Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Turan, Patricio, Mahrez, Tuchel

Speculation is building as we draw closer to the season’s end, and as usual Arsenal are the most talked about club when it comes to transfer business.

Riyad Mahrez is claimed to be holding Leicester to a previous agreement with manager Claudio Ranieri, which said that he would be allowed to leave the club this summer. Us and Spurs are claimed to be favourites for his signature, and if he could find a level close to that of last season, he could be a huge addition for our club moving forward.

Arda Turan is another player who looks likely to quit his club in the coming window, having started only 23 league matches since joining two summers ago. His future is believed to depend on who comes in to replace Luis Enrique in the summer, and the prospect is not believed to be good. He is claimed to favour the Premier League over a move to Italy or China, and he has previously talked of a switch to Arsenal.

Rui Patricio is the another being linked with a switch to the Emirates this summer, with question marks being raised over Petr Cech this term, as well as David Ospina believed to be pushing to leave. The shot-stopper played a key role in helping Portugal to win the European Championships last summer. Us and Man City are claimed to be very interested in signing him.

Arsene Wenger is another strongly talked about subject, and he seems to be unsure whether to step-down this summer or not. A key factor in his decision may well be if the club can find a potential replacement for him, and one may be set to come available. Thomas Tuchel is claimed to have fallen out with Borussia Dortmund’s CEO due to his decisions during the Champions league quarter-finals, and he could well leave.

Can you imagine any of these targets in an Arsenal top? Would Tuchel be a good fit to replace Wenger?

Pat J

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  1. Imran says:

    Waste of time talking about transfers. Wait until season ends we will know the outcome.

    1. JembutArsene says:

      You’re about as useful as Anne Frank’s drum kit. I’m not saying your stupid, I’m just saying you have little luck when it comes to thinking. The point is that Lacazette unlike Giroud can play on wing just as Welbeck did when he played alongside Giroud in team. What you will have to decide however is whether Arsenal can play a 4-3-3 formation with only three midfielders or a 3-4-3 formation with three defenders at back. One thing I am certain is that Giroud is not going to be demoted to just sitting on bench. Wenger is more likely to rotate.

      Funny how whenever you roll up here you are convinced you are the only one that sees reality for what it is when in fact you juts have an agenda you are peddling, same as everybody else. People forget Wenger as good as forgot about him at the back end of last season and now he has so many mid fielders he will try to find a place on the right for one of them as per usual. I for one would be more interested in a striker and defender signing first. I think Mahrez would be a luxury buy, one we should only make if we are selling. As I said Lacazette, a CB and Mahrez would be a seriously good window. Don’t think anyone gets cheaper as such with the window closing, but teams playing chicken to try and get the best fee eventually bottle it and take what’s offered. Getting the feeling we’re gonna land a sizeable forward.

      What you fail to realize and acknowledge is that you have to remember there’s quality already at the club – which is totally fair given we only need a couple more players. I’ll bow out for the night with knuckle draggers like you coming into the fray with your useless noise.

  2. Arsene Wenger says:

    Our scouts and agents are seriously considering Forster. This is the best keeper in the league by a country mile. If Ivan does not get me this guy I will be very upset with him.

    1. JembutArsene says:

      Yes, Our Great Leader Arsene. Your words are gold.

      We all the true arsenal fans will bow down at your majesty.


  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Mahrez is fine as long as we still get a Top CF like Greizmann, Lacazette, etc

    Actually Wenger should have got Mahrez last summer a long with Kante

    Wenger is bound to make the same mistakes this summer. He is clueless

    1. JembutArsene says:

      Girl, must Arsene see the need to answer every question asked? Is there something in his contract that says he must give an answer to every question?

      We haven’t had a consistent performance level throughout an entire season, but that’s typical of any side who doesn’t win the title that given year. There’s not a certain period of time each year where we fall away as you’re suggesting. Obviously that falls at the feet of management but you can’t dismiss the importance of cazorla’s absence. If Lyon, for example, are looking for £50 Million for Lacazette now, what will they be looking for if we wait until there’s a week of the window left, worse if we’ve had a bad start to the season and so Lyon know we’re desperate.

      Arsenal are a massive club. Do not for one moment underestimate that.

      It’s just unfortunate we are not in the hands of an ambitious owner even though we have a classy well know respected manager globally who will do anything to win.

      RESPECT ARSENE, girl.

    2. Big T says:

      We need some stell in the team. Players who are as good ‘off’ the ball as they are with the ball.

      Walcott, Sanchez (this season) Ozil etc… they cannot all be in the same team at the same time as they won’t win the ball in the opposition half.

      Pace also needed as Ramsey and Xhaka are too slow to play together.

      A balance of steel, pace and flair is needed and for too long we’ve had one or two of these missing at the same time.

      1. Big T says:

        Steel not stell….

  4. Yossarian says:

    Could we have Luis Enrique instead?

    1. JembutArsene says:

      No. Stank K still trust Arsene and you have to live with it for the next 5 years.


  5. Bright says:

    Arsene should go together with his mediocre players, Ozil, walcot, jiroud have nothing to offer

  6. vinie2000 says:

    El Chelsea también sigue muy de cerca al futbolista. Y en el caso de los ingleses barajan la opción de hacer una oferta a la Roma de 80 millones por Nainggolan y Rudiger

    Translation: Chelsea is looking for this 2 fellas from rome in combined 75 million pounds man. If they get them there is no chance for the rest in the league. An assured and athletic defender..and DM with stamina and GOALS. Add this to Lukaku and Moratta fire power.. THIS IS WHAT AN AMBITIOUS MANAGER ( setting targets earlier before season ends ) AND BOARD IS. We will end up eating our nails and having heart attacks on deadline day last minute as every single year then THERE WAS NOBODY IN THE MARKET BETTER THAN THE CURRENT SQUAD..Europa League beckons..

  7. Martin says:

    That’s about 100 players we’ve been linked with and the seasons not over yet!! Should be an interesting summer….

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