Arsenal trio actively searching for new clubs but have found no success so far

Arsenal has had a busy summer transfer window but their business is far from over.

They have added a number of players including Albert Sambi Lokonga and Ben White to their squad in this transfer window.

They are still linked with a move for the likes of James Maddison and Martin Odegaard.

But it isn’t just the incomings that would define their summer as they also need to get rid of some players to get the right balance.

They have managed to offload the likes of Mesut Ozil and Shkodran Mustafi since Mikel Arteta has been at the club, but they expected more outgoings this summer.

Football London reports that Lucas Torreira, Willian and Sead Kolasinac look to be heading out of the club.

The trio has struggled to nail down a regular starting spot under Mikel Arteta and the Gunners are open to cashing in on them.

They are all actively on the lookout for new clubs with SS Lazio interested in a move for Torreira.

Kolasinac had an underwhelming spell on loan at Schalke 04 towards the end of last season and he could struggle to find a new home this summer.

Willian is an expensive liability for the Gunners and he seems to have become the new Ozil at the Emirates.

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  1. Wages are too high like normal!

    Just did the same with Ben White….400% increase on his previous wage. Why are wages not performance based, they should be in my opinion.

    1. Absolutely agree.
      Max transfer fee should be 25m.
      Weekly retainer. 10k p/w.
      Injury pay. 10k
      Starting bonus 10k
      Play well bonus 10 -20k.
      Win bonus 20k
      Max 60k.

    2. This is what happens when fans expect clubs to “SIGN” players instead of being patient for the academy to develop players. The performance based wages are the standard norms in every academy. Academy players need to prove their worth to the club before bargaining.

      1. VascC I agree with you but it’s clear some academy players are overlooked quite often and not even given a chance in cup games. Remember MA likes to sign players, not develop them.

        It’s a difficult situation overall because the only way we are going to attract players is to pay higher wages now that the clubs been run poorly. Catch 22

        1. Why do you think MA likes to sign players?
          Ar you talking about Willock?
          Is Willock arsenal form good enough to be kept for an ambitious team?
          Or are you Talking about Martinelli who isn’t up to Saka and Pepe ATM

          1. “Why do you think MA likes to sign players?”
            -Likely because he definitely can’t coach anyone to be better.

            Are you talking about Arsenal when mentioning an ambitious team? Or an actual ambitious team?

          2. Why Willian, signed by Mikel Arteta himself, started only 4 games in the league in the last 24 games?

            I mean, we were 3rd on the league table based on our form during that period.

            What kind of contribution, other than warming the bench for 20 of those 24 games ,did one of the highest earners did for the team?

            In the same period, Cedric and Mari started 8 and 10 games respectively out of those 24 games.

            Why do you think MA likes to sign these players?

        2. Mikel took a huge gamble. Unfortunately, it backfired. Plus, he was too inexperienced and even after 18 months, I seriously doubt, he has learnt anything.

          1. Starring four out of 24 games doesn’t mean anything bro.Its one’s overall contribution.the lsdt 24 games were better because the defence and midfield – Partey/Xhaka-were doing far better,Odegarde brought quality;
            Arteta was not changing the team frequently as he earlier didn’t know his 1st team; team; all players had grasped his NEW philosophy and team chemistry has improved tremendously.these are main issues not the parochial analysis being made.
            Was Willian not played at different positions and with different players per match so often in the first half when Arteta
            didn’t know his 1st team?
            What else did you expect then when the entire team’s MORALE was so low, defence committing demoralising mistakes leading to cheap goals in the first half and our captain provided NO inspiration.Please E.S Rowe came at an opportune time compared to WIllian.Even Pepe and Auba all improved in the 2nd half when things were stabilised and morale was high.
            Plse spare William all these myopic and unfair attacks

          2. @Stanley mensah

            Not all the players came with the mighty promise of delivering the Champions League trophy within three years time.

            If things are stabilized and morale was high during the second half of the season, when a player is not starting, does it mean that the said player is the cause for destabilization and the morale sapping presence in the first half?

    3. This is what happens when fans expect clubs to “SIGN” players instead of being patient for the academy to develop players. The performance based wages are the standard norms in every academy. Academy players need to prove their worth to the club before bargaining.

    4. I don’t think it’s quite so simple.

      We all know that football exists in an inflated bubble, but the problem with bubbles is that they only make themselves known when they burst. I believe this is what we’re witnessing now. Income dries up, as does access to (sustainable) credit and boom, your once sustainable business model collapses under its own weight.

