Arsenal transfer window? Same old, Same old…….

Summer transfer window looks familiarly quiet. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello guys and a quick one from me on our current transfer window speculations. So far Arsenal got rid of Yaya Sanogo, which is nice, because I don’t see the point of owning lots of players we don’t really care about and a few others should follow this example. And of course we signed Sead Kolasinac on a free transfer.

Now this reminds me of a summer where we signed 1 players early and then we slept through the window. Actually this is like the past two summers and I won’t be surprised if we sign nobody else, because we finished 5th and 4th is only one spot above us and that means we don’t need a lot to improve in Arsene’s logic.

We’ve been linked with the likes of Lacazzete and Mbappe, but I think we’ll get neither, because both are ridiculously expensive and same goes for Mahrez who was a one hit wonder. Also if Arsene wanted the Algerian instead of making silly comments, he should’ve just gone with the money and do the deal like City did with 2 signings already.

Rumours suggest, Lemar, Lemina and some other decent players, which are also unlikely to happen so all and all I think 1 more signing at best, oh and we don’t know where Ozil and Sanchez will be playing, but thank god we signed Arsene, cause who else would dodge the bad results and blame everything but himself so well if not him right?

Lastly, does this look familiar? Season ticket renewals, war chest stories, big links and in the end disappointment? Now the AKBs will strike back with “it’s only June”, but hey they did say judge Wenger in May and it was a disaster this time, but honestly my expectations with Arsenal imploded. The club lost any sort of ambition and it turns out that 4th, 5th or 11th, we’ll stick with Arsene, so I’m just checking if the broken record is playing the same old song and what do you know? it does all so well, note per note.



  1. LL_cool_gunner says:

    If you repeatedly so something everytime and expect a different result, you have a serious problem, I don’t know why wenger likes being too secretive, we knew that man city wanted Bernado Silva, they got their man, with arsenal it’s just rumors overload, it’s still June though…

    1. Somtib says:

      Paul Merson of sky sports said Wenger is being very secretive about his business because he didn’t want any of the rivals who are in Champion league to steal any of his potential buys cos we all know how good our scouts are

      1. LL_cool_gunner says:

        Lol, the scouts that got us sanogo, Andre Santos and kallstrom, if we can compete without ucl, like he said he should show it, it’s still June though, am waiting..

  2. Kwaku Nyarko says:

    Still old Wenger hmmm!!But hey papa Wenger we can’t sit down watching again oo.We are sick and tired of your old fashions which are not giving us any better results.Please make sure you sigh in better players this time.We want to see you winning the premier and the Europa cup this season period no excuses.

  3. TONY MANVELL says:

    It is only June. I would be really disappointed if Arseanl have not signed at least two quality players by the end of July and got rid of the dead wood.

  4. Nebsy says:

    Arsenal has become the worst piece of sh***t club in the Premier League. Which club has lied to it’s fans as often as Arsenal did? I’d say none.
    And then they tell you to respect Wenger. Why? Does he respect the fans one bit? No, not one bit. He keeps on lying to the fans year in year out, bids for top players just high enough to make it to the papers and just low enough to not get the deal done.
    Does he realize we are seeing through his little show he puts up for us every year?
    Arsenal are not in the transfer market to buy top players. They’re there for the freebies, promising talents and fringies. Their best achievement this transfer window will be keeping Ozil and selling Sanchez to a foreign club. For me, that would be a successful transfer window.
    Anyone in their right mind knows Arsenal doesn’t spend over 40 million pounds on a player, nor will it ever under Wenger and kroenke.

    1. zed says:

      They bought Ozil for 42.5 million

      1. bran99 says:

        yeey! is that why he was awarded 2 more years for his exceptional services?

      2. Nebsy says:

        Picking hairs, aren’t we?

