Arsenal trump rivals to make Schneiderlin 3rd transfer?

Arsenal are not the only club that is said to be interested in the Southampton and France star Morgan Schneiderlin. Despite the fact that there have been Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the all round midfielder for over a year now, our Premier League rivals Man United and Tottenham are also rumoured to be very keen on signing him this summer.

The Daily Mail have also reported that his current club have agreed not to stand in the player´s way after refusing to countenance a move last summer, although they are looking for a big transfer fee that is said by the paper to be putting off Arsene Wenger and the chairman of our north London rivals.

However, they also report that Louis van Gaal has made the Bayern Munich and Germany star Bastian Schweinsteiger his priority target and that would leave just us and the spuds. With Schneiderlin having already declared his desire to play in the Champions League, this leaves Wenger and Arsenal in a very strong position and perhaps that is why the bookmakers Betfair have slashed the odds on the Frenchman becoming a Gunner, as reported by the Evening Standard.

In a short time we have gone from 5 to 1 down to odds on favourites to complete the deal. So is this canny punters putting two and two together or do some people have a bit of insider knowledge about Schneiderlin joining Petr Cech and the young Romanian Vlad Dragomir as new Gunners?

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      1. What he meant was since the news is coming from a Delia source it could be true. Something like that I guess. Morgan would be a great addition and would help us have the best midfield in the league. Excited about the transfer

    1. ReaL madrid wants Koscielny for 20miL *Laughing* ……in a world where David Luiz cost 50miL…… I dunno what Rafa Benitez and the perez family have been inhaling over there at the bernabeu but it’s really destroying their sense of humour

        1. never.
          pls dont put the boss name and the erb sell in the same sentence..ever…or Luko Btrazi will cme to you

  1. why not get wanyama???i think he is more what we need right now..compitition for le cog or a parnter and he is young enough to improve…..his passing not the best but i think he is good enough

  2. Not against getting Schneiderlin but I think if Wenger was after him he would already have signed him. Schneiderlin has been so openly available it would have been an easy deal and isn’t too much money. I reckon Wenger has his eye on someone else.

    1. If anything i would just crap on United dreams, Bastian Schweinsteiger, It makes sense. For one his ability alone speaks for itself, Immediately could provide competition for the Le Coq, but my hope is that by playing along side him, Coquelin will learn to be the best.. Plus Munich aren’t renewing his contract with 1 year left, he doesn’t like Gaurdiola and its possible we can get him on the cheap Under 15 million.

  3. Morgan story came out from no where. WOW…

    I can’t see Cech not coming to Arsenal now. If the deal isn’t on, Mourinho will definitely come out and thrash it..

    Cech + Morgan will be two great signing if it happens….

    1. Che have been trying to scupper it with those the bloody leaks. Not to mention everyones two cents about the extra points possibly won, especially mour and the players, one week its eight to twelve points, then its twelve to fifteen.

  4. This Breaking News in Mirror has really made me kind of nervous. The headlines are:

    “Real Madrid plot £21million bid for Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny amid Sergio Ramos uncertainty”

    1. I dont think he is that stupid… Look at his former defensive Partner and our former Captain, He is now Left back.. on the bench at Barcelona(Sorry that was in poor taste, but its funny). Why leave a club with such stability, plenty of playing opportunity and on the cusp of challenging for honors?

        1. ask all those in the same situation at the bench if they regret it..Smart people are Smart and these already have more money theanthey can spend in a lifetime…

  5. unless we are planning to sell jack, Ramsey, Carzola, or even coquelin i don’t get these transfer…who do we play where???
    We had no problem in midfield last season(in my opinion) but if we are doing these just for the numbers then am ok with it…
    Our real problem is the No.9 position…Guys theres a reason strikers cost and are paid higher than other players…A striker who scores at-least a goal in three good chances created is exactly what we need

  6. Buying morgan would complete our midfield if anything we might have to get rid of one or two like flamini and arteta also these stories about kos the boss going madrid are fake as I just think ramos wants I pay rise and why leave the biggest club in the world

  7. Hi guys!!! I’d really like us to do something radically different, something realistically of more relevance and necessarily vital than idiotic transfer rumours and expectations: LET US DISCUSS THE BUTT OF KIM KADASHIAN. Yes, I think Kanye’s Kim has got one of the best posterior compartments.

