Arsenal trigger champions £20M release clause – Lineker & Morgan react

Wide-spread reports surfaced yesterday claiming that Arsenal had triggered a £20 Million release clause, which would allow them to talk to Jamie Vardy about a switch this summer, and Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan threw in their two cents.

The England striker has enjoyed a hugely impressive year with Leicester City, in which he set the record for most consecutive Premier League games scored in, before helping his side to seal a huge shock PL title win.

Vardy is currently with his international squad ahead of his first ever tournament for his country, but may now be set to agree a move before the start of Euro 2016 next weekend.

Arsenal are claimed to have triggered his release clause, and will be allowed to discuss personal terms with the striker, and it would most likely be in Vardy’s best interest to decide on his future before the beginning of the group stages on Saturday.

One person who does not want to see the 29 year-old move is Leicester City fan and Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker.

The former Foxes player tweeted: ‘Stay with the champions @vardy7 don’t join the perennial also-rans’.

That comment caused a stir, and a reaction ensued, with Piers Morgan and Lineker exchanging sly digs over Twitter.

Morgan: ‘@GaryLineker @vardy7 panicking, Jugs?’
Lineker:  ‘@piersmorgan @vardy7 No, Jugs. It’s normal for players reaching their 30’s to step donw a leve’.
Morgan: ‘@GaryLineker @vardy7 you never reached Vardy’s leve…’.
Lineker: ‘@piersmorgan @vardy7 thankfully neither of us plummeted to your level’

Well Lineker certainly seems worried that their star striker will be jumping ship, and with a fee not to stand in the way of the deal, there should be no reason why we haven’t landed the England international.

Is Vardy the missing link in our bid to end our PL title drought?

Pat J

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  1. I would have said poor man’s Aubameyang; fast and clinical but he won the League Auba didn’t…

    1. I might get a lot of hate for this, but are we sure that Vardy is the guy to bring us through? I know that he had a FANTASTIC season, but will he be more than a one season wonder? And with his age so close to the dangerous 30, is he worth 20 mil? I am not saying that it is 100% wrong, but i am a bit skeptical about it, although it might turn out to be a decent short term solution till we find a WC ST.

  2. No sleep! …. I kept having nightmares that wenger was about to sign Vardy… ? What? ? Nooooooooooooo!!

    Please Mister Admin…. say it isn’t trueeee! ?
    Surely this must be a Wenger tactic, to flush out our real target? …. Isn’t it funny how wenger has plans from A~Z with plenty of tactics, when it comes to transfer dealings and non- dealings, of course; like last summer ” we are working 24/7 on signing  F? k – all … part from Cech”

    I’m hoping that Wenger’s escape plan from triggering Vardy’s release clause, would be to offer him half a Mars bar and a packet of cheese and onion crisps aweek, instead of money! ? I just pray that the crackhead doesn’t accept the offer .?

    Why is it that the Majority on Tweeter were shocked and dissapointed ( and thats putting it politely) with the news of Vardy to Arsenal.

    Yet, the Majority on here, were over the ?ing moon! With this news! ? was that out of Desperation? … maybe!
    Delusional? .. most definitely!  ?
    Probably all Wenger fanboys?…. You better belive it! ??

      1. Thanks josh37… how are you doing mate? ?
        My comments have been rather lonely,of late,
        Without you sniffing at my…. glad to have you back!

        Hold your breath… I’m about to let one ??? to late!

  3. ???? *dispute of the mind*

    personal confession: Vardy has never been among my List of wanted strikers!….. Doesn’t mean he isn’t good at what he does

  4. I would gladly welcome him cuz I’m pretty sure if we discourage dis transfer and it fails, Wenger would shrug and sai he’s tried but they r no quality strikers out there…I get that he’s not every1s cup of tea but can we afford to pay around 70m for a striker with no EPL experience (cuz that’s d going rate nowadays)…lewandowski will not join us, huguain might but for >60m and wages of around 200k(he’s 28 years), benzema would rather stay at RM and choke on ronaldo’s cojones than go to a club and fight, morata even though hasn’t got a good scoring record is a viable option but y risk £40m on a striker that if he excels (I doubt) will b crying to go back to Madrid and if he fails, will make us look foolish…griezmann, dybala r d two best options..score goals for fun but if available will b wanted by top teams in Europe and will definitely cuz a bidding war…barca offered 80m for dybala., was rejected. can’t get griezmann for <65m…imagine if they join us and flop……OT,y will piers Morgan banter with lineker….didn't som1 tell him he will come out looking like d Id**t he is????

