Arsenal transfer rumours reveal £30m+ January splurge

We know that Arsenal have plenty of money to spend, so assuming that miracles do not occur over the next few weeks and the Gunners fail to qualify for the next round of the Champions League and perhaps even the Europa League, the subsequent drop in revenue will not have any bearing on Arsene Wenger’s ability to spend money in the transfer market.

And perhaps the Champions League failure will have hidden benefits for Arsenal and us long suffering fans. For one thing it might just ease the pressure on the current squad at a crucial stage of the season and help us to maintain a real push for the Premier League title.

It may also have helped to convince our manager that he was wrong about his belief in the strength and depth of the current squad. Because according to the latest Arsenal transfer rumour round up in The Guardian, Wenger is now planning to make some signings in the January transfer window.

One of the players mentioned is Nolito, the Celta Vigo striker in great form that is now a Spain international. Another is Sergi Samper who is a 20-year old holding midfielder with Barcelona and the third is Aleksandr Kokorin, a striker for Dynamo Moscow. All three would apparently cost the Gunners just over £30 million and as I said, that is easily withing the reach of Arsenal’s spending power, so will Wenger make his move in January?

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    1. i find it embarrassing that after our last windows shambles we are even contemplating the phrase transfer rumuor …should be banned

      1. If being a football fan isn’t about having faith, what is it about?

        I tell you what it’s not about, trying to spread your negativity on to others, and trying to “correct” real fans who are prepared to believe in our team.

        1. Take it easy man. We all fear about Bayern, especially given their current form. But yeah being optimistic isn’t a bad thing.

          1. I don’t fear Bayern, if we win or lose, end up in the Europa or nothing at all, I’ll still support my club, players and manager with unwavering passion.

            What I won’t do is spend ages writing up poisionous comments to influence others. Guys like that should pick up their toys, put them back in their pram, then man up!

  1. Oh come on. We put up with this BS all summer!
    At least summer last year we had a WC to distract us.

    This season we were hearing £200 millon war chest, Lord Harris, Benzema, Vidal, Cavani, etc

    January is notoriously difficult to get top signings, so highly unlikely especially with Thrifty Wenger

      1. We also get our hopes up only for them to be dashed and it’s not good for our mental health also lol

  2. No one of the the three will make the first 11
    Maybe samper if he is good as i’m hearing will be a good backup for our coq

  3. _________Off Topic_______

    Calum is good, but he’s just not ready to bench anyone yet. Personally I think he should loaned to any BPL side where he can play more as a central-back, and a bit as a defensive midfielder. Honestly, he’s not a right-back.

    1. ive been hugely let down by him and gibbs
      both should be loaned out
      both look shaky and make schoolboy errors far too frequently

      look at hector..ahhh prince hector

      1. Yeah if all the guys just did like Hector….

        Now, one thing is bad and one thing is unlucky. He was bad for Liverpool but he was unlucky for Chelsea and Spurs. When he was called upon for Chelsea game in a 10 vs 11 eventually getting to 9 vs 11(*no swearing* you Dean), he did good. Only thing let down was the own goal which summed up the fact that nothing went right that day.
        Also, being called for Spurs game, North London Derby, I think he was one of the best players in that game besides Flamini and Ospina maybe. Maybe he was getting problems because of Debuchy. But giving an argument very early, despite not having played that many games isn’t fair.

        Gibbs would have been loaned out only if we had decent cover. Also a few mistakes by him, but not that much considering not being offered much playtime since God knows how long.(Credits to Monreal)

      2. @muffdiver
        In defense of Gibbs. I think he should be played at LW instead of LB. He’s got a bit of pace and a half decent cross. Just needs to gain some confidence going forward and in front of goal…

        1. Yeah he can be that left footed LW who can provide crosses (for Giroud). Something which he is decent at(can improve). But we only have no LB cover for now, hence Gibbs should be backup for Monreal. Also, we are not sure(completely) about Bellerin, whether he will be RB or RW. If provided chance at RW, he can provide us help with his attacking instincts which he is restricting atm because of RB role IMO.

  4. OT
    Guys did you see ozil looking before he assisted the first goal to sancehz
    Ana one can cross the ball like that for any one to tap it in but not that player he knew where and to whom the ball was going
    I really enjoy having back this qualities in our team

    1. Yes Ozil, Alexis And Walcott are an awesome trio when in top form

      Walcott isn’t the perfect CF but will improve

      1. I do hope Theo keeps learning and improving, I am supporting him in the CF role and want him to be given enough time so he can prove to us that he can do it ^.^

        I like how Theo is moving around more than Giroud, Theo is willing to go to the flanks and that does help a lot when we notice a team is weak on 1 side, we can overload that weaker side.

        His pace also allows us to have more space in CM, opposition defenders can’t step up as quick or as far compared to if we played Giroud upfront. For players like Alexis who can dance past a player or 2 (together) like nothing but we can’t expect him to dance past 4 players every time, this happens more with Giroud as the oppositions midfield and defense can work closer together.

