Arsenal undone by expectations but CAN produce under pressure

It really does seem clear that Arsenal cannot cope with expectations. Every time Arsene Wenger and the players have a good run and get the team into a good position with even the heavily critical TV pundits starting to believe it could be our year, something goes wrong and Arsenal fail to live up to the expectations.

One prime example came on the very first day of the current season after the Gunners had enjoyed a great end to the previous campaign and a second FA cup trophy win on the spin. We were excellent in pre season and capped a 100 percent record with Wenger’s first ever win over Mourinho to beat Chelsea in the Community Shield and we all expected Arsenal to hit the ground running in the Premier League, only to slump to a shock defeat at home to West Ham.

The same sort of thing happened in last season’s Champions League knockout stage when we were all delighted to draw Monaco. And the Boxing Day defeat by Southampton came after a brilliant run in December which saw us produce that miracle in Athens and then deservedly beat Man City.

The evidence is strong and hard to dispute that we just do not handle high expectations well. On the other hand, there is also strong evidence to show that Arsenal do respond well in a crisis. The three heavy setbacks I mentioned earlier put a lot of pressure on Wenger and the team but every time they responded well, beating Monaco in France, taking 10 points from a possible 12 after the West Ham loss and winning the next three games after the Saints defeat.

Now we are five points off the leaders, nobody thinks Arsenal will win the title but now is the time when we might produce our best and go on another run. It’s away to Bournemouth at the weekend and then Leicester at home and if we win both of those games we will be no worse than two points behind the Foxes.

The pressure is on Arsenal but will that actually help us to perform once again?

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  1. We need to put a string of victories together, in order to remain close as possible! Winning must now be a priority we cannot afford to be dropping point’s!

  2. We have to treat each game as if it is a cup final. Wallcot on the wing is useless. Out and out striker maybe but he has been extremely disappointing recently. If Ox came in his place I reckon we wud have got the winning goal.subs must have a positive impact. Another player who needs a wake up call is Ramsey. I hope Coquelin is back in the mix. I like the new guy but he needs to adapt quickly. And hopefully Wellbeck does well in his prep games. We cannot drift away anymore. I mean Spurs are above us, on gd. But they are winning well. They look like they can go a long way. Our players must really catch a huge wake up. Cos they are still in but treat all games like cup finals…be ruthless in front of goal.

  3. No! Its a know fact that under pressure arsenal rather falter like a card house. Let us not plz delude one self and name the problems like they currently stand.

    Another fact fans should know is that besides not winning the title in how knows how many years, we also never got the second place during the past years.

    Robin van persies influence in the team has yet to be replaced. We need a 30+ striker in the team. We f***ed up big time with Higuain and Suarez, a mistake we cant fix bec there are trully no good strikers out there who can make the diff now.

    We need to avoid problems before they happen, and not fix them. coyg

    1. suarez dude, that was the transfer falling thru that would have made us champions.
      50 million for the worlds best striker was a bargain

      liverpool were right- wtf were we smoking

      ohwell onwards an upwards 🙂

    1. @ks-gunner
      Must say, they are a joy to watch. Hope our guys are watching also. Wonky call on the red card though…

  4. What kind of pressure do we need other that the one that comes with each game??? You think other clubs are not under some kind of pressure too??? You think beating us isn’t some kind of pressure other clubs are under???

  5. we have been here before- where we needed to go on a run to secure 4th.
    we do this again- we win the league-

    our teams improved since then- now is the time- !!

  6. ffs suarez scored 4 goals
    such a monster

    even if we park the bus. this isnt bayern..this is even better

    why ? why us!

      1. i believe so we beat them when it was xavi iniesta an messi at there best-
        back then it was nasri fabregas rvp but a crap defence an no decent dm
        but that arsenal team would beat porto 5-1, everton 6-0

        we never do that now- any ideas?
        i have less confidence now then then lol

        1. Haha your right it’s pretty weird if you think about it our team now is miles “better” than when we beat them then, I’ll never forget that day when arshavin scored that goal the little Russian!

          But I do think we can win EVERYTHING would have to go our way but we are pretty devastating on the counter and if theo has his shooting boots on we can score some goals. We just need the back 5 and coquelin + the other cm to be on top of there game. But now I’m wondering if this game is just a huge distraction to our (faltering) title charge

  7. Our weak point in our team right now is our right wing (nothing agaisnt campell, just that recently we have created nothing there unless is bellerin doing runs) and our box to box, yesterday ramsey was no near to existence in the midfield, he was more concerned to score than to do what he should f*qin do that is connect the midfield with the attack, heck alexis did a better job doing that… Elneny did it alright vs burnley but I want to see him againsta PL side, and i reckon he can do a better job that ramsey has done in the last few matches

  8. Arsenal might at the end of the day save their League season from falling away by beating Bournemouth and Leicester to reset their title challenge on track.

    I think we should all be on our knees praying fervently to the God of soccer to smile on us when the Gunners visit the Dean Court Stadium to engage the Cherries in a battle for the collection of all 3 points. And gives us that day to joyous.

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