Arsenal turn it on and Konstantin admits he was wrong

Arsenal turn it on to end United’s run by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people! I admit I was wrong. I was really affected by our away performance on Thursday I didn’t think we’d win. But thankfully the team proved me wrong, and we won a massive game in our bid to finish in the top 4.

I was s surprised by the line up. It was very offensive, but in terms of names, this was the best we’ve got up front. I was impressed with Ozil’s work rate. And Ramsey… I’ve never seen a player knowing he’ll leave put in performances like that. What a hero, huge respect!

The game itself has was a bit of a role reversal as United had chances, but missed them, where on the other hand we took what went our way. Karma’s a funny thing when you consider how De Gea was exceptional against us last season, but today he gifted us the opener.

And speaking of goalkeepers, how good was Leno again? Those saves against Lukaku were top notch. If their keeper made them, pundits would say best in the world. Those saves allowed us to be 1:0 up until our chance came.

The penalty was soft, but I’ll take it. I think we got the bit of fortune that we didn’t have in the previous games. And when Auba stepped up to take it, I must say I was worried. I just don’t like cheeky penalties that rely on the keeper going the wrong way, but he slotted it in and that’s all that matters! Huge balls to take it though, hopefully this will restore his confidence as we’ll need the best of him on Thursday and after.

Ironically, while our attack has been carrying us for most of the season, it was the defense that carried us today and last week at Wembley. If we can transfer this to our away performances as well we could be in a solid position for the top 4.

Granit Xhaka was sublime today and I know I’ve been a huge critic of him. It’s just about seeing performances like that regularly. Nacho was also sublime as were Koscielny and Sokratis. But the true star of the defense was Maitland-Niles on the day. I was worried about being exposed on the wing, but he was so assured, brilliant!

And since Tottenham bottled it at Southampton and they still have to make those small trips to the Etihad and Anfield we have a real chance to take them over and it’ll be a massive blow for them.

They just built a stadium and spent nothing this summer. I’d absolutely love it if we’re able to knock them out of the top 4 and see them sell the likes of Kane, because they need money. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We have some very tough away trips like Burnley, Leicester, Watford, Wolves and Everton left, and our away form isn’t the best. From now on as cliche as it is, only the next game matters.

Let’s start on Thursday. We can overturn Rennes, but it won’t be easy. Don’t be fooled. We’ll miss Laca and Sokratis and it will be difficult. But we have a long break afterwards. There’s nothing to spare. We should be going all out and hopefully enter the break on real high.

Onwards and upwards. Have a fantastic week!



  1. I questioned Emery before our match against Chelsea. I stated he has yet to improve us (at the time we were level on points with what Wenger got us last season).

    2-0 wins over Chelsea and United and away draw to Spurs (so close to win it) amassed us 12/30 points vs top 6 teams. This is alright IMO.

    Emery still got a lot to achieve against Rennes on Thursday. Our 2 away matches in the Europa League have been terrible and we got a mountain to climb.

    1. Third goal made it difficult actually… 2-1 was still fine…
      Now it will be little tough…
      But considering our home form, we might just Nick it..

  2. I have been waiting for your article since the great win, apologies accepted. It’s now up to the fans to keep the support looming.

    1. I have never come to terms with some fans who criticise for the sake of it. Why would anyone criticise any player after such a brilliant game? Honestly all players did their best. I am at pains to point out who was our weak link because everybody played his role accordingly. It is even illogical to say our defence was poor but so and so saved us. Any player on the pitch is expected to do anything that helps the team. If a striker defends or a defender scores a goal that is very good. That is what team sport means. All individuals must complement one another and not look on when they should do something. We attack as a team, defend as a team and win, draw or lose as a team. That is what football is about.

  3. This is what I want to see from Emery; more attacking football. Our last two games, we were time wasting within just 20 minutes when we were 1-0 against Spurs, and then against Renne’s he took off our only creative midfielder and our only attacker when we were 2-1 down! Extremely negative tactics, freezing creative players out the team ect. I just hope that he has now learned from these mistakes.

  4. I am still not convinced by Emery as our senior players yesterday proved that they are good enough. Emery is as stubborn as a mule fans who think we are not good enough fine by me. But i believe in our boys that we have the qualities to compete. Emery needs to keep believing in our senior players and give them consistent game time so they can gel. Keep young players like iwobi,Niles, Gwend. and the rest rotating whilst gaining valuable experience. Look at the points dropped since December and just rock back in your chairs and look whose to be blamed. Whilst some can be happy to see our senior boys yesterday there is no guarantee when we will see them all like that again as is the way of Mr Emery.

