Arsenal transfer rumour round-up – Xhaka, Morata, Sissoko, Arda Turan, Kante

With only the cup finals left before the football season can officially be ended, our club is already believed to be working on bolstering ahead of the coming campaign.

Granit Xhaka is claimed to have flown to London today, with a medical scheduled in for over the weekend, as he is believed to be near completing his move from Borussia Monchengladbach.

We are also claimed to have readied an offer £40 Million to Real Madrid to make Alvaro Morata available for transfer, with the Spanish giants believed to have a £25 Million buy-back clause in the Juventus striker’s contract.

Barcelona are also believed to be making one of their attacking threats available, with Arda Turan having failed to earn an important role for the Catalan club. The Turkish international has been linked with a move to Arsenal previously, but we are claimed to be in line for a battle with United for his signature this window.

Leicester City’s Premier League superstar N’Golo Kante is now a key target for Paris Saint-Germain, putting his prospective move to the Emirates in doubt. The midfielder was my pick of all our targets to join, but with Xhaka all but having agreed, it seemed unlikely.

Moussa Sissoko is another central star who has been linked with a move to North-London this summer. We have been linked with him for over 18 months now, and with Newcastle having been relegated, he look certain to seal a move before the new campaign. We are linked with a possible £10 Million deal.

Is Sissoko good enough to challenge Xhaka, Elneny and Coquelin? Could we land Turan or Morata?

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  1. The xhaka rumour isn’t going away, could this transfer really materialize? I really hope it does!

    1. It’s on the bbc, the part about him being in London and very close to happening. If the bbc report this, well then Id say it’s a done deal mate.

  2. Does anyone know why Morata is getting so much transfer attention or why he is considered to be a top transfer target???

    He had 7 goals and 7 assists in 34 appearances for Juventus. Does a 7 goal striker now fetch top money??? If he was 18 maybe but he is already 23.

    What am I missing here?

    1. Only 16 of those games were starts. The rest were sub appearances. Even a professional performance analyst says he’s arguably one of the best 23 year old striker on earth. Please watch him play. I’ve watched him since his Madrid days. He’s unlucky to be displaced by Benzema, Tevez and Dybala. Higuain was displaced by Benzema at Madrid. Does that make him average?

  3. If the Xhaka deal materializes and all the signs are pointing to that direction I don’t think Wenger should go on the market to get another midfielder unless he doesn’t trust Wilshere & is preparing for life after Cazorla or even Ramsey (for reasons I wouldn’t know but that would explain it). Coquelin is there, Elneny has really finished the campaign on a strong note & you can always bring to the 1st team Bielick or Zelalem. That’s a strong core!
    I would prefer that we concentrate on getting that striker. Morata would be nice but at 51 millions why not try Higuain or Lukkaku who has showed that in the EPL he can score. Imagine him with our midfield that creates chances at a high rate.
    I would also go for a defender like Kostas or Marquinhos, young & strong with great potential already showed.

    1. Morata did score goals from Juventus bench, but I don’t think we’ll buy a subs striker at 40M pounds and use him as our main striker. Doesn’t make sense. I agree we better offer the money for Napoli to get Higuain services. 36 goals in Serie A, he just broke the Italian top score record of all time.

      1. Sigh… he was on the bench because Juve have Dybala. Dybala is the natural successor to Aguero. Morata is younger and more complete than Higuain. I’d rather have Morata. Please watch Serie A.

        1. Perhaps he is more complete & has time on his side compared to Higuain- but is there not a very strong argument that we should go for the prolific goalscorer when we’ve got Mesut Ozil in the team creating so many golden chances, & when we haven’t currently got a striker who threatens the topscorers charts.

            1. Higuain: 36 goals in 35 Serie A matches, 182 shots, 19.78% of shots = a goal
              Morata: 7 goals in 34 Serie A matches, 48 shots, 14.58% of shots = a goal

              Morata has had 26% of Higuain’s shot attempts, he also has 7 assists compared to Higuain’s 2 assists

              They are completely different strikers. Higuain is a Ruud Van Nistelroy, Morata is a kinda young Suarez without the goalscoring exploits. I’m saying that with Ozil in the team- go for the guy with an eye for goal.

  4. We are in silly season where’s truth is not the most important things. Just be silly like others and act like you know more. Believe what you want it to be and dump what you think it’s garbage.
    So, here’s mine :
    Xhaka story is the most consistent saga so far. He wants to move and farewell already, Gladbagh play hard ball, Arsene tabled his typical price, negotiation still running. No contradictory so far. So, lets wait and hope.
    As for Sissoko (lets pretend that the rumor is true), I think he is Arsene’s alternative if we don’t get Xhaka or Kante. Basically we need only one more CDM. So, Arsene won’t by double.
    As for Morata, my opinion, this one is complete BS. We are going to offer 40M pounds to Madrid for their on loan player, who played mostly as substitute at Juventus. Doesn’t make any sense for me.
    As for Arda Turan, we should try to buy him only if he can play deep lying play maker (DLP). We can use him as Santi back up. But since this isn’t Arsene’s priority, I guess he’ll utilize Elneny, Rambo, or Jack (OMG not again Jack!) for DLP role.
    That’s my silly comments folks, what’s yours?

    1. If Sanchez is joining up with Guardiola at Man. City, I’d take 25 million plus Ihenacho

      1. Maybe De Bruyne and Iheanacho. But I expect more to come from Alexis, I think he’s going to be the prems best scorer from wide positions (if he isn’t already), like hands down. Cant for the life of me see why Hazard has been rated so highly. Actually, Id rather take Company off manc, if his injury troubles are past.

  5. Sissoko, well the way that I’d look at this is – Arteta Flam or Rosicky, would you’ve been happy to swap one of those players for Sissoko if given the option a few seasons back. If the answer is yes well then you are getting an upgrade, if the answer is no well then you can keep giving Arsene sh#t.

    Turan, we have two things going for us, Alexis and Ozil. Alexis moved from Barca and is already wanted by Bayern and PSG, so he’s doing something right. Ozil is a Turk, which must hold some sway, however little. Look at the last big player who moved from one of the big two in Spain when joining manu, Di Maria, that has to be a black mark on manu. There’s us with Ozil tweeting like he’s been a Gooner his whole life.

    Morata, I’m a little underwhelmed by the prospect of the lad. There is definitely more to come from this player, but he needs to improve twofold, even thrice-fold. Whats worse is we need to see this happen in his first season at Arsenal.

  6. if arda is on the market it would be a super sighing for us.finally we shall hve two two world class wingers.I think we are not in for morata but I hope we sign a striker

  7. I beg to differ. I don’t have any proof…but I feel Morata will make a top top striker.

  8. i would prefer spending 45 millions in Auba as WC ST or 35 for Lacazette then get Moussa Sissoko ( can play in the RW, CM , DM and CB in an emergency case plus he’s a monster with EPL experience ) added to xahka then will be a good start of intention. summer spend 100 millions plus increase in merchandising for these players will be massive and really think we can compete with the big guns next season.

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