Arsenal turn their attention towards Premier League defender

Strengthening the defence is a priority for Arsenal and it is therefore little wonder that so many defenders are being linked with us and we can add another name to the growing list, Southampton’s Matt Targett.

According to the Britsh media, Arsenal has made enquiries about the availability of the 23-year-old.

No actual fee has been mentioned in the report but the assumption is that the former England youth player is in Arsenal’s price range.

Targett is not the first choice left back at the Saints and as long as his valuation is met then he will be allowed to leave St Mary’s this summer.

He only featured in 16 Premier League matches last season and 21 games in total across all competitions.

There are other clubs interested in the youngster including Liverpool, Aston Villa, Leicester City, Newcastle United and Fulham.

So, what can I say, he knows the Premier League so that is a bonus but it is concerning that he is not a regular starter for Southampton and I get the feeling that this smacks of a little desperation, though in all fairness that is just a gut feeling as I do not know too much about the lad.

I have seen a video of him but that is hardly conclusive and if the likes of Liverpool are interested as well as us then he must have shown something to the scouts.

For now, I will reserve judgement until I know exactly what the proposed fee is and once I have learned a little more about him.


  1. According some online media, he is linked with Liverpool, not Arsenal

    This doesn’t make any sense, because he cannot even play regularly for Soton. Unless Arsenal is looking for the LB version of Jenkinson

  2. If we are after PL centre backs, I prefer Lewis Dunk and his partner Duffy. Solid, strong, and tall CB, although dunno if they are suitable for high line defense.

  3. Yet more transfer news junk.

    However there is a bit of hope for those of us who want the youngsters (any position) to be given a chance with this remark made by Arsenal after a backroom staff shake up included upgrading Freddie Ljungberg to Assistant to UE:

    “Arsenal said the changes, which come into effect from 1 July, will help ‘create a ‘transition team’ which will collectively manage a player’s development through some of the hardest and most challenging periods of their professional lives.”

  4. The media has to fill column space in newspapers and minutes in TV and radio news broadcasts.
    There appears to be a total misunderstanding in the media and this site about how player transfers work. Only in the case of elite marquee players such as Neymar and Ronaldo is the transfer fee paid up front. The majority of transfers involve the buying club paying the selling club in installments; say for a £20 million player £5 million up front with the remainder at £5 million per annum over the next 3 years of a 3 year contract. Thus a £40 million transfer budget would potentially allow the club buy eight £20 million players, provided the wages can be met.
    The amount that Arsenal has for transfers is known only to the Board and management. Given that the new Adidas kit contract starts aparently on 1 July in an amount of £60 million per annum, it would be expected that Adidas would want some high profile signings for names to grace the back of their shirts.
    Also Adidas won’t want signings announced until after July 1, so the players can be presented in their new kit.
    I will worry if there are no transfers in announced by July 30.

    1. Nice info

      I think most fans just like to read gossips, despite knowing there could be no announcement in this month

    2. By that logic, isn’t Arsenal still owed substantial amount from previous transfers? (Laca & Auba).
      I believe majority of transfer fee is paid upfront, Man Utd just submitted £50m in installment for Wan Bissaka but rejected, apparently they want it to be paid upfront.

      1. 350oz, that is one of the reasons a club can be outbid on a player, if another club is prepared to pay more up front.

      2. Very good reply. By his logic, we should even subtract what is accrued as debt on previous year’s transfers into Arsenal from what is available for transfers this season. When many people make these arguments, they tend not to think them true.

  5. Why on earth would Liverpool be interested?? Oh wait… they’ve bought practically the whole Southampton team in the past..

    I’m underwhelmed….

  6. Can anyone tell me how can west ham Everton Leicester will out spend us don’t give me we pay higher wages then them they don’t make as much as arsenal so were as the bank of England gone

  7. i am still trying to understand the logic behind our ridiculous transfer budget.
    I mean honestly even the mid table clubs have a better budget.
    Where is all the money going?

    1. See my third paragraph; the media are guessing the amount of Arsenal’s transfer budget.

  8. What do you think into greedy Americans pockets if you haven’t noticed they are buying clubs left right and centre even championship clubs

  9. I just hope they get it right, I hope we let the right players go and we bring in a few to form a solid long-term bedrock.

    We already have some young lads here and hopefully one of them at-least will join Holding, playing an important role.

    Whether it’s Andersen or Saliba or both, all I care about is them being tall, dominant, comfortable in possession, instinctive, proactive, aggressive, and shoring us up tighter so we can take better advantage of our strikers sharp shooting abilities.

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