Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Vardy, Barbosa, Murillo, Ospina and Bellerin exits?

It is difficult trying to decipher the truths from most transfer stories, but today’s reports appear to have some realism however.

Ian Wright has urged Arsenal to land a deal to sign England international Jamie Vardy, who fired his side to the Premier League title this term. A striker is high on the priority list this summer, no Gunner would complain about his arrival.

Another striker we are linked with is Brazilian sensation Gabriel Barbosa, who is set to ignite the Copa America alight this month. The forward has scored 21 goals in both of the last two years, and currently has a £40 Milliion release clause. A big tournament in the USA could increase the interest in him however, and we could be set to miss out.

Another South-American we are believed to be after is Inter Milan’s Murillo, and his club are believed to be ready to sell £20 Million. Inter are said to have some financial problems, and will be keen on rectifying those issues in the coming window.

David Ospina is a fellow Colombian, but he has not enjoyed his best year, and is a target for Besiktas. The Super Lig side apparently failed to sign him in January, but will now get the chance to complete the move.

Hector Bellerin is the last player we would want to leave, but having joined up with his Spain international squad, there is worries he may have his head turned. The 21 year-old emerged from their youth academy before making the switch to North London.

Can you see us landing any of those targets? It has been a while since we raiding the Brazilian league…

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  1. Barbosa is dubbed as the new Neymar,
    But even if Arsenal were to sign him, how many years would it take for him to arrive at the Emirates?
    As you know, we have no luck with visa issue’s, whereas Man Utd would manage to get the player one,within a week.
    As they have done, in the past.

    Xhaka’s international team mate, Rodriguez missed training yesterday, which sparked rumours that Arsenal are about to sign him, as there wasn’t a genuine reason given for his absences… yet they reported that their goal keeper was missing because of illness. ?

    Morata’s girlfriend has suggested that the player will be staying at Juventus…. fingers crossed, then ?

    1. Sham marriage may be the way to go, heck if he is the next Neymar, Id bite the bullet by offering a sham gay wedding.

    2. I’ve been calling out for Murillo for half of last season, he would come in and earn a starting place very quickly. If Woj leaves I doubt Ospina will too, and we definitely need to try to get Johnson and maybe Kante as backup for Cow

  2. I think we should go all out for Ayub or Huiguine . Offer them 60 million and see if we get or not. They are among the very best and will surely make us favorite for the title.

    I am not really interested in Mortaza like striker who are not yet guaranteed for giving us 20 plus goals. To increase the no, due to Welbeck Injury, yes can go for them but 40 million is too much .
    even I would love to have Vardy. I know he is not Young but still have at least 2 seasons. He can be an instant hit and can give us at least one title in 2 seasons.

  3. Less concerned at this stage with rumors about who we might bring in as the seeming lack of movement on the exit front … We need to offload at least 4 players beyond arteta an roszicky from Walcott Ramsey Campbell ox mert Gibbs flamini … None is a guaranteed starter at arsenal but no one seems interested in taking the bite other than for ox

  4. I was happy for bellarin when he was later called up to Spain Euro 23man traveling team. But on a second thought the reverse might be the case for me as it maybe an avenue for Barca players to try an entice him to join the Catalan club just as the did to Fabregas at the 2010 world cup.
    Hope he can resist.

  5. I reckon Vardy would score more for us than anyone we have right now. I don’t see us getting him though, Vardy is a shoot on sight player, how many of those have we bought over the years.

    This Inter defender, I think it’s just Inter and his agent trying to drum up business. He hasn’t got a great CV, and whenever Iv watched Colombia play, Iv never come away thinking wow what staunch defending.

    Barbosa, usually Id say something along the lines of time will tell or something or other. I realise though, that if we’re ever going to get a Neymar or a Ronaldo, this is how we get them, before they start playing a bit too special. When I first read about Aubemayang, I checked him out, wanted to see if similarities to Henry where just. I found that they weren’t, he was fast, fit, and looked decent. But he was hitting Barbosa type numbers, one in three, so I thought no not for me. Now I’m willing to listen to the people who usually know what they’re talking about, if they say he has a brilliant potential to become one of the very best, Ill take that. I think we should sign Barbosa, 19 and he’s scoring one in three, by 23 we may well have an Aubemayang (or Neymar) all over again.

  6. The Barboza kid would be a risk and his buy out clause too high. I rather we sign Janssen than him. Vardy won’t be a bad idea if you ask me but he is a risk as well bcos he has had only one wonder season. In my own opinion, slash the cash on Abumeyang, if not get the combination of Lacazette and Icardi or Lacazette and Janssen.

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