Arsenal Twitter reacts after Patino scores on Arsenal debut

Arsenal fans react to Charlie Patino scoring on his debut

It couldn’t have gone any better for Arsenal in the Carabao Cup quarter-final tie against Sunderland.

The Gunners cruised past the League One side to enter the semis of the tournament and are just a touching distance away from the final.

A sublime hat-trick by Eddie Nketiah was complemented by a superb team performance and a debut goal for Hale End graduate Charlie Patino.

At the latter stages of the game, his name was reverberating from every corner of the stadium.

I hope this trend continues. Patino being the man. Arsenal fans his lovers.

Here’s how Arsenal Twitter reacted to the young Hale End academy product scoring on his first appearance in the iconic red and white jersey…

The original plan the club had for him was to make his debut next season. But due to his impressive performances in the u23’s level, that plan was brought forward.

He’s a player who remains ahead of the curve. Who knows where he will be standing in a year or twos time?

At the heart of the Gunners team? Well, many people are rooting for that to happen.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Too much expectations brings undue pressure 2 perform. Remember the case of Jack Wilshire & apply caution.

    1. This is only putting one side of the truth WHOLE though isnt it!

      It also SHOULD be said by anyone looking for the whole picture that those who achieve real greatness are ALMOST ALWAYS far ahead of their same age peers in ability.

      They develop earlier and this is also true in most other fields of sport and of talent too , such as actors, singers, writers, painters etc .

      The true world greats are ALMOST ALWAYS showing real special ability well inside their teens; Messi,Mbappe, Ronaldo and other TRUE GREATS.
      It is also true that those who reach age 22 and are still not showing abilities out of the ordinary will never amount to greatness. There are of course, exceptions, but USUALLY what I say, is the case.

      PATINO IS ONLY 18 AND SHOWING EXCEPTIONAL ABILITY. I point out the facts only and leave others to draw their own conclusions as to which is the more likely; greatness for him or run of the mill ability.

      I would add that true greata are great, in part,also BECAUSE they can handle the extra pressure that greatness brings

  2. …..yeah…In some cases they called….child prodigy….they better than most adults at a very young age…..!

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