  5. zed says:

    Its no secret that Arsenal want Mbappe, Lemar and Lacazzette with Mahrez and co as back up options. You don’t pay 50 million for Mahrez (the second option) first when the first option can become available for the same fee later on. Transfer business is a gamble, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. To be quite honest nobody really knew the two guys that City bought and nobody else wanted them except City hence the smoothness of the transfers. Do not read so much of what is written in the press by these anonymous sources, to date Arsenal have been linked to more than 20 players yet Wenger clearly stated that he only wants three players

    1. eazyarsenal says:

      Everyone knew about ederson and bernardo silva. Just because your knowledge of players outside of the pl is poor doesn’t mean ours is.

      1. zed says:

        Nobody did and that is why nobody wanted them except City

        1. LL_cool_gunner says:

          What are you talking about? I knew Bernado silver before he went to Monaco, Ederson I knew from last season, so just speak for yourself..

    2. bran99 says:

      but in Wenger’s world, even the 3 players you say are his target, at the end of the day he’ll come say ‘we were not in for anyone’, that’s when you’ll realize ooh, I’ve heard these words before, and even the trend of all this drama looks familiar too.

  6. jacob says:

    arsene is not serious..
    gone are those days wer u buy a star player 4 15 million..if lyon wnt 50million y not pay..afterall the money is not for his upkeep…we are gonna suffer next season

  7. h says:

    We will sell Alexis to city then he will buy a medioka striker bring back Jack wheelchair as a new sighing and promote from the youth ranks thats it

  8. jacob says:

    I just wish I could one day set my eyes.on wenger

    1. LL_cool_gunner says:

      There’s nothing you can do bro, you will end up in prison if you touch the professor..

  9. Martin says:

    If you can believe the reports we wanted to sign Cuadrado, what happened , they wanted 30 mill Arsenal offered 17.5 mill and got turned down…surprise,surprise. It’s the way we seem to do transfer buisness, offer low and piss the selling club off. Everton have just signed Pickford and Klaesson, no squabbling over fee they just paid the money and got transfer buisness done early. They have also got Steve Walsh as Director of football to do transfer buisness.

    1. bran99 says:

      to summarize Wenger’s incompetency, I never laughed and being laughed at so hard than the 40,000,001 bid to Liverpool.. every Arsenal fan turned into a clown just coz one person makes fun of every serious stuff that could help the club in the long run, always penny pinching to help his salary increment when he signs that new contract (in failure and in pain)

  10. Onochie says:

    The worst Transfer we have had this summer is giving Wenger a two year contract. With the so-called changes in the back room staff,etc its still the same,the earlier you remove your mind from mbappe and co the better for your health…..this is Wenger and Kroenke we are talking about. Stan a man who doesn’t care about success,Wenger who has a PhD in making excuses.

    1. bran99 says:


  11. ArseOverTit says:


    Give it up. Whilst AFC are under Wenger and Kroenke we will continue to be underachieving also rans. It’s a sh£t state of affairs for sure, but what can you do?

    I’m consigned to the fact that they both are there for up to the next two years, so im caring even less now than before.

    Way too many more important things to concern ourselves with than 11 men kicking a ball about for gross sums of money.

    I’m taking up playing bass after 10 years and am loving it. It’s doing something worthwhile that I get pleasure from and want to invest time in.

    Wenger and Stans past and continuing reign have taken that away from me with Arsenal so now I don’t react to Office banter and jokes against AFC and Wenger because most have more than a grain of truth.

    So relax, it’s only a business that mildly entertains the masses to keep their minds of more important stuff!

  12. usman yomi adams says:

    anyways i will not blame Mr or Prof wenger, bcos aarsenal management are not serious, if they are they would not have given wenger any contract to manage arsenal any longer. when every other coaches are busy transfer market buy players of their choice Mr Wenger will busy criticizing them being wasteful and their wastefulness brought them success but that not wasteful stayed and staged in one place what a shame. And again Mr Wenger ideology is no longer tenable in the game of football, his tactic is old nothing but old. I personally believe Wenger will not buy any star player this season. If Arsenal no kill Wenger, then Wenger will arsenal sure.