  5. Before i’m cruxified for what i’m bout to say,

    Vardy has led the foxes to a major trophy this past season -excellent
    vardy has been excellent overall in performance
    Vardy’s got pace, strength, skills and lots of talent….cool

    But Looking at Arsenal and her future, how Long till we are back looking for a striker again?……how does a 30yr old (vardy will be 30 in about 6months time) get to replace another 30yr old(Giroud)?….are we looking at him as a long term fix?
    Ever wonder why vardy’s been excellent with the foxes?…cuz they play some high energy stuff…..quick passes and heavy pressing… we play that way (don’t mention “Long range passing” or what Xhaka would be doing pls)… Many have got a problem with vardy’s attitude, but we are no saints and must stop pretending to be what we are not….this world is big enough to size us all even if we stretch our arms outwide….we still won’t touch

    but the truth within me is, when it comes to vardy signing the dotted line for arsenal, i’m a lil confused what to expect of the outcome

  6. he can shoot from outside of the box with high degree of accuracy…..check those goals he scored against us, Liverpool., Swansea…… those goals are world class and sensational…….vardy is fast and so fit….. he is also good in air despite his short frame…..many fans are not all that happy because of his age but they forget the fact that he has low Centre of gravity and is perfectly fit…. he has at least four years of active service to render……can’t wait to see him sign for us……. Walcott your days are numbered, you just have to leave……

    1. @Iffy…….. And what if Wenger tells him to stop shooting outside the box (Like he did EL-neny) ?

      Ask me to choose btw Vardy, sturridge or Kane

      Boy would go for Kane all day!…..but the spuds?….Hmm

        1. There was a certain Sol C. from Sp*d and he was great for us before jetting to Chelsea because of pay rise and captainship dispute.

    2. lol…ifeanyi…na Rotimi dey talk…u dey enter here too?…heheheheheh…………….I take Vardy with two hands and two legs

  7. I’m trying hard to compromise, here.
    Maybe the 29 year old Vardy is the best English option out there, at the moment? ? and if Wenger! really is after him, then the main reason could only be! that he is going to sell one or two of our English players?

    I suppose ? if given the choice out of Vardy and Sturridge,
    I wouldn’t one the injury prone one! ?

    Now watch my haters! … opt for Sturridge instead! ??

  8. What is the matter with everyone here? we have been crying out loud for a proven clinical striker and Vardy is the one. He is a fox in the box, one who can convert a good share of Ozil-created-chances.

    A footballers peak is in his late 20’s. Do we need a clinical, PL experienced striker or Morata?

    1. Maybe the matter is the same! as it was, when Arsenal were 2 points ahead of Leicester and some of us were moaning because we already knew what played ahead! ?
      Go look at the sane fan’s comments, on Tweeter! ?
      (except for Piers Morgan, his as bad as some of you lot)

      #live for today and f? k tomorrow, hey? ?
      What happened to … “we need a World class Striker”? ffs!
      Don’t even go there! ?
      I’m off to read some tweets! ? I’m going crazy in here! ?

      1. Ok then.. lets live for tomorrow fatboy..
        striker checklist for every gunner: Epl experienced, CL experience, young, goal poacher, …

        Give me one name that meets all this criteria and would move to our club? Or are you seriously considering morata.. 15 goals in 63 games for juventus?? Are you serious?

    2. Ian Wright was 28 when we signed him, we all know how that went. Another late bloomer is Les Ferdinhand, he was 26 when he got his first 20 pl goals and he had his best ever season at 30. A Di Natale, is said to be a better player in his thirties than he ever was previous. World cup winner Fabio Grosso, at 28 is when his career properly took off. Luca Toni, again 28 is when he announced himself. Also Falcao, I think you can call a late bloomer.

    3. @Malayali Gooner…… So all players mostly peaks at their late 20’s?

      Then probably there’s still hope for Walcott ….or why aren’t u still having faith in walcott?

      Wanna talk bout consistent strikers in the EPL for the past two seasons?…. Name Aguero , Lukaku and even Kane

      C’mon…How long have we known Vardy?……… One season …..gimme a break …

      1. Hahaha ?
        By the sounds of it. .. we are going to get to know him alot better…. 4 years contract, better!… £120,000 aweek!

        Total cost £47 million!
        (That’s including wages and £22 million release clause)

        Is everyone still happy with this signing?

