Arsenal transfer rumours – Seri, Kolasinac, Mahrez and Gibson

As the season approaches the end, we are expecting an avalanche of Arsenal transfer rumours with so many of the Gunners’ stars approaching the final year of their contracts, and they are getting off the ground earlier than usual.

To start with we have the Ivory Coast international midfielder Jean Seri, who has been involved in 15 goals this season despite playing at lowly Nice, including 6 goals. Their president Jean-Pierre Rivere, has confirmed that the 25 year-old’s release clause is £33m, and although there has been no mention of Arsenal, we are being named as a possible destination. “Seri has a clause worth €40m [£33m],” Rivere said. “It made everyone smile when we put this clause in two years ago.

“At that price, he will be free. Without it, we do not have the intention to sell him for the moment.

“Even if people do not take clauses seriously in France, they deserve some sort of respect.

“If tomorrow, a club offers the clause for Jean, he will go.”

He sounds like a good buy, but do Arsenal really need any more midfielders? Another reason I think it’s unlikely is the fact that he wants to be guaranteed to be a starter, and no-one gets that guarantee at the Emirates. “There are a lot of clubs that follow me. But there is nothing done,” Seri declared.

“If I leave, it will be to join a club where there is a real desire to play football as in Nice. And I’m not going to be on the bench, I’m leaving only if I know I’m going to play.” Good luck with that, Jean!

Of course, according to most rumours, Sead Kolasinac is already an Arsenal player, with reports saying that he is going to sign a 5 year-contract with us. He is versatile and at a price that Arsene Wenger is bound to like, FREE!

Riyad Mahrez is again being linked with us, and he is definitely one player I would like to arrive, especially if Alexis Sanchez leaves a hole in our left wing, but it seems that we will have competition from many other top clubs for the Leicester star, and we can assume we will have no chance unless we actually get into the Top Four…

Another player linked to Arsenal, is the 25 year-old Ben Gibson, who is expected to leave Middlesbrough now they have been relegated. The price is being quoted between 25m and 30m, but with our new formation, the great form of Rob Holding, and the expected arrival of Kolasinac, I doubt very much we will be in for yet another defender this summer, but you never know…..



  1. Franko says:

    We need to fix our defensive game which is the reason we have not won the league all these years. There is no difference in goals scored between us and the other top teams ….Chelsea included. What we have failed to correct over the years is our defensive performance and Wenger’s naivety on the defensive side of the game has cost us dearly. WENGER OUT!

  2. Yossarian says:

    Haven’t seen Seri… Mahrez – Yes please. He would be an excellent addition to Arsenal. A shame we couldn’t get him last year.

    If we get Kolasinac, then with the resurgent Monreal plus back-up Gibbs, Holding-Kos-Mustafi (Back-up Monreal, Gabriel, Chambers), Ox/Bellerin, and still Debuchy + Jenks + Mertesacker in the background, another defender only seems likely if we off-load Debuchy/Jenks/Merts.


    1. funkyrith says:

      Debuchy Mertesacker needs to be sold, we need to clear dead wood before they go on free, and free up wage to accommodate Alexis and other top talent. Sanogo needs to be let go, Carzola will go I think, I would prefer Ozil sold too to get a quality mid-fielder, he is not worth 250k! We will not have C’League next year, concentrate on youngsters and a core 17-18 players to perform well. We can test our young reserves and same time play mostly same team keeping them injury free

  3. Franko says:

    This type of team would be great for any manager to work with a 3-4-2-1 formation. When most of the players in the team are double-footed, they would blow teams away. Please pass it on to Arsene Wenger before Tottenham Steals it.






    SPRFCD = Strong, Pacy, Right-Footed Central Defender
    SPLFCD = Strong, Pacy, Left-Footed Central Defender
    SPDFCD = Strong, Pacy, Double-Footed Central Defender
    PSDFWB = Pacy, Skillful, Double-Footed Wing Back
    SPRFDM = Strong, Pacy, Right-Footed Defensive Midfielder
    SPLFDM = Strong, Pacy, Left-Footed Defensive Midfielder
    PSDFCM = Pacy, Skillful, Double-Footed Creative Midfielder
    TSPDFS = Tall, Strong, Pacy, Double-Footed Striker

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger should have got Mahrez last summer and tried to get Kante

    We need another quality forward but we also need to sort out our defense

  5. Uwot? says:

    If we make one signing this summer it should be “Virgil van dyck”.no question.a rock.

  6. amb98 says:

    Seen Seri play live and feel he would be a very good addition. He is small and diminutive with very quick feet and is strong technically like Santi. Would be a good replacement for Santi as he plays a very similar role for Nice. However, every 2 years he’ll miss January for AFCON and if Isco is available then surely we must go after him instead.

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      Dont worry pal, in the nearest future, AFCON will be held in every 4 years like their counterparts in EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA.
      Ahmad Ahmad, the new AFCON chief, promised to look at that, during his campaign

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