Arsenal under even more pressure to beat Crystal Palace

How quickly can things change! At the beginning of the season, Arsenal were mooted strong contenders for the Premier League crown. But, their disastrous start against West Ham United suddenly put the spotlight back on them. Everyone is questioning the credentials of the team and their ability to win the title.

Former Arsenal great Ray Parlour stops short of doubting the team’s credentials but believes that the side is under pressure for the weekend trip. Arsenal play Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park and the Gunners would be wary of further pitfalls.

Parlour saw that his former club’s hopes have been punctured by Steven Bilic’s side in the first match. The Gunners struggled throughout that match and this lack of resilience irked Parlour. He believes that the squad will need to show more resilience and recover quickly from the setback.

“There’s pressure on every game when you’re at the top level” he said.“When you’re a top side people expect you to win every week so when you don’t it puts a question mark on it.”

Selhurst Park is a graveyard for visiting teams and Wenger’s side will have to be at their best to put one past Palace. It would be a stern test of the team’s character and ability to bounce back.

Parlour believes that the deal to sign Yohan Cabaye from Paris St Germain will be one of the signings of the summer. Cabaye along with their high-pressing forward Yannick Bloasie and Wilfried Zaha make the Park a fortress for Crystal Palace.

“Selhurst Park is a tough place to play as well, it’s a fortress for them.”

Wenger would have ideally liked to build up momentum before playing these tricky games. But, having said that, If Arsenal still harbours any hope of winning the league title, they have to put in a strong performance in the weekend.


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  1. We will score. That much is sure. Pardew always plays to win which means we will have a game. Personally I don’t look for a great win but for the three points. That will give some needed boost for the next round. If we lose then we are in trouble. Quite some trouble.

    1. What exactly’s with Arsenal and being linked with the keeper department?….. Like the acquisition of worldclass petr Cech ain’t enough…. We are being Linked with a 29 year old Romero Jimenez from olympiacos(what exactly’s Ospina’s crime?)…… When we have other important areas to strenghten urgently….. Nonsense!

  2. if we lose, there’ll be more pressure for Wenger to rethink his starting 11 and tactics as well as get more pressure to spend.
    I expect nothing but 3 points even if we win ugly. 3 points is really all that matters

  3. Arsene thinks this team can win the league and the players have been saying it too. Some of us fans think we need improvements but what we think doesn’t matter apparently.
    So what I don’t want to hear is all this loser talk about how crystal Palace are a great team and this game will be tough. We have better players and we have better cohesion. The only way we can get a bad result is if our players underperform. How do we expect ourselves to compete in the champions league if we keep doubting ourselves against mid class teams?

    1. @wizard, thank you man, that’s exactly what am thinking, if we complain meeting cp, then how about CFC MU LFC MCT, are we just gonna hand them the points and go away??? Come on guys we are gunner! #COYG

    2. there’s a course to worry because we were beaten by a mid table team just recently and these things do happen quite frequently! The arrogance of Arsene has eaten into you as well.

  4. Just like the popular saying goes, If you don’t prepare, you prepare to fail. For nine years of embarrassment and heartache to us fans, the reason given for not signing the right players to get the job done was that the club was in debt after building a new stadium. Now that the bebt is paid off, the reason for not singing the right players is that we ve not seen ” exceptional” players and that there are no quality players in the market. One wonders which market we do our shopping, if it’s the same market Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool and even palace that we will play this afternoon do their own shopping. People say wenger is stubborn, I take exception to that. Doing excert same thing year after year with same result, yet you still stick to it is not stubbornness, its STUPIDITY. The act of always going into a gun fight with kitchen knife is nothing but foolishness and insult to the fans.The fans pay good money season after season just to watch wenger humiliate them, the fans deserve than what we are getting.

    1. Definitely “AKBs” thumbing down…. These boys are just so brainwashed with soap and shampoo…. Watchout! they’ll thumb me down as well……

      1. Just give the list of players you don’t want in Arsenal starting XI and their replacements. Apparently,according to you,no one of good quality in this Arsenal squad.

        1. @Goonertilldeath’ you see your problem, you think there are no better players than what we have right? am happy with the squad but we still need improvements in some key areas. To think that your team has improved and still perform the same way year after year means there’s something wrong. can’t you see that?

    2. True @Death Merchant. Id honestly rather take my gambles and sign whatever is needed, and they end up not meetin my expectations, than fail to sign and keep thinking about what COULD’A been at the end of it all

  5. wenger must start being nice to under performing players nd. make changes according to who we play and ware we play.
    its not that difficult but the old man is staborn. either its his way or no way. he needs to adjust him self with the modern football.
    just Bc his job is safe it dosent min he can test same old phelosophy that can’t win.

  6. A win will be good for us in the short run, but I think a loss will be good for us in the long run.Rather lose 3 points now and address our glaring defincies rather than win now then go missing mid season

  7. Why don’t I still have this 100% confidence in Arsenal going into a game against even a bottom table team?….. ANSWER: cuz they always find a way to disappoint!

    1. We will be 3rd?…. Any hope of climbing two steps higher and staying put till season’s end?

  8. @Goonertilldeath’ you see your problem, you think there are no better players than what we have right? am happy with the squad but we still need improvements in some key areas. To think that your team has improved and still perform the same way year after year means there’s something wrong. can’t you see that?

  9. …..when le coq begins to perform badly or gets injured, who’s gonna fill his boots? Arteta or Flamini? my word!……

  10. Time for Gabriel to replace Mertesacker. Why does this man get to be picked for every game , regardless of his indifferent performances. He is putting too much pressure on the rest of the defence. How many languages does Gabriel have to learn.

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