…… Seriously sasha , tabla? After all we been through?

      1. I’m not going anywhere as admin pays me £140k a week to talk the siht I do on here. Don’t tell them bu I’m gonna ask for an extension and pay rise shortly, so fingers crossed..

  2. Given the same squad as Leicester or Spuds now , I don’t think Wenger can bring them to the top 2 this season , it’s the manager that makes a difference .

    1. @WiserthanWenger
      My sentiments exactly. Aw has lost the plot with his tactics as well.Teams read him and play us out of games.We only tend to play well when opponents give us room to play in the midfield – like Everton did.When opponents park the bus and cramp out Ozil and Sanchez, Wenger doesn’t have a plan.All the possession and no goals wont win you games.

  3. Us gooners just love to torture ourselves, there is no other explanation.
    How can we go on forums to discuss transfers with Arsene Wenger still in the managers position.
    Ozil and Sanchez have realised they are going backwards under wenger and are not signing a contract extension. Meanwhile our squad are in a playful mood all over the papers playing stupid header games.

  4. Wenger needs to be fired. His has past his best and is only staying because of his pay check. This is the man who has been given too much control.

  5. We need 4 top players next season and get rid of injury prone, old players and overarted flops like giroud, theo and ox.

  6. Hummels is not a great defender last 2 years. He has made plenty of mistakes since World Cup.

  7. Don’t care about the Capital One
    or the the F’All Cup and we
    never win the Champions league.
    This season was a really golden
    opportunity to win the EPL and the team choked.
    Right now I don’t care who we sign.
    Even if we signed Neuer Lahm Ramos Varane
    Pique Rakitic Ronaldo Messi Neymar Suarez,
    Arsene would find a way to get 3rd 🙂
    Stan would order 3rd and no higher.
    I just want the season to end.

  8. Wenger’s close friends? have said he will go all out for Mahrez .
    He is also going all out to sign Messi, batman, Jesus, Ted danson, lulu, a brown stick, John travolta and Pope John Paul II.‎

    I don’t want him to sign another player. Just to sign his resignation.‎

    1. @AOT
      I don’t think we need these people you mentioned above since Sanogo is coming back from loan deal.

  9. I don’t think Mahrez should be as expensive as he would be in another club. If he was at liv for instance he would be priced at over 40m, maybe close to 50. Dortmund, expensive too but not quite liv expensive. Leic, I liked hearing Ranieri say that if they are not totally on board well then he wouldn’t keep them anyway. So Lei sound like they may be reasonable, I haven’t noticed any big waves when people came calling for their players over the years, that’s a good sign. So I’m thinking, maybe 25m to 30m, which Arsene will try and do for 18 to 23m. He’s just the type of player we could miss out on if we quarrel over price. I think he’d like Arsenal, his game his countrymen and all. But Manu are crying out for more wizadry and che may be losing Hazard, then we have city who can afford to buy so others don’t get them. He does look like an Arsene type player, bags of talent going forward and not physically opposing. He’s still a good player though even if he’s no Alexis or De Bruyne.

  10. I think puting the Wenger issues and transfers aside Arsenal needs a strong ‘shake up’ on it’s internal stractures. Kronke needs to be woken up and give this club some leadership or else we are stuck in the same rut longer than anticipated. Before him Wenger was an excellent manager writing his on piece of his-tory. In he comes and we are singing the blues. If only Wenger was a strong character to stand for his will and ‘honesty’ against the board good times would have continued to roll. But he somewhat swallows all this in and his legacy is filling up fast with dark patches. Someone is not doing his job at Asernal and they are all quete about it like silent Stan.

  11. Rumours are just that …….rumours. I don’t care who wenger is associated with buying next season as long as it’s not for Arsenal.

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