    Wait, you wanna talk transfer rumours and targets? How about we start with this : Arsenal “primary” target, Kondogbia, officially heads to Inter._______ Important target for Arsenal, Dybala, joins Juventus.____ Spanish sensation and Arsenal target, Pedro, commits to club by signing new contract to extend stay.____ETC
    . Remember the Higuan saga? Very similar to the Cech movie now.

    Now, can we discuss Kim in peace? Or perhaps how weed makes Snoop damn cool.

  8. I think deep down Wenger still wants to execute his 4141 formation. Morgan would make a great addition to our team as he can perfectly play on each of those 3 central positions, like wilshere and famsey. I would love for him to join Arsenal because he provides better backup than Flamini and Arteta.

  9. I probably will get down votes for saying this but I will say it anyway. I would pick Schneiderlin in front of Vidal, Kondogbia or Gundogan. I know £25million for a 25 year old without champions league experience is a lot for us, specially when we have Coquelin, but believe me guys his worth it. This guy is a lot closer to Busquets than either Coquelin and Arteta (not a fan of Busquets but he gets the job done in Barca) I don’t want to go on about how good he is (MS) because I know Arsenal fans Know a lot about him and football in general compared to others.

    If we look at last season then Coquelin is one of the few players who deserves a starting plays besides Cazorla, Koscielny and Sanchez, but Schneiderlin we must get!!

    If Madrid ask for Koscielny then we must ask for Ronaldo or eve better Bale+Benzema:P
    Or no discussion.

    1. I wouldn’t swap Koscielny for Ronaldo or Bale!! Honestly wouldn’t. Laurent is out best defender and has been since Campbell/Adams. He is in top 5 best centre halves in Europe, he just isn’t a cocky flash kid which is why the media don’t rave about him!

      1. I still remember a few years ago when we played Barcelona and Koscielny owned Messi.

        i think without Koscielny, Mertsacker would be more of a liability but Koscielny and Mertsacker work well together. Two years ago Koscielny and Mertsacker was the best CB pairing in the PL. Koscielny has had a great influence on the team and one of our most important players

        I remember when he came to us people were making fun of him as some unknown French guy but like you said, now he is one of the best cb in the world

        He is one of our 4 WC players and if we get Cech that will increase to 5 in my opinion.

  10. For me Koscielny and Thiago Silva are the best CB’s in the world. Lol call me biased.
    That’s why I said swap for those players because its impossible!

  11. Why cant Real Madrid target someone like Hummels ? Selling Koscielny will make us very weak at the back.

  12. Not sure how I feel about this, on the one hand we all agree we need cover for coquelin, but on the other, at 24million is he going to be cover? Does he replace coquelin, or cazorla, where do Ramsey and wilshere fit in? I hope this is not at the expense of le coq as for myself it is great buying top quality players, but it is nothing compared to producing your own. We made coquelin who he is and I want to see him in the first 11 for the foreseeable future.

  13. Will this Schneiderlin add value to Arsenal game? He wants it the easy way doesn’t he? He said he wants to play for a Champions League club and Arsenal is now the convinent club for him to achieve his aim. When we want him last time, he said he prefer to go to Spurs. Why us now? I think he can still go to his preferred Spurs. I believe the door is still open for him to go there. So let him go there, we won’t cry over his going there. The Boss will find his way in the market to get a dm if he needs one.

  14. OT:
    Everything suddenly so quiet over the Cech saga. Reminds me of a repeat show “The Higuain Horror Show!

    1. Sky Sports report that Arsenal has arrived at a deal, subject to a medical next week. I don’t think Wenger will announce this deal before July 1. He is so strict about this ‘official transfer window’ stuff. I wonder why.

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