Arsenal Transfer Rumours – Aranguiz, Dybala and Dragovic

As usual during the boring Interlull, the papers are bringing up lots of dubious Arsenal transfer rumours to keep us amused in the meantime.

First up today we have Alexis Sanchez’ Chile international team-mate Charles Aranguiz, who (as far as I recall) has not been linked to us before. After appearing at the Emirates against Brazil he seems to have issued a blatant come-and-get-me plea to Arsene Wenger.

He was quoted as saying: ‘They’re a great team, and it would be a dream but for now that’s all it is, a dream.

‘I don’t know anything about it. I’ve heard about it through the press but nobody has talked to me.’

Aranguiz currently plays for Internacional in Brazil, and is apparently available for around 5million, but in my opinion that doesn’t really even qualify as a bona-fide rumour!

Paulo Dybala has been linked with Arsenal continually, and today it has been revealed that he will DEFINITELY be leaving Palermo this summer. “He has rejected all our proposals for a contract renewal, so at this stage it’s safe to say he will certainly leave,” said Palermo’s director of sport Dario Baccin.

That’s great, but obviously it doesn’t mean he will be going to Arsenal. There will be quite a lot of top teams after his signature I think!

Lastly we have the Dynamo Kiev defender Aleksandar Dragovic, who has regularly been touted as a classy replacement for Per Mertesacker in the Gunners back line. He was asked about the rumours linking him to Arsenal and Man United, and he (surprisingly!) sounds really keen on the idea! He was quoted as saying yesterday: I would be lying if I said it is not something buzzing around in the back of my head. Such a thing I cannot leave cold,’

‘But as long as no concrete offer is on the table, I do not need to deal with it in more detail.

‘I dare to say that I could be in each team (Arsenal and United) and at the same time have a lot of room for improvement.

‘That gives me courage.’

I can definitely see the possibility of Dragovic being a legitimate target for Arsenal, but as for the other two……

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  1. I was paying specific attention to Aranguiz and he had a fairly decent game. Might be a good alternative if we miss out on the likes of Schneiderlin and Kondogbia.

    I don’t buy the Dybala hype, sure the kid has talent but Wenger and the board are no way going to meet the Palermo demands, and the player himself looks like he’s favoring Spain and Italy himself.

    I like the idea of signing Dragovic but I don’t know alot about the player to know if he is in the same region as (for example) Fabian Schar, which would be my #1 choice to replace BFG.

    1. Agreed on Dybala, 30mil for a youngster doing well in Serie A or 30mil towards pinching Sterling away from that Anfield mob? I know where I’d throw the money.

  2. We need Quality players, not Quantity, I would prefer Fabian Schar if we replace Per @ CB, then we don’t need Dyabala the guy is good but we got more attacking players…. Two players needed, CB & CDM.. Plus a winger if Theo Leaves…

    1. We don’t need Dybala if our ambition is 4 th place
      If we want CL and PL trophies then we need someone like Dybala, lacazette, Cavani as well
      As you said it’s not about quantity but quality. If Giroud is injured I don’t see Welbeck and Akpom as being enough quality up front next season. In a few years Maybe. We may even see a Welbeck statue one day, who knows. But amother Top striker is as important as DM.

      Defense is important but so are goals (both Giroud and Welbeck score goals but miss loads of sitters)

      1. @fredcowardly i agree with you at some point, i think Dyabala is Overlated Mate! And if i were to replace Walcott, then Sterling will probably be my Man… The guy wants Champions League Football!

        1. Guy wants to return to London I think, the old ‘CL ambition” line will no doubt get used if he does make a move but I think he wants more cash and to be closer to his family. Can’t really blame him

  3. I think we need to look at players, if they are good we should buy them, if they are not good I don’t think we should.

    An average player might be available for 10 million, if he is we shouldn’t buy him. But if he’s only 5 million we should buy him.

    Good players can be bought at any price, unless it’s too much.

    Bad players should not be bought, unless they are really cheap and we can sell them to Manchester City for 10 times what we paid.

  4. I haven’t seen Aranguiz or heard of him. If he is better than Flamini and will make Alexis happy, I don’t see a problem. If he is good then £5 million sounds like a bargain.

    I still think we should go after the likes of Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Bender, Gustavo etc.

    1. he has a good skill set probably a squad player if he came but he is ever improving

      I want us to get
      Wellington silva replaces ryo
      Gnabry replace campbell
      Akpom replaces sanogo

      Dyblya (Palermo) to replace podolski

      schnederlin (Southampton) to replace arteta and flamini

      Fakir (Lyon) to replace Rosicky

      Morgan Sanson (Montpellier)to replace diaby (this kid is amazing ranked in the top 4 young cm this season)

      Amauvi (nice) he is 20 and statically the best left back in euroepes top 5 league. Sell jenkinson?

      Yan sommer (b munchgldbach) to replace sczezney ?best keeper in Germany this season

      This can all be done for around 40m

      If walcott goes then we get a blockbuster signing out wide (rues,turAn,de bruyne)

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