      As we know from centuries of welfare economics, price fixing is not a long-term fix as the market will always find a way of paying above official ceilings. We all know what kind of organisations FIFA, the FA and UEFA are. How effective do you really think they can be in policing fixed wages or transfer fees. Agencies would be set up in Panamá and any extra fees would be filtered through intermediaries.

      The problems Arsenal are facing at the moment is far, far more serious than not being able to afford a new CAM or offload squad players; it will continue to reshape the football world for years to come, so let’s all try to be a little less parochial in our responses to such problems.

      1. It’s also worth remembering that players have financial advisors telling them exactly this. They can either move for less money or make as much as they can as long as they can and secure their finances for the rest of their lives. We may not like it but we’d all do the same.

        I was one of Özil’s biggest detractors but I never blamed him for a second for seeing out his lucrative contract.

        1. Just look at the Messi situation. There isn’t a club in the world right now which wouldn’t love to have him in the squad. But, he himself said, very smartly, “one possibility” was PSG.

          There were possibilities for him to stay at Barca. But, all the possibilities lead to one sure thing – a massive hit in his personal finances. If he had loved the club, as much as he says, he could have extended his stay forever.

          I don’t blame him for choosing to walk away. I’d probably do the same thing, if i was in his shoes.

  2. Simple folks, they should reduce their wage requirements and clubs will be chasing them! But wait, we are talking of Kolasinac, Bellerin, Torrera, Willian, Soares, Marri, Elnenny

  3. With Kolasinac on £5.2m and Willian on even more then however much they fancy a move away, the chances of any club being interested is virtually zero. Willian already turned down a decent overture from America so Torreira is the only one mentioned in the article who has a grain of a chance of being sold

    1. I think Willian is definitely staying, it’s not too bad, so far he isn’t going to be a starter like last season, he can play in the midfield, so having him as back up to cam and wing is ok, who knows he may prove us wrong this season

      1. Adajim
        He had better surprise us as his first season was criminal. Terrible body language for such an experienced player

  4. According to reports, Willian was demanding in excess of £160k, with Inter Miami’s highest earner being Higuain (£80.5k). So no wonder it didn’t happen!

    2 things astound me:
    1) Why are they so greedy? Do they honestly need that much each week just to get by?
    2) Why do we dish out wages like there’s no tomorrow?
    No wonder players love coming here 💰💰💰

    Now as it appears we’re stuck with Willian, perhaps we’ll think twice about offering so much to our players in the future? But having seen what Ben White is on, it doesn’t look the case!

    We’ll give Kolasinac away for a bag of maltesers.. and Torreira, well after he’s finished isolating, could stretch to a happy meal?! All that money down the khazi… and so it begins again…groundhog day…

    1. tremendous comment there SUE. well said, we are a laughing stock when it comes to off field activity, negotiating transfers seems to be way too difficult for any and all top brass at arsenal.

    2. spot on Sue. We’ve got to stop offering these high wages. Espescially to Chelsea retirees who only want to stay in London and want some cash. Beware of Tammy Abraham transfer. I think his pricetag is already too much alone, and I dont even want to think about his wages.

    3. Sue So glad to see you tackle the all important subject of player wages.
      I have been saying for many years that all Prem players are vastly overpaid and all could easily afford to take a wage cut, permanently, of at least 80%.

      Until that becomes the norm across all Prem clubs,then all non oil controlled clubs will always fall further and further behind those who are corruptly owned, which includes your own “sainted” City and of course Chelski!

  5. I would love if the Admin could sift through his archives and dig up the article when Willian signed.

    With the benefit of hindsight, clearly Willian’s signing has been a disaster. But most Nostradamus’ on here are acting like we all saw it coming.

    We all didn’t. Kudos if you did.

    I’d wager that if the old thread gets published again there would be a lot of folks running for cover. Publish the PEA/Walcott/Ozil signing articles while your at it. Let’s see how genius we all were.

    1. 😂 I totally agree because the U-turn is so swift hearing some here saying sign this guy or that guy after another 8th place finish they will come and act as if they know better than the club.. what I have realized we don’t go out to buy flops we actually have a squad capable of winning any football game but they are not winning.. they flopped here that means the problem is here with us we are the reason they are not performing at their highest levels.

  6. I’m probably wrong but can’t we start cancelling contracts instead of expecting large fees for duds.

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