        1. Pep Guardiola has made Jack wheelchair his main summer target!… Now I feel alot better! ?

          Hey! A big welcome to Vardy ?
          A big fat 4 year contract on £120,000 a week,
          he sure is worth the £47 million ( in total ) ?
          Whether he plays or not, Arsenal will pay him until his 33-34.

  9. Vardy scored 24 PL goals for Leicester city and some were absolutely beautiful v Liverpool.. Morata on the other hand scored a measly 6 goals for math says Vardy all the way…

    1. And six assists, that’s 30 goals. Not to mention one heck of a shift throughout the season.

  10. What?????(screaming)! Are you guys kidding me? Treating Vardy’s news like some Sanogo news?!
    If not for Mahrez and Vardy, Leicester would have only been at per with West Ham last season, if not lesser! Serially winning means guys who can continuously score, in fact if Vardy and Mahrez had been at any of Liverpool, West Ham(maybe)or Manchester United, any of the club would have been the standing champions now.
    So it’s Vardy! Rejoice and don’t give me that mourning altitudes!

  11. How have we overlooked Hernandez, I mean people look at Morata I think Hernandez is way better and has already played in the Premier League.

  12. I liked Linekers last remark, no doubt Piers will not let that be the last one though.

    Vardy our new Ian Wright, that would be great. He has an edge about him, would really love to see it work out. Imagine Alexis Vardy chasing everything down, Welbz too. Would want more but that would be a difficult bunch to contain.

  13. Some Arsenal Fans never get satisfied!We were crying out for any striker other than Giroud, and now you dont like Vardy?! if your talking about age, how old iz Ibrahimovich? How old was Van persie when Man U signed him! trust me with our creative side of Ozil, carzola and Xhaka,he will a lot of goals!!I wonder whether some fans need a change here, bets even they will cry when Wenger walk away……

    1. Hahaha..
      Why is everyone saying Some fan’s, when it’s only me, on here (at the moment) that’s not happy with Vardy! ?

      I still can’t believe it…. ? You are all welcoming a crackhead into our club! ?…. Please God … Let this all be a Wenger bluff, mind game’s, to confuse our rivals. ?

  14. If it ends like this we will have a good ballanced squad minus major trophies. The arguement being Vardy is a good a gunner but hasn’t reached world class. So is Chaka, (correct me f i am wrong) young, dynamic and youthful Arteta in similarity. Am excited to see it click.

  15. I think Vardy is perfect! Here’s why-

    We need more determination, strength and resilience in the squad. We all know it. Vardy and Xanit give us that

    We need option of pace upfront so we can turn defence into attack in a moment, we couldn’t do that with Giroud

    We need to have multiple goal threats. That includes our usual patient build up style, but now can include fast counter attack football

    We have better defensive protection with Coqueline, Elneny and Xanit – so we can soak up pressure , survive, and Spring fast attacks

    We need a striker who can create goals out of nothing. Vardy can do that.

    And we need winners, with winning mindset that do not fade away when the going gets tough – Vardy is our man.

    Welcome Vardy.

    And I for one think you can have an even better season than last, partnering up with Sanchez, Ozil et al, playing as solo striker or alongside Giroud – take us to the title.

    Dare to dream!

    1. We got hammered by Chelski, Liverpool, Man.U and Mancity for lack of pace, they attacke with everyone bar their GK, why because they knew we had Giroud who cant run on the counter, now with Vardy, Sanchez and Walcott {all pacy players] and Xhaka with those exquisite long balls, anyone in their right minds would think twice before throwing men forward.

  16. I don`t have problem with a 29 year old player, striker or not, if he`s fit and proven and has a three year projection. How he will fit in is the question ( or should I say how he will be allowed to fit in?) I`m sure Wenger has considered him blending in with Sanchez, Ozil and Xhaka ( or am I? )

  17. Screwed Lineker anyway. I expect someone “bigger” than one season wonder Jamie V. If we are not going to sign big names like Lewa, Cavani or Higuain, I’ll put the gamble money on Vincent Janssen. This two footed kid remind me a lot of young RVP. Dutchman striker at Arsenal, sounds like legend..

  18. This is potentially Wengers last season with us. He has done a lot of building for the future with player purchases. No doubt he had hoped that Welbeck would develop in to a good striker but injuries have put paid to that hope. He is faced with needing a striker with proven premier league credentials to score goals in this coming season. Looks like he has decided that the person is Vardy.