  13. frank says:

    hahah its funny when you see arsenal fans wasting their time talking about Mbappe…Wenger has bewitched some of our brothers hehe

  14. Mobella says:

    Honestly, we need to stop making everything about Wenger. It is hypocritical to blame him for the way arsenal conducts her transfer businesses. It is not the coaches that buys players but the clubs. If arsenal is failing on that front blame the board, the CEO and the owner. Someone talks about Man city, Everton, etc buying new players not Pep or Keoman. If we want changes as much as we desire it, we should start blaming are really responsible the status quo. Coaches are meant to identity the players they want and the clubs to get them. There is so much vile words and diatribes that have being directed towards Wenger that is unjustifiable. He didn’t employ himself. so much of those should be directed towards Ivan -so much talk and no action. Ivan where is the change you so much crave and talked about.

    1. Tony says:

      You lie mate….so after all the 21 years that man has spent in the club you saying he should’t be blamed right…that is the same person that told the club not to bring in a director of football…wenger has been handed all the power to control transfers like it or not…so u saying he did’t have a hand in the one pound added to Suarez’ buy-out clause back then…don’t be fooled mate

    2. Martin says:


    3. Wizzy says:

      Then u know nothing about Arsenal FC. Coz its same wenger that sanctions every transfer deal we are into. He’s so dominant.

    4. bran99 says:

      hehehe, Wenger went to France to followup on Mbappe and Lacazette, and he says he’s working 24hrs a day to make transfers for the club, who are you to come say he isn’t involved in buying players? did he send you to lie for him? the guy is everything at Arsenal

  15. Coldzero says:

    Well they said they were after two or three, of which we have one. What sort of quality they will be who knows.

    But we need to stop deluding ourselves – Mbappe will no way come to Arsenal – we wouldn’t pay that money for starters for a kid and secondly we are at the moment not the best offer for him.

    We need to be the realistic and not get wound up when transfers like this don’t happen. We all know we aren’t going to pay that for a kid.

    But i would say Mahrez and Lacazette are possible, but am not sure if we will get them.

  16. bur says:

    Its going to be the same as last season, the season before , the season before, the season before and so on. Arsenal will not buy a significant player. Thon man will wait and wait and wait till the transfer window is closed then come out with a statement saying that he is happy with the squad. fellow supporters its going to be another dismal season mark my words via wenger

  17. Sal says:

    Sad that the season hasn’t started and everyone is so pessimistic but I can’t blame you. When you offer someone a two year contract then you tell the fans yet again we will challenge even though you haven’t come close to challenging since our season collapsed when Eduardo was injured, yes Eduardo so that’s going back four, five,six strikers ago…fans aren’t stupid, most of us spend time reading up on transfers and players available,and I’m saying that’s a a daily routine imbedded in us like having a morning coffee when the only player you have bought is someone signed for free and we all know that was done even before wenger signed his contract, the fans will smell the Bullshit a mile away… most fans on here know what the team needs, know what players we should be going for and who is a realistic target, we just want the manager and the board to get the deals done so we can enjoy our summer instead of spending it behind the screen frustrated like we do every year.

  18. Vlad says:

    Same old … same old… Konstatin. F OFF! I suggest you go into hibernation, and wake up in 2 years from now just in time for Wenger to renew another contract.

  19. TONY MANVELL says:

    Same old same old Bitching, I thought we were supposed to be ASENAL supporters, what a joke. Figure this Arsene does learn, now plays 3 at the back because it suits the players he has. Transfers now upmarket Ozil – Sanchez. Still brings younger players though Holding etc., Money will not guarantee success. The biggest difference is we dont have David Dein doing our negotiations anymore he got the players in and done it quickly. When he was replaced the transfer opening became a shambles for Arsenal.

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