Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Pogba, Cech, Casillas and Sterling

We are 17 days from our FA Cup final against Aston Villa, which will be the end of Arsenal’s season. Our rivals have already started spending their massive summer budgets so it is imperative that the Gunners work hard to improve our squad as well. Here is the latest selection of Arsenal’s rumours from the papers for your entertainment!.

Apparently Wenger is claimed to have made Petr Cech his priority signing this summer, and is said to given the green light to launch a £10 Million bid, while Spanish website Fichajes have claimed that we have lodged an offer for Iker Casillas. It was less than two weeks ago however, that Arsene praised his current goalkeeping options, claiming Ospina is top of the stats this term. Cech would no doubt be a great addition to our squad, but I just cant see either of these happening to be honest….

Raheem Sterling has been reported to have started house hunting in London, leading to speculation surrounding a move to both us or Chelsea. The winger is widely considered to be the biggest talent in the UK at present, and we would no doubt welcome him with open arms. Liverpool are adamant that they will force him to stay for next season on his lowly £35,000 per week wage however, and this saga is likely to run on all summer…

Now I know I mentioned Paul Pogba in my previous round-up, after he was reported to have handed in a transfer request, but Spanish journalist Kike Marin, who has broken stories on our club previously, has confirmed our interest in the superstar. I think I’m probably more hopeful than anything else, but he would be an amazing capture, and his star quality could be just what is needed to secure out first Premier League title since 2004….

Go on Wenger, go get Pogba!

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    1. its LIVE on supersports…… “Cech is in talk with Besiktas” …..these stupid rumors be making Life boring and Lethargic

    2. Pogba -> We will get outbid by the likes of Barce, Madrid, PSG , City & Chelsea – no question
      Cech -> Roman would not want to p*ss off crying Mourinho by sanctioning such a sale
      Casillas -> Past it IMO, don’t see much difference in him & Ospina bar the ridiculous wages
      Sterling -> Possibly a shrewd purchase, but only for the right price and only if Theo leaves

      1. regarding pogba it is not as simple as you put it, the teams you mentioned are alredy under scrutiny breaking ffp and isnt barce banned from transfers?, but i doubt arsenal will sign him anyway.

        1. @bashman Chelsea are anything but under scrutiny, City will have a clear out to get around it, R. Madrid – no comment, PSG were recently fined but like City they will get around this by selling a few players. In regards to Barcelona, they are banned from registering players up until January, that doesn’t mean they can’t sign Pogba. They would just end up tying the deal up behind the scenes and Juventus would keep the player until that transfer window. Before you say, ‘why would they pay £80m for a player that wont play for them’, you have to consider that his value is likely to rise during that period if he continues playing at the level he currently is now.

          @Sevenitti We would get trumped both in terms of transfer bid and wages offered. The amounts being quoted are £70-80m just for the purchase of the player, that’s not taking into account the wage demands which would likely exceed the £200k mark. Ozil was an established world class player at the time, and is earning roughly £140,000 so he was seen as a economically reasonable purchase (considering how he was the first big ‘player’ we purchased in a long time, and so they were always going to get a large amount of revenue from shirt sales). But to splash that kind of money on a 21 year old who has probably had 1 or 2 good seasons is borderline ridiculous. Our club thrives on the image of stability, what would the purchase of Pogba at £70m indicate? It would sound desperate more than sensible to me. Whilst we our financially in the green, Kroenke would never give the go ahead for such a transfer unless he saw shirt sales etc. returning a large sum of that expenditure. Hence, this is an unrealistic transfer target.

          1. its all speculation mate, just pointing out that transfers are seldom straightforward .

            1. Of course not, but my point stands – we would never go into a bidding war against the aforementioned.

      2. Outbid, I don’t know about that. We spent 42m on özil, I don’t see us not being willing to spend 50-60 on a more talented player. We could also offer someone in return, like cazorla, or Wellington Silva / Campbell.

