Arsenal transfer window – underwhelming, about right or above expectations?

Transfer window is shut, how well did Arsenal do?

Arsenal managed to bring in two new signings this January transfer window, Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares, both defenders but how do you rate the business conducted by the club?

Personally, I am underwhelmed, my reasons are simple. When all is said and done we have brought in a player that Southampton do not deem good enough for them and a player from Brazilian football that very few had heard of and when you consider he is 26-year-old that to me is telling.

Arguments can be made that both have tasted success, however, there is a history of players that have failed miserably at Arsenal that have won silverware elsewhere.

That said, Mikel Arteta appears very confident he has acquired two players that will strengthen the team and I will, of course, defer to his expertise on this.

I also know that it is difficult to land a quality player in the winter transfer window unless serious money is put down. I also accept that just because a player is not a household name in England or has been discarded by one Premier League side does not mean he will not be a success at another.

But for me, when you have the issues in the team that Arsenal has and you sit tenth in the standings you really should be doing better than simple loan deals on questionable players.

It is a terrible indictment on Arsenal that their financial status is such that they are basically looking in the bargain basement to try and strengthen a team in desperate need of strengthening.

Now, this is my own personal opinion and while I have expressed it here that is not the focus of this article. What I want to know from my fellow Gooners is how you feel about this transfer window and not what you think of my personal opinion.

So, using the comments section below, let us all know how you would rate this transfer window and why.


  1. Some will consider this a good window and others pleasantly surprised at two loan signings. The truth however , given the abysmally awful defence we have currently, the poor midfield and the lack of quality of any real numbers throughout the squad, is that this is exactly what a snake like Kroenke has done to us. We needed five top class outfield defenders; we have two elcheapo loanees only ,one of whom,Mari, MAY(or may not) turn out to be a decent player.

    Under the snake of an owner we have, the reality is that is IS better than we expected but it is nowhere near good enough and this club needs half a billion spent on players, not just two peanuts money loaness. Reality!

    1. Loans seem the way most are going during the winter window. Is it good enough? Who knows. All depends on Mari really. If he’s a bust, it’s a Kallstrom type window.

    2. John we are mid table club now so the two signings are good enough, we were lucky we didn’t get competition from other mid table clubs like Crystal palace or Man-United, I thought we would go for Kane from Tottenham on loan for the rest of the season because his injured, it’s what we do

    3. Hi Jon,

      I do agree some of the things you wrote regarding fans expectations of fans post Kroenke era.
      For someone who prides himself on being a realist, you last paragraph is anything but realistic.
      Did Liverpool’s team cost half a billion to assemble?
      Was it assembled in one window?
      Do Arsenal have 500 million to spend on players?
      You can very easily see from the answers to those questions that your presumptive statement does not bear it’s own witness.

    4. Excellent window especially the Pablo Mari signing. Both Mo Salah and Kevin Debruyn were Chelsea rejects, but look where they are now. Even Martinelli was rejected by Manunited and it cost nothing to bring him to the Emirates.

    5. Jon
      The young ones live in blind hope, us older ones on experience. They won’t listen because they are fresh without the long term experience. Optimism is great as long as it has a real base, blind optimism without being related to what you call…the truth, is insubstantial. Lets hope our young players make a base and our management and the Kroenke’s always make finance available so Arteta can put his real jigsaw together.

  2. About right … strengthened in areas we needed to without a huge improvement in quality but without a big spend either … Mari the interesting one as he is the kind of player comfortable on the ball that arteta needs … whether he adapts to physicality of epl we will see … if he does xhaka and Luiz can go in summer … paulista a similar player didn’t work out for us but doing ok with Valencia

  3. We spent our money in the summer, we were never going to buy anyone in this window unless we surprisingly sold someone. I personally think its 5 mil wasted but they are cover, it just seems a lot to spend to basically cover 4 months and it will come out of the summer budget. I have my doubts both will play much part but again i suppose that depends on injuries. They are in for now so lets look forward to Burnley.