    One other aspect is that it will seriously weaken leicester. This is a two edged sword. Leicester took a lot of points off the likes of tottenham, manu, manc etc but not us. If leicester had been weaker, we would have had the same point but those other teams more points. So weaker leicester next season sounds good for us but may not be.

    Also vardy could be negotiating here. Listen to what arsenal are proposing as a ploy to getting a better deal from leicester. The point of the release clause was for him to get CL football never imagining he would get that with leicester.

    I think this rumour is true but suspect vardy will stay at leicester.

  19. If this is true then we may see Walcott, Gibbs and maybe even the Ox leave this summer. That so, Vardy is the best English attacker available. He def has the skills and can easily play at this level for two more years. We do need a certain number of English/homegrown players don’t we? And don’t think we can get anyone better than him.

    1. Guys saying Vardy is 29 and thus too old are the same guys panicking that MAN U is set to sign Ibrahimovic who is 34. lets apreciate Arsene’s efforts for once.

  20. Nice one Wenger, again showing how clueless he is (like most of the pundits outside this country are claiming)…
    Anyone knows that Vardy will not fit our system (a rigid system that never changes because the guy in charge is a liability)… We pass the ball to death while Leicester main playing strategy is counter attacking…!!
    If he had made an offer for Kane, Benzema, Aguero or even Lewandowski (yes I know, I am kidding myself and we are not such a big shoot of a club anyway) I would have some how dream about being on the right track…
    Gazidis is talking about potential Wenger replacement… Laughable, completely laughable…!!
    We all know that “2 years contract extension” was a lick from someone who clearly does not like Wenger… He will get his 2 years.
    Can he win the league?
    Can he win the CL?
    The answers to both is NEVER in a million years… Not a chance even if we are lucky.
    Enjoy the coming season (especially the mugs going to the stadium and paying those incomprehensible prices).

  21. I could get my head around Vardy if for the other 20 million we sign Jansen. This would give us one PL proven striker albeit old and only proven for one season. And in Jansen we would have a young project that could develop into a long term solution. This would give us 3 strikers in Vardy, Jansen and Giroud.

    Would take Vardy over Giroud any day, even recognizing he might not do the business for us at Arsenal. He has more pace, allowing Ozil to use his game more by utilizing his defense splitting passes he can not use on the slow Giroud, he is batter finisher and seems to have a better fighting spirit something in Giroud’s defense only Sanchez seems to bring at the moment.

  22. Vardy would be a great signing. 20 Million for a proven BPL goal scorer is a steal and if he has a good Euros like I expect him to then all the doubters will be singing a different tune come next season.

    Lukaku will not come to Arsenal, my guess is Chelsea. Morata is untested in the prem. Aubu and Higuian and Ibra we are not going to fork out for…it is not going to happen…they are Man city/chavski/Utd type signings….as in obscene money and Arsenal will not do that.

    Vardy is a very good signing, he will send a message to OG to get his shooting boots on and provide good competition.

    We are getting some good business hopefully done early. This is a very good sign, there will be some more signings yet I would guess.

    Just forget some of these fantasy signings…they will not happen.

    Fingers crossed for Vardy…..he may just be coming into peak form. May I remind you how good Ian Wright was for us….Bergkamp? They could be considered older signings……

  23. Woah, once again i can confirm this site is full of moaners. Now, they can even moan about we have a chance to sign a striker that play for a tiny club yet score for fun last season. Did he has someone like Ozil to support him? OK, some may think because they have better chance to sign Lewandowski (LMAO) and then will eventually cry like a baby when no one come. You really think Lewandowski or Ibrahimovic even think about Arsenal? Please stop. Is there any reason they want to step down to play for this average club?????
    Moaners cursed Giroud because he has no pace, no dribbling, no accuracy
    Moaners cursed Wenger because he didn’t force VPS to stay at age 29
    Now they moan about Vardy because of what, urgh!!! Bye. This is the last time i comment on this site.

    1. Eh? Did you just read last 5 comments? Fat boy was complaining earlier that he was the only one against Vardy. Mostly positive so far…easily.

  24. I don’t consider Morgan as arsenal fan. Just a dumb plastic waste. And on other hand I would even take heskey as a upgrade on giroud

  25. We should take Vardy as a continuation of RVP. Vardy is coming to Arsenal to replace the years that RVP should have put in for Arsenal. RVP left at 29, Vardy is 29.

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