Arsenal unveil surprising new statue outside the Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium unveils first woman’s statue

Vivianne Miedema’s name and statue has carved itself in the history books.

Before the feisty North London Derby clash last weekend, many fans were drawn to the statue of the Dutch star, who has been one of the best women players the Emirates Stadium has ever witnessed.

In her 87 appearances for the Gunners, Miedema has scored a whopping 74 goals. She has replicated that form in international colors of Netherlands too, scoring a record-breaking 92 goals in 108 appearances.

Regularly cited as one of the greatest strikers in modern women’s football, the 25-year-old is the all-time leading scorer in the FA WSL and has scored more goals at the international level for the Netherlands than any other player, across both the women’s and men’s teams.

Even though it was a temporary statue, it would have been a heartwarming moment for the Arsenal star. It didn’t take her long to reveal what she was feeling.

On her official Instagram account she said, “Can’t believe I have a statue outside of the Emirates Stadium. The first female statue at Arsenal!”

She continued, “What a way to celebrate a #NLD win.”

In the interview with American-based magazine Forbes, Miedema hopes that her statue outside the Emirates Stadium will lead to more recognition for female athletes.

“It’s not just me but I think a lot of players in the past probably deserve one, It’s something that shows great quality from the club. I definitely think that will happen in the future.”

With the Dutch star’s long-term future at Arsenal still in limbo, we can all just look back and appreciate what she has given to the club in the past five years.

People who follow the women’s game know that it’s a lot.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Clear virtue signalling from the club sadly. No statue of some absolute greats and mammoths of the game and our club of yesteryear, yet a statue of her. How about a statue of Wenger for starters….?

  2. FAR TOO early for her IMO. Statues should be only for players who have played at top (and top producing level, as she has), BUT for very many years So far too early and imo it devalues what a statue means.

    As it says in Gilbert and Sullivans The Gondoliers, “When Everyone is somebody , then no-ones anybody”!

    Too many statues makes them almost worthless. So I disagree most firmly with a statue for Vivianne at this far TOO PREMATURE stage.

    1. I rarely agree with Jon,but in this occasion he is spot on and I have to admit,love the quote which I had never heard before.

  3. It looks tacky tbh and how she has a statue when we’ve had some superb players like Pires, Wright, Seaman, Brady, George etc and of course the legendary Wenger doesn’t? And I didn’t know the women’s team play at the Emirates well maybe they do I don’t know I don’t watch women’s football lol

      1. All the other comments and you single me out again Pat ? Who said it wasn’t a fact ? Not me I believe I said I don’t watch women’s football so how could I judge the woman on her footballing talents ?

  4. REALLY!!!!!!! I am not at all being sexist BUT, first it isnt their stadium, second they haven’t achieved anything that some of our legends have done and many are not getting a sniff. DOES SHE DESERVE ONE ABOVE for starters Wenger? There are many more deserving legends way ahead of Miadema. Does she deserve one ahead of VIC?

  5. In general terms I agree
    It’s likely that as the popularity of the women’s game is beginning to take off then recognising her talent is part of the process

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