Arsenal transfer sights now set on TWO Saints?

After all the Arsenal transfer rumours connecting the club with the Southampton and France international star Morgan Schneiderlin over the last year or so, I think we are all expecting Arsene Wenger to make a serious, and hopefully successful, attempt to sign him this summer.

And although the Saints have been able to hold on to their central midfielder so far, it seems clear that Schneiderlin is ready to move onwards and upwards, especially if his current club do not make it into the Champions League, which now seems unlikely.

Wenger may not stop there, however, and poor Southampton could be in for another heavy plundering just like last summer, as Metro are reporting that Arsenal are also looking at their Senegal international Sadio Mane. The exciting 22-year old has really hit the ground running in his first Premier League season. He is the Saints’ second top scorer with seven goals from just 18 starts and five sup appearances.

Strictly speaking, Mane is a midfielder but he often operates more like a wide forward, with great pace, drive, technical ability and goal threat. I wonder if the Theo Walcott contract situation has made the Arsenal boss start to consider having to replace the England forward this summer, when there will be just a year remaining on his current deal. One former Saint for another perhaps?

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  1. Budd says:

    If you really want the best player from Soton then you should buy Forster. Forget Schneiderlin or Mane or Wanyama. This is world class keeping right there.

    1. Luko Bratzi says:

      Don’t think its about stoping goals, it’s about creating and scoring CB

      1. Budd says:

        I thought we are pretty good in creating goals with the plethora of talented midfielders we sport day in day out. A CB is probably a given but I don’t see anyone from Soton being way better than Mertesacker. Better, faster, yes. Anyone can do that. But way better so that we can justify a buy, nah, don’t think so.

    2. KickAssFan says:

      One-dimensional Theo. No more drama, you either sign or leave; and I’m sure whoever will come in as his replacement will be far better.








      Hello, Budd!!! Hahahaha!!!

  2. supertuur says:

    Rumours and that is all. Newspapers linking Walcott contract situation to other clubs players that’s all.

  3. supertuur says:

    Schneiderlin is all we need from Southampton. EPL proven, 25 years old, home grown what more do you need.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      But first and foremost, we have to come second or third in the league (NO 4TH, PLEASE!!! We may not make it through the play-off this time).

  4. vince says:

    sell flamini, diaby,
    get Schneiderlin for cover/competition for coq, we need that position absolutely nailed on

    1. Gunner says:

      U mean we can make a profit from Diaby…lol
      Sell to who?, how much u expecting?

    2. supertuur says:

      Flamini still has 1 year left on contract. We can get some money for him.

  5. says:

    Bob, morning. I doubt if the boss will buy Morgan Scheinderlin, Sadio Mane, Wanyama and Foster from Southampton during the coming summer transfer market. The tag the Saints will place on Scheinderlin in particular will almost drain the £50m is said will be given to the boss to do his summer transfer. Besides, despite the heavy rumours linking Arsenal with countless players, we the Gooners do not normally know the boss transfer targets. He surprises us when he made a bidding and signed or not sign his target afterall, normally due to overpricing by owner of his target. Didn’t the boss say 95% of the Gunners now at Arsenal will still be there next season? If that should be the case, we should therefore not expect heavy traffic of new signings coming in to Arsenal FC next season. Let just hope to see a top new CB, a top new CDM and a top new Striker signed-in to Arsenal FC next season. For me, I want the boss to sign Alexandre Lacazette 23, from Leon FC in France. His goals scoring form of 23 goals from 26 games make him an impressive striker tempting to buy. I am just saying my own base on what I have read about him. The boss may have a different option altogether that differs from mine.

    1. fred cowardly says:

      I want Lacazette too

      1. KickAssFan says:

        Yeah, and I want Lucozade.

    2. BarryL says:

      If we qualify for Champions league, and if we want to win EPL ++ next year we need to have 2 top players for each position. This means:

      GK to replace Chesney – Cech would be good (but Moaninho won’t sell to us) or similar
      CB – Subotic, Schar, van Dyck
      DM – Schneiderlin or similar to support Le Coq who has been great this year.
      ST – Lacazette or similar, versatile and quick.

      We have the rest of the squad, and we have young players like Akpom, Bieliek etc coming through too.
      I’d also sell Walcott – and add £20M to the £50M transfer budget.

  6. kam says:

    You mean your transfer sight, sop reading Metro Bob. Everybody know they are unreliable sport source but you don’t seem to get it.

  7. muda says:

    Any chance we get to sign schneiderlin or even wanyama, we have to take it.

  8. El Blaze says:

    Why do we keep clamoring for Schneiderlin from Southampton when Wanyama is the beast in their midfield. He does all the defensive work for Southampton’s midfield not Schneiderlin. So why all the clamour for him? If we need a defensive midfielder from them then its certainly Wanyama!

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