Arsenal Transfer Rumours just got Messi

The international break always makes the media and bloggers more creative when it comes to Arsenal transfer rumours, but you can’t get more inventive than this one. It concerns the World’s very best player, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. The Argentinian superstar and his father are being dragged through the courts in pain for tax evasion, and the story goes that he is fed up with the Spanish and now desires to play in the Premier League.

Yesterday there were many reports about the betting on Messi’s next club with Chelsea being favourites to sign him and Arsenal second favourites, but it would appear that, according to reports, he would prefer to move to the Emirates. Not only does he want to move here, but the papers have discovered that he wants wages of 18 million GBP a year (after tax, naturally, as he doesn’t want to deal with those nasty tax men any more) which in working man’s language works out at 600,000 every single week.

Now I am sure we would all love to see Messi at Arsenal, but as he is now 28 I can imagine Arsene Wenger having a heart attack if someone told him that he would have to pay a player that amount of money, and that’s not even thinking about if an astronomical transfer fee would be involved!

One other point to mention, that may also put Wenger off, is the fact that Messi has been out with a knee injury since September. Although he usually seems indestructible in La Liga, he may find himself at the end of more crunching tackles in the Premiership which may be less forgiving.

Okay can anyone honestly see Wenger and Arsenal stumping up enormous amounts of cash for Messi, even if he could possibly win us the League title?

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  1. I’m with you on the dreaming. Maybe Wenger didn’t spend any money this summer coz hes savin up for the big one!

    But seriously? No chance!

  2. Do you honestly expect an answer on this? Because if you do then probably you should spend more time in the psychiatric ward. And you peeps call Wenger deluded.

  3. well everyone’s got the right to dream….messi in arsenal jersey number….? its my birthday and I just found out I share d day with Steve bould. I say hbd to bouldy by dis time nxt year we woulda won d league and in very good position to win the champions league. my bdy wishes

    1. He can have the Jersey Number 31.2M M=Million that’s how much he will cost a year plus 150M signing on fee so if he was to have a contract for five years we would need 60Million a year

  4. I am not God. Arsenal are never going to sign Messi. Not at that colossal amount of weekly wages of 600k/w for Messi. That’s 4 times the weekly wages of the Boss. True, Messi, could still have enough fire in him to win the Premier League and the Champion League twicem, if he’s backed with another marquee young signing like Neymar. Arsenal won’t sign them. Not that they don’t want to sign them. But the Boss won’t accept to be paid over £600k plus per week to accommodate the wage bill of Messi & Neymar who as a club policy shouldn’t earn more than the Boss. The bigger problem is, does Arsenal have the backbone(money) to pay Barca their transfer fees for Messi £60m & Neymar £70m? In my own estimation. That’s £130m. And we only have over £200m in our savings account. Hmm. But to be honest, if Arsenal go this far and sign the duo, wouldn’t they recoup their investment back within a year or 2 as their sponsorship could rise up significantly? And their world wide merchandise increased incredibly? I think the only club that can attempt such a gamble are Manchester United.

    1. Not even Barca would accept, he’s currently on 300 000, anything more than 350k is absurd and should be justified with back to back quadruple winning seasons.

  5. Are there any top players unsettled at their current clubs?.That’s the only way to get a top player in January (if both players and club are desperate to move)

    Also, £200,000 per week is the most we will pay. No way £600,000 per week

    Lewandowski earns £160,000 per week so in the summer he is a possibility in terms of affordable wages

  6. Messi really may leave barca not only because if the tax issues but as well barcelona must clear the path for neymar to be the star man or he will leave to be the star else where

    And supposing that he may leave i don’t think he is going to join arsenal i think he will go the club that guardiola manages and there is a lot of rumors linking guardiola with city so why not get messi with him as they can give him any crazy wages he wants

    So to just even dream about it you must be first convinced that he will leave barca and if he leave you must be convinced that he will choose arsenal

  7. It’s never going to happen but Arsenal is Messi’ s prefered choice!
    To be honest, I don’t think that Messi could hack it in the English premier league.
    He would be the biggest waste of money in History!

    But still, We could end up seeing both Messi and Ronaldo in the EPL next season, imagine seeing them playing at the same club?

    Maybe at Man City… or Chelsea.

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