Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Seri, Lemar, Asensio, Mbappe

The rumour mill is hotting up as we draw nearer the end of the season, and as usual Arsenal are a hot subject to speculate on.

Kylian Mbappe is being talked about again, as he will likely be throughout the summer as one of the hottest properties in world football. The 18 year-old has enjoyed a magnificent season in helping his Monaco side to close in the Ligue 1 title, as well as being a surprise Champions League semi-finalist.

The latest on the wonderkid is that he has admitted that he has a long summer transfer window to consider his future, as well as adding: ‘I will have time to consider opportunities. We will look at everything that needs to be looked at after Ligue 1.’ With any luck, he will want to emulate Thierry Henry but I’m not counting my chickens…

A more likely arrival from Monaco however could be his young team-mate Thomas Lemar. We are believed to be prioritising a move for the creative talent, and he is supposedly rated at £25 Million. He is one of the most exciting players in the French division, and this summer could prove a great time to make our move, before the bigger spenders enhance their own interest.

We are also linked with Ligue 1’s Jean-Michael Seri, who is claimed to be valued at €40 Million. The central midfielder is currently a first-team star for Nice, and is said to be seeking first-team assurances before considering leaving the club.

We are also linked with a move to sign Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio, who is believed to be looking to leave the Spanish capital in search of regular action. The attacking midfielder has been impressing when given the chance, but with the superstars in the current squad, it is tough for him to hold down a regular starting spot.

All this young and up-and-coming talent will of course be tough to tempt to Arsenal, but at least three of these would excite me should we strike a deal. Seri isn’t one I’m too familiar with, and that is hardly a risk-free fee.

Can you see us signing any of these? Would you prefer Lemar or Asensio?

Pat J

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  1. Bermy Ras says:

    Stop the crap, as a BIG CLUB WE DEMAND TOP TOP PLAYERS do you remember saying that Mr.Wenger

    1. JembutArsene says:

      Wenger is so wise when it comes to spending. I have never subscribed to the theory that you have to have a spine of the team born within these shores. Or that the side which costs the most, will deliver a title every season. Neither of those is true in it’s entire, the former is actually unproven. The latter contributes but looking at Manure with their world record transfer fees, well, there are no guarantees. The squad is the crucial issue. Players leave and join but every summer it should be improved. You do not have to spend big, simply spend to get the right players for the right positions. Arsenal have suffered this season from injuries to crucial players, the sort that you can never really have a deputy for, the sort where the team needs others to step up to the plate in their absence. In those moments, you appreciate the roles and performances of the absentees more but also, surely, there must be a dawning realization that a player of the calibre of the one missing is not going to be happy with a ‘stand in’ role. You could have a World Class replacement sitting on the bench every week, waiting for Ozil to be injured or suspended. That would be like offering Laurence Olivier the stand-in for a leading West End play in case Richard Burton called in sick. It would be nice if some recognition amongst all of this rancour, were given to the progress made this season.


      1. AsburtonGrove says:

        This Jembut fool is either a Spul-troll or some mug just as deliusional as Kroenke. Either that or a foreign-plastic who hasn’t been alive long enough to have witnessed other managers take the reins at AFC.

        Or, it’s Arsene the cat-fish – Arsene is that you…?

        C u next Tuesday.

        1. JembutArsene says:

          Why did you copy paste it again, fool?

          I already reply your question in the post previous post above.

          But let me break it down again.

          Got to love the naysayers daily attempts to undercut everything and anything associated to Arsenal so Wenger and Co can take a hammering for it.
          I’ll say what I have said before – those who so clearly get upset by what a Frenchman they have never met does (and who truly has no real impact on your life), must be very weak individuals.
          Really don’t get this whole “if you aren’t as upset by football as I am than you’re not as much of a fan” narrative. It is like they don’t want anyone to enjoy the game since they can’t, very childish really.

          That’s where most of you miss the point, it’s not about absolve our Great Leader AW of responsibility, it’s about realizing that the whole malaise at Arsenal goes beyond Wenger. He is the face of the club in terms of football matters but is not the sole reason the club are in this state.

