Arsenal transfer targets narrowed down to these two strikers?

There has been a huge number of Arsenal transfer rumours about Arsene Wenger’s search for a striker, probably because the failed attempt to sign the England international forward Jamie Vardy from Leicester City proved that the Frenchman was after more fire power to help Olivier Giroud and all.

And there have been almost as many players mentioned in connection with the club but hopefully Arsenal fans will soon know the identity of our new striker, if the report by The Sun this week is anything to go by.

The paper claims that Wenger and Arsenal have been talking to the representatives of the Everton and Belgium star Romelu Lukaku and those of the Lyon and France star Alexandre Lacazette. As both of these player are now free of international duty following the Euro 2016 defeat of the Belgians by Wales, we should soon know.

If the report is right then it would appear that Wenger has narrowed down his wish list to just these two, with the Real Madrid and Spain forward Alvaro Morata seemingly off the radar. Assuming that the Gunners are only going to sign one new attacker this summer, would you prefer it to be Lukaku or Lacazette?


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  1. Lacazette, but a fear sibling rivalry between him and Giroud could heart matters for Arsenal…

  2. These latest rumours are spreading quick!
    Apparently Wenger wants Lukaku but Everton are demanding too much with their £70 million valuation,
    Arsenal are supposedly prepared to pay up to £40 million for him and if that fails then they will meet Lacazette release clause instead.

    1. Lacazette will be good, we have target men in Giroud and Sanogo already( don’t wanna give up on Sanogo yet)….and Welbeck too…

      I read an article that says Laca is very similar to Sanchez and I would love the idea…So lacazette all the way…

      Draxler Lacazette Sanchez…
      Cazorla. …Xhaka…….

        1. Same spud who thumbed you down, thumbed me down. Why do they even come on this site?

          Yeah! thanks for the info. I didn’t really know if it was euros or pounds so stated neither.

    1. That is a nice advertising slogan but does not really reflect the reality of Arsenal’s recent past.

      And even big clubs with good developmental systems still buy players to compete.

  3. Lacazette definitely.

    Everton are planning to revamp their squad with the proceeds from Lukaku sale. That means they will demand a small fortune at least early on. And do you really want to wait for the last minute deal just in hopes Everton will drop the price??? No.

    1. Everton ………you keep him we already have better than him in Giroud and we need an exciting striker Morata is the man

  4. For me, would rather see Lukaku. Tested in the PL already and is used to the pace and physicality of the league. With Ozil supplying him I believe we could expect 23 goal seasons for years. Lacazette is a talent, but struggles at time as a lone striker. Seems to be at his best in a 442, and I don’t see Wenger changing the formation for him.

  5. Lacazette for me regardless of cost. I fear lukaku is to similar to girouds style being a big target man. Giroud has the better first touch but lukaku is quicker. Shame lacazette is also French though.

    1. I prefer Lacazette, but I don’t see a huge similarity in Giroud and Lukaku. Lukaku is quite direct with his runs and has significantly better skill on the ball and quickness. Giroud is better on positioning, hold up play, and link up play. Giroud is probably the better finisher, marginally, but neither possess the kind of quality finishing I want from a striker.

      I still wonder what Arsene would do if he got another striker. Would he force them to play the same way as Giroud in this system as he tries to do to Walcott or would he change the system to suit another striker? If he wants a hold up striker that links play, there aren’t many on the level of Giroud. But if he wants a better STRIKER, he needs to adapt the system to them better than he has for Walcott and some of the others that have slotted in briefly the past couple years.

  6. Lacazette for me regardless of cost. I fear lukaku is to similar to girouds style being a big target man. Giroud has the better first touch but lukaku is quicker. Shame lacazette is also French though

  7. The Arsenal transfer saga is much like the Australian General Election, a boring `stuff up` with no outcome.

  8. Looks like this Lacazette rumor has some legs. I hope it doesn’t fall through, like the Vardy thing. He does carry Lyon. Lyon look half the team without him and I was very impressed by the way he responded to his poor form early last season. He seemed effected by the fact that he wasn’t allowed to leave. Lyon haven’t treated him well.

    I prefer him ALL other options. Other then the big big Strikers.

  9. Some one will find something wrong with every player we want but Romelu Lukaku id take any day he will improve in our team and our team will improve with him and hes got the fight and power our team needs a bit more of so i hope we get him will make a big difference.

  10. In what planet is Giroud a better finisher when in a season he had the boldness to call one of his best he could only manage 16goals in fact prior to the last game against an already condemned AstonVilla he had just 13goals all season playing ahead of the most creative player in Europe-Ozil and a Cazorla of the first half of the season meanwhile Lukaku is on of his worst seasons and a bad season for Everton, loss of form of Barkley, sale of Naismith got 18goals.

  11. Lacazette all the way. I have a feeling he would be great for Arsenal. He is strong and quick and can be tricky. He offers something different to what we already have and a different option. I really hope if anyone it will be him.

  12. I really hope its NOT Lukaku
    Please god no he is really not what we need especially when we already have one lampost up front

  13. The problem is, Wenger is out there looking for a goalkeeper instead of striker. He ALWAYS close his eyes assuming he doesn’t know where our problem is

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