Arsenal transfer rumours – Dybala, Mammana and Gundogan

It’s midweek and we have to wait until Saturday before the big game against Chelsea, but the papers are keeping busy with Arsenal transfer rumours to keep themselves amused – so I will pass on today’s offerings for discussion.

This Dybala rumour keeps coming back, and everybody is still linking him with Arsenal despite Wenger’s “Show us the offer” outburst when confronted by reporters. Maybe Wenger simply doesn’t want to unsettle Giroud and Welbeck by admitting his interest, or maybe it is all just agent talk?

We certainly won’t find out from Wenger until he’s actually signed,but the Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini is in no doubt that Arsenal are interested. He said when asked about Dybala: “Will he stay? No, because the player and his agent aspire to a big club, and they’re right to do so. I’ve already received at least four offers. Two were from Italian clubs, and two were from abroad, and they include Arsenal and Juventus.”

I personally think he would be a good buy, but it’s a big price for a promising future….

Our next rumour comes from TalkSport, who think that we are the front-runners to sign the Dortmund star Ilkay Gundogan. We have often been linked with the German international in the past, and it would hardly be a surprise if there is a mass exodus from Dortmund this summer when Klopp departs, but do Arsenal really need another playmaker? I could only see that happening if we lose one of our current stars like Santi Cazorla….

The Express has got an interesting Arsenal link with a 19 year-old Argentinian defender Emanuel Mammana, who is currently at River Plate in his homeland. The youngster has reportedly very impressive for his club, and he must be doing something right as he has already made one subs appearance for the Argentina senior side, despite his tender age. I could certainly see Wenger being interested in this young talent, but he would have to start playing regularly for his country if we are going to have any chance of getting him a work permit…

So what are your thoughts on those three coming to the Emirates?

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  1. I think I like the look of Dybala coming in as a backup to G-Rude as he is getting on a bit and could always pick up another injury.

      1. Giroud will be 29 at the beginning of next season. Of course we should be looking for someone to replace him in a couple of years…..

    1. We can’t get Reus we already have Walcott, Welbeck and Sanchez. But I can see us going for either Isco or Draxler for the left side, and Gungodan is similar to Ramsey so I don’t see us getting him

  2. One thing is clear here : Arsenal never talked about buying Dybala. Secondly, the more a transfer is discussed linking Arsenal less likely that happens. My take? Dybala will not come to Arsenal.

      1. Have to agree with that statement, we wont get another striker cos a leopard never changes its spots WE DO NEED HIM!!! all top clubs have excellent back ups but wenger wont do anything about that as he didn’t with the CDM position or the defence until the season was lost.its the way he is. what will happen is that Dybala will go to Chelski and he’ll be brilliant and we’ll all be bemoaning the fact he’s playing against us rather than for us. As a team we are looking like next season we can challenge BUT we need two or three key players and we all know the ones we need wont be the ones we get.

    1. True talk.

      As it is we are really really top-heavy in the attacking department, if we were a “normal” team (without all the whole persistent track record of injuries) we should be thinking of offloading rather than adding. But the reality though, is that we aren’t that “normal” team.

    1. disagree.

      we need kos replacement, as hes more injury prone now
      chambers is not that guy.
      a keeper to actually test ospina is needed
      yes schneiderlin
      an akpom is not ready. if giroud gets injured-then what?

      1. …..”chambers is not that guy”
        I’m afraid Wenger does not agree. You can’t spend 16m…I’ll rather rephrase that- Wenger can’t spend 16m- on a player and think that he is “not that guy”.
        He only been terrible at right back really. I can’t forget his early season performances at CB.

        As for CB acquisitions for the first team, I think we are pretty much done and set for next season.

  3. As Cazorla and Rosicky are both 30+, it might make sense to bring in Gundogan. And this might be eased by Klopp’s departure.
    I am more skeptical for Dybala. No offence to Palermo, but 30k+ (if figures seen in the papers are true) for a striker that has no high level experience, it makes absolutely no sense to me. He might seem very good, but playing Juventus, Roma and the dying Milan clubs twice a year doesn’t make you a world class striker (yet).
    Look at Cavani, he started in Europe in Palermo, then was on fire in Napoli and is now a huge flop at PSG. We could say the same for Sanogo: he was very good with Auxerre. Not sure, we can say the same in EPL,but at least he came for free.
    Wenger paid that amount of money for Ozil and Sanchez, but I don’t see him doing the same for Dybala.

  4. Fellow Gunners, I don’t know where the talk of Akpon not ready are coming from?
    Where has he failed???
    Tottenham, though not very good, have given their youngsters a chance and look at Kane… Is Akpom that far off… I DON’T THINK SOOOO…. Give him a chance……..

  5. If we get dybala,reus,gundogan,morgan,kondobia,lacazet and the bunch of them, keeping in mind that we also have a some equally good players in our team.Who c’nt even make it to the bench,where will they all play”jst a thought”

    1. we can always rotate….play 1 game rest the other….

      Rotation is the key to success!!!

  6. I think there really is genuine interest in Dybala from us and I hope we do get him, don’t mind what the Palermo president is saying regarding his price tag it’s just business and you can’t blame him for trying to get as much as he can for his club. I’ve read fans crying for a left winger but we already have 1 in Alexis, what we really need is a right winger to balance the front 3 out that’s left footed as Alexis is right footed and plays on the left, both can cut in and score or even interchange and for me that’s where Dybala comes in. He can also provide something different up front and rotate with Giroud, or even stick to the wing and give Welbz (I feel he will come good) a run up top every now and then. Other than that a player like Schneiderlin is a must for obvious reasons, another CB to eventually replace Per and I’ve noticing Kossielny is starting to get some recurring injuries as well as getting up there in age. Finally another GK as I’ve lost faith in Schez and I don’t think he really cares anymore either, thank GOD for Ospina, he’s just as huge of a buy as Alexis was in my eyes…

  7. I’d be surprised if AW makes 3 or more signings….But only wish we DONT loose any of our best starting 11…
    But we should sell the deadwood and replace with quality.
    Remember selling Song then using makeshift DMs..

  8. Dybala is obviously pushing for a move to a big Italian. I don’t understand why he is so persistent. I certainly could if he himself was Italian.

    And if his heart isn’t in then there isn’t a point. Pity really because I thought arsenal were interested.

    Still let’s move onto the next rumour.

  9. We could use Gundogan as another box2box player like Ramsey. We need two-three quality players on each position. Wilshere hasn’t returned to form yet. Arteta’s quality has decreased.

    Dybala or Lacazette would be a good additional striker. Welbeck needs more time to improve so we definitely need another top quality striker in case Giroud gets injured.

    We aren’t in desperate need for CB. LB yes.

    If Szczesny or Walcott leaves, we could get Cech and Reus.

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