          Was it Wenger that decided for the club to move to the Emirates!? Is it AW that decides that the Emirates workers are not compensated properly? Is it Wenger that approves the “consultancy fee” that is paid to Kronke every season.

          Arsene is part of the system and not the system in itself. He has his full share of the blame in what Arsenal FC has become, but to put all that is wrong with the club at his doorstep is just being childish in my opinion. For example if AW had his way the team would not be in the States right now, but there are a lot of decisions that go above his head (even if we try to portray him as some Arsenal demigod). Fact is, he is an employee of SK like everyone else. He meets the brief that is given to him, when he stops meeting the targets as set by SK I doubt the Walmart Boss will work with sentiments in choosing to let him go.


      2. dennis the menace says:

        exactly… great point

        i also think that wenger is basically a footballing god in the guise of a human… just because he is too caring for other team’s supporters he he deliberately letting other teams to wins the league year after year… so kind of him

        and on top of that he is so helpful… he helped manu to scout ronaldo, chelsea scout hazard and barca scout yaya…

        like you i also desperately want him to be with arsenal till the end of humanity

    2. Rox says:

      He always says that.Xhaka,el neny those are not super quality players.they are average.we want morata,dybala.lacazette,bonucci,reus,boateng,turan,draxler.those are quality players.wenger is all talk

      1. Rox says:

        He ia an arsenal demigod,that why they wont fire him.If it was abramovich,he woul have been gone,longterm record aside

      2. Bermy Ras says:

        Talk is cheap, wenger might talk the talk but his CHEAPNESS OVERPOWERS HIM

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I don’t know why people keep using the words ‘Mbappe’ and ‘Arsenal’ in the same sentence? Delusional! Never seen Seri play, but I like the look of Lemar, from the little I’ve seen of him.

    I would love Asensio though. I’ve seen him a fair bit, and he’s already a good player with bags of potential. He’s not going to get a lot of game time at Real (just look at James, and Isco), so there is a chance we could get him.

    Before we sign ANY player though, a new manager is a must, because Wenger will just suck the life out of any new recruit, and probably not even use them as we’ve seen with Campbell, and Perez.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We need a lot of players this summer to be fair

    Even if Alexis and Ozil stay
    1. Defensive/holding midfielder
    2. Back up RB
    3. A Top forward (we need at least 2 to compete for trophies)
    4. Ideally a CM who can play both CAM (to push Ozil) and b2b (Cazorla injury)

    If we have money left
    5. A top LB
    6. Another reliable experienced CB

    1. JembutArsene says:

      Thats just pretty harsh, everyone seems to dislike a different player if we changed them all. Thing is, footballs not the same now, we’ll have to buy expensive players because you don’t get the same freedom to find those gems like Arsene used to. As soon as we’re interested in anyone everyone knows about it.

      There was a difference in Oxlade today however slight his attacking play was a lot more assured and he upped his work rate as well at times, stamina and tackling is something he can work on, his passing and vision was good at times, there is hope as opposed to writing players off completely. Already this year we seem to have more players vying for a starting role, but they’re young at the same time. What do we do? Write off a season now? Do what Chelsea do and sack a few people and start all over, are we suddenly going to get back on track? All we can look to now is the next game ahead, look at it this way if Wenger can’t keep lifting the team up after every setback he’ll have to buy. We moan when young players are played over buying experienced players but then say Rene Adelaide should be given a chance as well. The only way we’re going to win things is with consistency, if we keep hold of the squad and buy a couple of players or see a marked improvement from the the same that would be a lot easier. At least you’ve realized and admitted you’re pessimistic, you’re welcome to of course just I’ll never think like that. Hopefully we can grind out a few results, if we don’t improve we can add in summer.


      1. dennis the menace says:

        i also noticed as soon as wenger got on the sideline and tried to “vociferously” direct play from there (as he usually does unlike some mediocre manager like conte and simeone) OX responded and played like ronaldo and messi combined


  4. RSH says:

    Why in the world would Asensio come to Arsenal?? Who makes this stuff up? Either way, it doesn’t matter who we buy. The only thing that desperately needs changing is the manager. Until that happens, Arsenal will continue to be mediocre and treat FA Cup like Champions League.

