Arsenal turns to world class striker after Sesko snub

Arsenal has initiated contact with Victor Osimhen’s agent as they aim to sign the Nigerian forward, following Benjamin Sesko’s decision to stay in Germany with RB Leipzig.

Mikel Arteta had identified Sesko as a key target, believing the striker could become a significant player for Arsenal. However, with Sesko opting to remain at RB Leipzig for another season, Arsenal must now shift their focus to alternative options.

Osimhen, who was among their list of targets before they prioritised Sesko, has now come back into consideration. The Napoli star has been on Arsenal’s radar since he won the Serie A Golden Boot in 2023 and is expected to leave Naples this summer.

Napoli included a release clause in Osimhen’s latest contract and is prepared to let him go if a club meets that fee. According to Calcio Napoli, Arsenal has reached out to Osimhen’s representatives to discuss the requirements for facilitating the transfer.

Arsenal will face competition from clubs in Saudi Arabia, and Napoli will sell him to the highest bidder.

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Osimhen would want to play in the Premier League, but the striker will also struggle to turn down a big-money move to the Saudi Pro League.


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  1. Our present forward line needs rejigging. Jesus stats for last season are not very impressive and if he can’t get passed the defender he starts rolling on the pitch. Eddie not a backup striker in the competitions we play in and Kai wasn’t consistent at the start so we need a striker like Osimhen. Perhaps a deal with throwing some of our want away players can be reached.

  2. £100m player Arsenal 2nd or 3rd choice = crazy

    Osihmen not a good fit for Arsenal system, and £100m is just nuts, not for Edu/Arteta

    if was happening, it would have before now!

    1. Maybe Osimhen by isn’t a good fit but Arteta and Edu know what they are doing. Osimhen has multiple strength and to his game. He never stops running , hard working, disturbing the opponents using his physical aggression and aerial prowess plus good finishing. If Arteta can polish Osimhen’s rough edges, then ARSENAL will be unstoppable

  3. Osimhen has always been our No1. The price has always been the stumbling block. The price is ihibitive and we may well still end up with Toney.

    1. Edu/Arteta are not as desperate for a striker as the fan base, if the quality is not there at the right price they will not do it

      Toney clear now does not have the quality

      Edu/Arteta not compromising for low quality extra body that does not improve the team, at any price

      Toney not happening

    2. But it this way which one would you pay a 100 million for Osimhen or Toney ??? For me Osimhen all day long he will get the goals needed to get us over the line in the PL.
      Not a penalty taker and gambler like Toney who’s becoming a diva already and he’s only playing for Brentford.

      1. Napoli, wont get 100 mil for Osimhen and Toney could end up going for less than people think. We are very interested in both but we don’t want either before July and we dont want to spend what both clubs want.

        1. Arsenal are not interested in Toney apparently they don’t like his attitude and his character so he won’t be coming to arsenal

          1. Paul, I can’t find this on the official website, so where did you get this information from?

            1. of course not Ken, you know as well as I do that no club, and particularly not Edu, is going to publicly state they are not interested in a player, and definitely not go in to personal detail as to why

              it is just rumours, in the same way as Edu has never said on the Arsenal website we are interested in Toney

              just more unsubstantiated rumours, and i think you know that

    3. If we could pay 100m for Rice and 60m for Havertz and then I don’t see why we cannot pay big for Victor Osimhen especially if we want to compete for trophies.

      Sell Nketiah, Nelson, Tierney to reinvest

      1. It doesn’t work like that. Arsenal will have a certain amount of money to spend and they value each player they are interested in and work it accordingly. Arsenals valuation of both, is lower than the selling clubs. Thats why negotiations take place. Plus if they want a midfielder, they will have more than one midfielder in mind. They will be at different values. Depending which striker or midfielder they buy, depends on which midfielder or striker they buy. Simples.

  4. It’s a myth that Osimhen is prolific. His numbers aren’t that great outside of one season and his general play and touch are severely lacking.

    1. form is a bigger factor for strikers than other positions

      often strikers have a scoring run of form and then can 8 to 10 games without scoring

      that can translate to season numbers too, running hot and cold with no consistency

      along with striker being the highest price tag on the pitch makes £100m on a striker a huge gamble

      recent PL big money gambles on Holjund, Nunez, Lukaku demonstrate instant goals every game are not guaranteed – Haarland is a freak nature notable exception

      the assumption by JA fans that a new striker will score every game simply does not happen – even Haarland has goal droughts

      so sinking £100m in to an Osihmen whose all round game does not fit Arsenal system at all seems an unlikely risk Edu/Arteta will take

  5. The culture of “buying trophies” is bad!!

    Whatever happened so that we ended with Trossard and how we discovered Saka and others gives dignity and credit to the quality of management and scouting Arsenal has.

    Throwing around large sums of money for players is an insult to the sport.

    I’d like Osimhen for sure, but for these insane, figures, they leave somewhat of a sour taste

    1. You better evolve and adapt as this is 2024. Everyone is spending big because the money is available to most. If you want to challenge and win the you gotta get with the times. We tried not to buy trophies since we moved into the Emirates and how did that go for us?

      Everyone else is flexing the maximum that their muscles can allow them in today’s football. So we have got to get with the times.

      If you don’t spend you might as well just give up thinking about winning the Big Trophies..

      If you can’t Beat them then you might as well Join them.
      Isn’t it?

  6. i think the cash they need from these two is big”Toney &Osimhen” instead,Nkeita is a box player if Arteta trusts him can score 15 goals and above.

  7. Oshimen all day. Though price is high but he can guarantee 20 goals a season for Arsenal. He will be a value addition.

  8. I think that this guy would not fit our play. He just seems to be a brute force kind of player.

  9. Am Nigerian and i can tell you he’s not worth the 100m nor 80m. He’s injury prone and wont be at the top of his games for many seasons. Adebayor is far better than him so why waste that much on him.

    1. Being a Nigerian doesn’t mean you know him more than the coaching scouts or Arsenal’s coaching staff. Guy have done more than Adebayor ever did, the goals might be dry right now but Osimehn is better than every striker in the premier league bar Haland. How is he not worth the price? Arsenal might not have that much to splash on a striker but damnit, that guy is good. He scores incredible goals and his pressing is top notch.

        1. He probably does, some players will never be well appreciated no matter how much they excel. A player can be cheap but come with hefty salary, Kai of Arsenal is an example and Haland. I don’t think Osimehn will command such ridiculous wage and you might be surprised to know winning trophy is not just based on on-field display. If Arsenal have a big profile in their team last season we will probably lift epl trophy. Big profile disrupt other team even when playing bad. If Saka plays like he does for Arsenal but have the profile of Messi, intimidating opponent aside, the media noise could win or lose games. Players are human, on-field output is affected by the media by a minimum.

        2. I can say that Osimhen is a top Quality Striker. Buying Osimhen means G. Jesus can rotate with Saka on the right wing.

          Osimhen has been scoring goals for fun. Right from his days at Lille. He has the height, the aggression, and the consistency. We need a CF that will force defenders into mistakes.

          He will be a threat to defenders. He is very mobile.

          Arteta only needs to make 2 signings this summer. Just 2.
          1. Osimhen
          2. Bruno Guimaraes

          1. Gabby can’t replace Saka Saka gives us GA so we need another that can produce in the final third for when Saka is unavailable or rested Neto would be great with his assists and ability to beat his man If only he were more robust and more durable

  10. Let’s spend big money for Osimhen, all we need is trophies. Keeping the money can’t celebrate trophies, so please let do what we see and get what we need, Osimhen is much good for Arsenal

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