    1. The money we supposedly spent last summer we are going to pay for it this summer and who ever we buy this summer will be paid by the sale of players who are worth more then the players we bought and buy

  4. MA doesn’t have AW’s poker face he tried to sell to us the new signings but looked like he didn’t believe in it, you cant blame him his coming from a club whose mentality is “don’t care how much it cost we want top quality” to a club who are looking for player’s from a £ shop

    no mater what I will always love Arsenal and support every player that played for us

  5. I’m okay with this transfer window. I would rather make key purchases in the summer.
    My 3 top targets in the summer will be

    Upamencano/Matvienko – one of if not both of these would be an amazing addition and paired with Salilba will form a partnership for the next decade.
    Soumare – we need a dominant box-to-box/dm and he is perfect for this role
    Szoboszlai – young attacking midfield powerhouse who is about to explode. Lets get him in early.

    I hope we get another couple young cheap south americans like Yan Couto as well.

  6. Auba will leave in the summer, he wants Ozil wages and we wont give them to him – $50m
    I’d still sell Xhaka to fund a young athletic box to box/dm – $30m

    We also need to get games into Martinelli and Saka to continue their development.

    Bellerin Upamencano Salilba Tierney
    Torreira Soumare
    Pepe Szoboszlai Saka

    Martinelli maybe to the wing for Pepe and Laca CF.

    This team is young but very hungry and determined

  7. This window for us is just what the doctor ordered. We have added depth or as Wenger loves to say more bodies.
    We are in 10th position in the league with no chance of European football next season (never mind the distraction of still being in Europe, the team is too fragile to make it as far as the final)
    Which world class player would want to join Arsenal in January with our prospects? Dayot Upemecano’s team are on cause to win the Bundesliga this season and he will be playing ECL football again next season with them.
    Arteta’s mandate was never top 4 this season, it was always to steady the ship until summer when the objectives for nest season would be re-examined.

    1. The players brought in are at least addressing areas of need. Unfortunately Arsenal has now sunk so far that there will be a major problem in attracting high profile players like Upamencano.
      Given the financial constraints imposed by the owner and Board any improvements to the defense and midfield will depend on the ability to scout and recruit unpolished gems at the right price. Other clubs have managed this on smaller budgets than the Arsenal.

  8. Poor midfield we have got and yet no additions
    Recruitment of defenders won’t change anything….

    Let Arsenal buy two Rosicky and one Alexis Sanchez and See if Arsenal won’t make Epl top 4

    penetration is our problem and not Defence

  9. MA did imply that this is the best the club can do with the financial situation.We spent good money in the summer but the signings we made are yet to shine.So the approach made by MA and the board is quite good,”loan them,if they are good sign them”

    And the summer will be where MA will do real business.There will be outgoings and incomings.

    1. Yes, I hope Mustafi stays he will come good.
      Mustafi and Mari
      Luiz, Chambers, Holding

      Both Greek flops out

    1. Yes! They will impress, and I’m sure Arsenal will snap them up permanently. Teams generally struggle during Winter.

  10. I’m alright with this… we wanted defenders, we got them… Mikel to work his magic on them – sorted!
    The summer is when we’ll see a lot more happen.

  11. Most Arsenal fans are never satisfied.Alot of us have been criticising the defence and we got two in this dumb window yet we ain’t happy. Why the negativity??? I’m very happy with the business done. These guys might turn out good.

  12. The two guys brought in on loan will prove reasonable additions as I believe Arteta and Edu know what they are doing. Winter is always difficult to have good players that are available permanently and economical, except you guys want to lend Arsenal money. Summer will be better. Arsenal is improving under Arteta.

  13. By the time Mari gets used to EPL and injuries risks, we won’t see much of him. It’s a good back up as RB we needed for Bellerin who is back. But unfortunately, we have no option on LB, we play Xhaka or Saka; that was priority today, we have no option at all once Kolas injured.