        Anyway – only rumours; )

    3. We won’t be buying anyone. We need to clear the wage bill, and sell off several players.

  1. I will believe transfers when I see confirmation on Arsenal website. Until then I’m concentrating on 2 nd place and FA cup.

    1. You’re not, the Arsenal team are, so stop being boring and get excited by rumours instead of being a downer

      1. yuuhhh- well said-whats just as annoying is the customary- im not believing it till i see on

        yes jake 🙂

  2. If the P Cech rumour is true well then Arsene does truly mean business. If not well then i look forward to Ospina proving himself a top keeper throughout entire season but at same time worry and sort of expect we will be back to square one regarding need for title winning type keeper.. square one may be too harsh with him being an improvement on Szcz.

    Raheem, very tricky player but no need for him unless we sell and if im being honest i dont like the lad character wise. If che are interested i can only see one winner with them lacking British talent and all.


    1. Agree YY69. I have the bad vibe feeling about RS as well – only an emotional response I admit. Chelski will just sell Cuadrado for a huge profit and buy RS – everything is simple in their world.

  3. Poga will be Faaaaar Tooo expsive Wenger wont touch him wit a barge pole, Cech b all accounts is well on his ay to Besiktas, Stirling own property in east london near e Whitechapel hospital and do we rally need him? the Ox is just as good, Casillas is too old ad too expensive for his age, ALL this is rubbish I read with growing upset that Dybala will end p at Juventus so there goes another potential, WE NEED A STRIKER AN OU AND OUT GOALSCORING BEAST.
    not gonna happen though

    1. Dybala to Juve is upsetting to me too, I just hope missing out on him means something alot bigger down the line…

  4. what’s happening at Anfield?….. Half the whole bunch of players refusing to sign up new contract! Sterling, skrtel, ibe etc L()L

    1. ridiculous idea.

      better off buying giant water cannon – aiming it at stamford bridge

  5. How much money do we have? Who is leaving? These are the key questions to understand who we can buy.

    If like the last two seasons we are going to go for a single world class player then we could possible go for Pogba, but that would still leave potential problems in central defense and striker positions and possibly Goalkeeper as well.

    So are we to buy 3-4 good to very good players or one World Class player?
    For the price of Pogba we could possibly get Lacazette, Schneiderlin and Cech.
    It is not an easy decision as we could be contenders either way next year.
    I would personally try to buy Pogba and maybe squeeze enough money from sales to also buy Lacazette, I think our Defense and GK will keep for another year.

  6. I don’t know why some of you have problems with keeping Podolski… He is one of the best inside-the-box finishers and I strongly believed in the fact that if we had Podolski taking one of those chances he would have finished it… If you don’t trust on me… please look on some of his goals most of the times he has finished his chances from inside the box. He still can be the one player when we are looking for goals can rely on him. And if we are giving chances to Welbeck who still lacks finishing, (no hard feelings, I like him as well) then we should give a last season’s chance to Podolski also..

    The biggest problem was he was not given playing time even if he scored goals just like Walcott is going on with. But I still believe keeping him for a last season won’t do us any harm… And he can be a great super sub useful in such type of games where we are lacking a goal…

    And if you are still not satisfied, then sell him in the winter transfer… Winning situation for both parties

  7. we have to buy hakan canhanoglu. A young energetic genius who takes the meanest free kicks (even scored from the half way line). He will be rosicky’s replacement. Him and kondogbia will be awesome.

  8. AW wants to convert Theo into a central striker, then we have room for Pedro or Sterling. Still think we need a CDM to work with Le Coq as he cannot play every game and if gets injured we in shite. Schneiderlin, Wanyama or Gundogan could be real deal. Kondogbia is another who could be a beast at Emirates. Some of the squad are getting on so we need to start replacing….Santi, Rozza, Poldi Per etc. Akpom coming through along with Zelalem, Dan and a few more.

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