        I think that really shown against UTD.
        Theo is still learning and may have the odd quiet game but what if he can learn to be like he was against UTD in every game? Or at least for 90% of his games?

        I will not be surprised if us Arsenal fans are naming Theo as our player of the season, not betting on it either 😛 but I will not be surprised if he does step up that much over the course of the season.

  5. Sergi Samper would be a great and much needed backup for coq
    Unfortunately idt we will pursue until arteta and flamini leave

  6. It is not Wenger fault that the board will not pay enough.
    Yes, I say THE BOARD!

    Prior to Ivan Gazidis we can see Wenger spending money, after Ivan we can see a change in the type of players we was buying.

    Wengers fault though! Not the new variable of Ivan right?

    How-ever Ivan needs to make sure we do well enough to make profit, if something happens that makes Ivan panic then Wenger can go “give me the money and i’ll do the magic”…

    Just like after the Suarez deal. Messing around when we finally have a bit of money to spend and only getting a couple free transfers in… Ozil was needed and a must after the Suarez mess! Who was it that got Ozil? WENGER!
    Who has NEVER put in a XXX mil and £1 bid in before? WENGER!

    We can then look at the following transfer window, we needed a bit of pace as we noticed the team lacked it while Theo was out injured… Alexis has said that Wenger convinced him perosnally, we all know Liverpool bid higher than Arsenal to get Alexis and that it was Wenger YET AGAIN who convinced Alexis to join us over the high flying Liverpool.

    All that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the UCL was being used by Wenger to force the board into spending the money on the player he thinks he needs.
    Kinda like how he played Monreal at CB to say to the board “Look we need another CB urgently” and we got Gabriel. We could of played Chambers at CB and let Bellerin get his chances at RB but Wenger didn’t and I still have a hard time trying to understand why for footballing reasons, only ‘politics’ answers that.

  7. What’s more hard … bringing a CDM or bringing CB in January?? If we can get a young good CB, then we should make Chambers as an understudy of Coquelin. I don’t know whether it will turn out good, but as I have heard he started his career at CDM. He can also come up for last 10-15 minutes… when the score has settled down in our favour. If he does good, then play him at CDM. If not, then we should look for a good backup CDM directly and reserve Chambers for CB position which he has shown something he is good at. But as I see, he is very less likely to get game time for CB position except Capital One Cup games.

  8. Bob, 1st and foremost let’s wish Arsenal good fortunes in their plans to beat Bayern Munich both at the Emirates Stadium and at the Allianz Arena. I believe you would have read what Ozil told the blid about his feelings on this upcoming Ucl game. Arsenal will need to improve on their defensive markings as they allowed Martial, Young and Rooney rooms to test the resolve of Cech which Bayern Munich may punish any such Gunners lackadaisical momentary defending. I have always believe the Boss will do some necessary signings in the winter window to strengthen his team to boost his likely handful of tired Gunners in the campaign, as Arsenal continue to battle to win the total fifthruple.

  9. I’ll believe it when it is announced on

    But I wouldn’t buy any of them, personally.

    Jan. transfer rumors already? C’mon….

  10. If there will be any signing in winter. it should be a proven DM period..a no nonses Vieira style and Carvalho has been always my favorite and can be ours for less than £30 millions. i do think that’s our miss link for the past 10 years and If not him then get Moussa Sissoko from the magpies ( less than 20 millions ). I do think he will suit us as DM not as RW being miss used kind of Ramsey manager’s deluded imposition.

    1. Carvalho maybe a good backup option, but would not buy him for more than 15-20 million at max. Reason being he has been injury prone and hasn’t proved himself much either.

      1. Whenever Ramsey has started on right wing instead of any other player, we have won significant amount of games, that’s a FACT.
        So, think before calling any move by manager as a deluded imposition.

  11. Save for a few loses of concentration, Ramsey is jus hardworking… Always ahead in terms of distance covered… Now,that can’t b sheer coincidence…..

  12. I agree with Shah of Arsenal.. Samper should be brought into backup Coquelin. Last thing we need is to overplay Coquelin and have him suffer a long term injury like many Arsenal players in the past. Arteta and Flamini’s contracts expire after this season so it makes sense to find a replacement during winter window to integrate into the squad so that he’s ready to rock come August 2016.

    Chambers rotting on the bench is hurting his development significantly. He should be loaned out during the winter break and the following year as well. He needs some serious game time before he can step into Arsenal’s starting 11.

    Going into the winter transfer window, it appears our demands are not much different than a year ago.

    CDM (backup instead of a starter as Coquelin has proven his worth)
    CB (Loan out Chambers. Bring in a Alessio Romagnoli as I’d sell Per after this season. He’s been a good solider for Arsenal but business is business.)
    ST (can we pluck out a young Martial from one of the smaller leagues?)

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