    Unless we sign a Koulibaly; we have players level of Mari in Sokra and co, but hey, sokra Mustafi Chambers injuries leaves us with Holding and Luiz only, Mav seems to not even be in plans…We are indeed short and at risk then…We went for loans, cheap transfers but Mari would cost more if in a top club in Europe, at least 20M. Let’s see how he does before to rate him. All we can have is a good surprise, being used to average.

    My main concern is the formation Arteta picks, which our result depends on match after match; so far it is not working in EPL! 4 draw, 1 lost, 1 win with Man U help.

    That is not convincing nor enough at all. To lift players spirit is positive but negative results kills spirits. We lead and then draw, waist all effort! That kills spirit and have us all mad!

  14. This is my 71st year as a Gunner (age 77) and have witnessed many periods like this when as one of the worlds rchest clubs AFC have penny pinched.The very worst example was when we were offered two of the greatest players ever to come back from Italy ( Baker and Law) and as usual we went for the cheapest option Joe baker. Fortunately he became our finest player for years.If Dennis Law (who wanted to come) had also been signed AFC were guranteed many more trophies that did not arrive. Now I think we are again in a similar period but we have a coach who knows what he is doing, ie; look what he has done with half a squad for the few games he has had? IF and it a big IF, he like Klopp had arrived to take over a squad with a few forwards or midfielders missing, I am sure we would now be about 10 points higher (just count the points dropped after being a goal up). I also remember many times in the past when we have signed an unknown who has become an AFC giant. My first thought was John Mcleod, Mercer (a hasbeen) Dixon, Bould, even Ian Wright and now Martinelli and many more. I am exited for the first time in about 6/8 years to think of what we will see this very young squad will achieve soon. Add to that we have some of the finest U23s Ive ever seen coming through. Finally, I see a sale of Auba, Laca, and Ozil along with Mustafi and several players out on loan rpoviding Arteta with enough finance to create a super side.

  15. It is a scout job, position wise we did okay, we cannot overhaul all position in Jan. If they turned out to be quality, then hallelujah, if not, it was a loan anyways. Big deals are rare in Jan.
    Therefore, I think we acted decently.
    I hope people support the players more.

    1. Good window. Areas of need addressed. Some talk like they are playing FIFA 2020/2021. The more extensive the better. As far as they are concerned, the club should just buy and buy. No considering for the players already at the club.

  16. The Mari signing, I agree with guys who say it depends how this one goes. Is he a stop gap, or is he someone Edu and Arteta believe can plug a big hole. He has the physique, he’s built for premier league rough and tumble, but this league is not what it used to be, players have too much protection as it’s supposed to be a contact sport. You wouldn’t know that to look at it these days.

    But Mari is still a big obstacle, long telescopic legs not too dissimilar to PV4. Our defending of corners and set pieces has improved, and we have no reason to think it won’t improve further now. He is said to be good in where it counts most, in his head, good positioning, game reader, so if he marshals his area well enough then he could be a competent signing. He’s arrived at a good time, with everyone trying to pull their weight at both ends.

    Bellerin is our first choice right sided fullback, at least Soares has many years experience in playing there. Now Maitland Niles can see if he can push Guendouzi, two tall strong young players now to duke it out from the chasing pack, or maybe they’ll try and forge something together if they really want to make a play for first team football. Niles might go over to left back, or Soares might if Arteta wants to try pushing Saka up top with Martinelli, we already look to have more options, this is the point of these signings, we won’t know the quality until we let them settle a wee bit and watch them play.

  17. Why is this post still pinned when there is a later one stating that the transfer window was a winning one? Admin?

  18. I am the least perturbed with regards to our recent transfer business and MA’s positive influence on the players is the reason.
    His ability to have improved the performance of the whole team gives me the belief that our new acquisitions are going to fall in tandem with the current system and perform to the success of our team.
    Competition for places in the team is getting intense and that is very healthy for our course.
    I can see Arteta is cooking something terrific and very soon, opposing teams will get served.

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