Arsenal under threat of losing another midfielder to injury

Arsenal midfielder Emile Smith Rowe is under threat of missing our upcoming fixtures after pulling up after yesterday’s defeat to Manchester United.

The Gunners were downed 3-1 despite a spirited performance at Old Trafford, and you have to wonder if things could have gone differently if we had a full squad of options available.

Both Thomas Partey and Mo Elneny are currently sidelined from our CM roles, and David Ornstein is now aware that we could well be set to lose former academy star Smith Rowe to injury also.

Smith Rowe is no doubt a huge talent, but his continued injury issues threaten to ruin his career before it has even got into full swing. He notched over 10 goals last season, but lost his first-team role to Gabriel Martinelli halfway through the term and has struggled to work his way back into the side since.

Hopefully the latest knock is one that he will be able to shrug off, especially with European football set to return on Thursday where he could well have been likely to get his first start of the campaign.



Arteta: ‘Arsenal need to play with more courage’

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    1. And your point is?
      He pulled up during the warm down after the game, didn’t get a knock as GoonerP alluded to.

  1. It did specifically state “warm DOWN”! In other words after the match. But what matters is that ESR does seem to be injury prone despite being a strong young player.

    As a 71 year old who plays bowls most days of thr week , which is obviously far slower, but still needs stamina and a degree of flexibility and general fitness, I FIND IT HARD TO UNDERSTAND HOW HIGHLY FIT, TRAINED YOUNG ATHLETES ARE SOMETIMES SO INCREDIBLY PRONE TO WHAT OUGHT TO BE MINOR INJURIES, BUT WHICH KEEP THEM SIDELINED FOR WEEKS OR MONTHS.
    I wonder if some of these players live correctly, compared to others, such as Xhaka, who is almost never injured.
    It seems somewhat strange to me how such injury prone players as PARTEY and TIERNEY, take so extremely long to recover from mere leg strains. Who agrees ?

    1. As a 64 year old who will soon probably be ceasing golf in favour of bowls(!) I totally agree Jon – it’s a strange one. To an extent you can suggest that just as we all look physically different our inherited musculoskeletal design differs too. Then there’s the way we play – Wilshire’s lunging style was always a problem, as is Tierney’s 100% commitment and he’s always had injuries. I also fear that Martinelli’s style will work against him. Partey? Maybe it’s similar problems every time but you’re right his recovery time is huge. Remember Owen’s eternal hamstring issue? Eventually put down to driving the wrong car? And DC-Lewin now?
      ESR has issues for years – put down to an unhealthy lifestyle, now changed but maybe the damage has been done.
      There are way more qualified people than us who can’t sort it out, and way more players at other teams with the same issues – we just don’t notice. For me it’s like fixing a car – if it happens too often change it – it’s probable a “Monday or a Friday” car…

    2. Jon:last season in an interview,ESR said that it was only since last summer that he started looking at his diet.he said that it is only now that he brings home,meals made by the club’s chef’s and that before that he wasn’t really bothered with his diet.(probably like many others 20 years old who think they know better or that they are invicible! questions could also be asked of TP lifestyle since moving to London,no? People thinks players are on serious diets but Conte had to take ketchup,sauces from menus,others sugars….did you see Alfredo Morelos from Rangers,he came back from pre-season overweight some would say fat,his manager didn’t play him and only reintroduced him to the squad about a week ago despite being their top you said,we don’t know how they live outside football.

  2. We lose players far too easily to injuries and they seem to be the same players most of the time. The injuries are often innocuous and not caused by impact or strain. I think it is a big problem.

    1. Actually you’re right,it tends to be the same players.wherr do you think it comes from Reggie and do you have a solution?I remember in Wenger’s last few seasons,people asked for a review of our medical department.i could be mistaken but changes of personnel were made but with the same outcome.surely,with regular tests,the staff must know who is not eating properly no?

      1. It has to be the training Si, it cant suit them for some reason. Van Persie was always injured but not when he left. Walcott always injured but not when he left. Ramsey always injured bit not when he left. It is strange, i know wenger believed in stretching a things on those lines, which is supposed to be good for you. Is Arteta using some of Wengers ideas ? Is it as good as some people think? I dont know Si. Partey wasn’t particularly injury prone before he came, i dont think ESR was earlier in his career. Tierney was and still is, Tomiasu seems to be wrapped in cotton wool. Or are we making more of it than is reality?

  3. He doesn’t even play and still gets injured. Light again in the forward department and there wont be as much rotation as we would’ve liked now. Arteta needs to start integrating some youth players into the squad because we are short in midfield and attackers after we let so many leave on loan.

  4. Brittle bones just gona keep being injured all the time so I would sell him and let another teams medical staff have the problem!

  5. After reading all the posts answering my post above, I have to conclude that in all probability it is extremely likely that ongoing fitness is largely down to lifestyle, since all players SEEM to be, by looking at them, what we would call ” fit”, but plainly are not FIT ENOUGH, nor often enough!
    I think guys post said a lot of sense too but life long fitness into old age is largely a matter of discipline and lifestyle.

    Sadly many of todays younger folk lack discipline in lifestyle. Too little sleep, too little rest, too much drink and, in Wilshere case, ciggies too. And those foolish, though brave, lunges chasing after 30/70 tackles, while being only a shrimp.
    How he must be rueing his life choices NOW.

  6. Arteta will feel the pain we felt when Spurs bought Bissouma, when he had indicated that he wants to play for Arsenal. Now all his tried and trusted are crumbling in front of his eyes.

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