    1. JembutArsene says:

      Kroenke is the main issue at arsenal fc, not wenger. Whatever anyone thinks about wenger’s ability as a coach, he spends what he is given, like all managers.
      Overall financial policy at arsenal is decided by the owner, not the manager. This is how it works at all clubs. The idea that he had hundreds of millions at his disposal all these years, but chose not to spend is absurd. As arsenal fans, the problem we face is how to remove an owner who has shown no ambition, no commitment and no love for the club. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to arsenal.

      1. dennis the menace says:

        you are right my friend
        i am sure that as soon as kroenke leaves arsenal wenger would start winning the treable every year… he we might also win the football world cup… also i wont be surprised if wenger starts to nick in a few oscars and nobels post kroenke

        1. Taxi4Wenger says:

          Haha your funny.

      2. Rox says:

        thats what wenger says.we have the money,then come transfer time,we are negotiating until the transfer deadline.don’t forget that wenger has a degree in economics.He is going to get a healthy gratuity from Arsenal.We want trophies,there no silverware for 4th place.maybe when we finish 5th and we get dumped out of the group phase of the Europa League will people realise how the once mighty have fallen.Go Arsene Please

  5. Rox says:

    Hey guys after 21years in the job,arsene wenger is no longer a manager.He’s a despot.He wont go,because he made them,and they wont fire him.We will never win the premier league again as long as he’s manager.The premier league has moved on from his generation of managers,just the same way as he moved the premier league forward in 1996.We lack fighting spirit and a ruthless streak,eye catching soccer is not enough,without spine.We’re doomed until wenger goes

  6. Rox says:

    Just to add no player wants to come to a club,whose only ambition is to finish in the top 4,reach the knockout phase of the champions league, reach the final of the FA cup and maybe win it,be linked with many £50+ players and never buy them,while selling all our best players for a healthy profit, a very healthy bank balance and pay a handsome dividend to shareholders.Arsenal is no longer a soccer team but a business model.Thats wengers legacy…

  7. Danilo says:

    Arsenal fans rant about the manager all the time instead of supporting the team.Pathetic.

    1. Rox says:

      Firstly are you arsenal supporter or not?Whats pathetic is a manager satisfied with mediocrity.You
      are obviously not a Arsenal or you wouldn’t be saying all that nonsense.I love my team,but as a manager,wenger has to go.Concentrate on your team(probably Man U)and leave us to ranr about the team we love.

    2. Tony says:

      Who agreed to work those players?…who bought those players?…who selects which player starts and who sits on the bench?…who is responsible for motivating the entire team especially in critical situations?…who takes all the credit if the team clinch a major silverware?…who does the media turn to for update on the team?…i guess you can start from there

      1. Rox says:

        Got it right there Tony.The buck stops with wenger.I live in Zimbabwe,there are so many of us Gunners supporters who were there during the time of the Invincibles.That is the standard we live by,and that was during the time of Sir Alex…….wenger no longer has that same drive,how can being called a “specialist in failure” not have given him the will to show that Mourinho upstart.Retire wenger.this topic is a very sore point for me.13 years without a title and failing last when all fell on the wayside(chelsea,man u,man c,spurs)and we still couldn’t overhaul the foxes.What more evidence do we need??????Allegri come to Arsenal

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Well you can always watch old footage, you’ll always have that, some teams cough spu cough don’t have anything. Not all fans can watch an entire re-run of an Invincible season ..whoohoooo.

          1. Rox says:

            that what im spending my time doing.watching the heydays.that the only comfort.

  8. Gio Muratore says:

    What is it with Arsenal and similar names. Arsene Wenger, Arsenio, is it some big subliminal brand awareness project?

  9. Break-on-through says:

    If we could get Alexis to stay.
    Replace Ozil with Lemar or Tielemans.
    Sign Mbappe.
    Replace Cazorla with Goretzka but play Cazorla if fit.
    Replace Gabriel.

    This would be about 110m, this would be my favorite minimum requirement.

    1. Tony says:

      i hate to be the bearer of bad news but you really need to wake up if you dreaming,no offence mate cos i for one will also be happy to see those names and even more in the squad but that potato head and the members of the board who are driven by the money that come into their pockets won’t even dare spending so much to make the team contenders again

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