    1. Don’t know where you are coming from.
      Emery has improved us immensely tactically and mentally.
      That is why, we are doing so much better this season.
      12 points more than last season after 30 games.
      On top of that, we have doubled the points we win from matches against top 6 teams in the league.
      I would say that is absolutely brilliant for a new manager, who has taken over a club and a culture deeply rooted after more than 20 years with the same manager.

      1. Well Jon, I don’t know whether your wally is in the British sense or the American version. I hope it is the former!

  5. Was so happy with the match. I was worried we would be robbed before we scored the second goal as that is United’s way. For once, we gave United a dose of their medicine

  6. JAH son. just a question for you , what would make you happy ?. i am just wondering, because any time i bother to read your comments, and i have to admit that i skip over a lot of them, forgive me, but, you always seem to be on a downward trend.i dont recall you ever posting an enjoyable comment, you always come across as being, i ask again , what would make you happy ?.sticking my neck out here, but were you happier when the frenchman was in charge of our club ?.is that your problem. can you not accept that he was quite rightly sacked last year . whatwever is making you so down, i wish for you to be happy.

    1. The team that played against United why can’t they play week in week out bar one or two changes. Every win after a major disappointment and some people go crazy am not convinced as yet

      1. Jah son, it is obvious that you have not played competitive sport and particularly have never coached. A manager/coach cannot play the same players week in week out because of burnout and an increase in the chance of injury. That is why Arsenal has a squad, to allow rotation to keep the players as fresh as possible; you can’t drive players into the ground.
        The manager/coach has to select players to perform in up to 2 or three games in a 7 day period. The EPL is a long season and Arsenal were not only competing in the Premier League, but also Europa League and the two cups. Arsenal now has to rotate for the Premier and Europa Leagues, now that they are out of the cups. Other clubs will be under fixture pressure greater than Arsenal should they still be in Europe and the FA Cup.

  7. The lads were amazing… Defensively still there are still some lapses which gave 2 or 3 Good chances to Lukaku but Leno was tremendous… Especially the way came off the line to clear the lofted ball away from Lukaku… That was tremendous reading of the game….
    Xhaka was phenomenal… He made fine cut out just before half time to end Man Utd’s best move of the game….
    Everyone was superb… IMO Ramsey was best on the Pitch… With performance and attitude… He is complete player when he play as orthodox box to Box CM..

  8. I have to admit because it was United (& they’re a bogey team of ours) I had my doubts too…but was so happy they proved me wrong!!
    We’ve played so well at home this season, unbeaten against United & the spuds… yes our away form Is very hit & miss (it’s down to that green kit!) Europe hasn’t gone as we’d have liked (but hopefully we can put that right on Thursday)
    I’m very happy with the way things are going, considering we were completely written off at the start of the season, as we’re in transition!! Oooh and we’re in the top 4!!
    Well done Unai & well done to the team!! Long may it continue……

    1. Sue, glad to see your faith in the Arsenal has been restored; I was worried about you for a while!??

  9. OT So that Birmingham fan who punched Grealish has been sentenced to 14 weeks in prison & a lifetime ban…. was it really worth it? You complete tool

    1. All I can say Sue is that he got what he deserved.The Villa AND Birmingham Players did well to not give him a slap there and then.But what about that idiot who ran on the pitch yesterday after Aubamayang scorned the penalty?Does he not realise that not only does it damage the Club but he too will likely get a lifetime ban?On top of the bottle thrown at Ali in the Carabao Cup match .that is another black mark against the Club that we could well do without.Why do these idiots not think first before reacting as they do?

      1. I honestly don’t know what goes through their heads Phil…. it said that some of the Birmingham fans even applauded & cheered that guy! Unbelievable… that moment of madness (at the Emirates too) will cost them for the rest of their lives……

      2. Why don’t they think, you ask! What do you suppose they would use to do that job with since they clearly lack any brain!

        1. I admit to being upset if Arsenal lose, but with people such as the cretins who run onto the pitch I think it’s because they have nothing else worthwhile in their lives. Much as I love football, I have an extremely busy and for the most part enjoyable life. It doesn’t solely revolve on letting a football club dominate my every waking thought. 14 weeks for striking someone from behind fir absolutely no legitimate reason? He should have been given 2 years.

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