Arsenal up and running….finally

Although the Premier League table was not looking too bad for Arsenal and we had beaten the spuds in the Capital One cup, it is safe to say that the Gunners were not exactly firing on all cylinders. We had created a lot of chances but there seemed to be problems all over the pitch.

Today, however, Arsenal put most of those worries firmly to bed with a fine performance, result and a five goal haul away to an in form and impressive Leicester City team. So I think I can confidently say that the real Arsenal are back.

The fact that Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott and Alexis Sanchez got on the score sheet just highlights the fact that the whole team´s performance levels were back to what we had been expecting before the season started. It´s a shame that we did not do this last week against the jammy gets from Stamford Bridge, but the main thing is that Arsenal finally have a decent looking title challenge up and running.

With the current league leaders Manchester United heading to the Emirates next weekend, this game has come in the nick of time and if Arsenal continue to play at the high level we saw today, we might even see the Gunners on top of the table.

We were desperate for the real Arsenal to stand up and they did. Now can we carry on from here?

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    1. What I loved in today’s match was we kept attacking from start til finish. Even Vardy scored his second to make it 4-2, we still continued and scored our 5th goal. This is what I want to see more, try to score as many as we can!

    2. I ****No Swearing*** like that. *Beep* bang!!! Bang!!! I wish it was Chelsea we did that to today. Honestly, I believe we will get them.

      By the way, OG just can’t stop scoring. Everytime we play, OG scores.

      1. Expect to see both Olympiacos and United park their buses this week.
        Hope Ozil repeats his magic chip again. Seems like it is an effective plan B for a bus parking strategy?

    1. your right cause we didn’t get 3 points and add +3 to our goal difference but this result doesn’t matter

    2. Remember that was the only unbeaten side in the league and they get bullied. Give credit to the boys. Some Arsenal “fans” are natural critics. Even when we win convincingly, they must fine reason to discredit the boys. Am just happy and looking forward to next match.

  1. Walcott was much stronger today in hold up play and in his effort to win and keep balls up front. Clearly he is working on the weaker aspects of his CF play.

    And he does have a knack for scoring. He seems to find the goal almost every start.

    1. Aye, I noticed that too. I really hope he gets his curled shots right because he has now tried them a few times, when he does – he will be lethal!

  2. Walcott was excellent today we look like a different team with him leading the line. His pace and movement was terrorizing leicester’s defense and he was essentially at the heart of every goal. Im happy he scored along with giroud. But walcott was fantastic I hope our fans who slate him can see what he brings to the team

  3. Great team performance and at last our conversion rate was great!!All hail Alexis…what a MOM display…indeed the next 2 weeks will be big and will go a long way to show our mental fortitude…2 important UCL games and the Leader Man U at home and Everton away…hope Le Coq+Gabriel will be back for the Man U game and that we can keep scoring like that!!

  4. Who to start on RW next weekend? Ox is the bigger threat but always turns the ball over in dangerous areas. Ramsey is a safer option but has been useless when we’ve been in tight games… If Alexis stays in form then I don’t think this will matter as much. So much pressure was put on Ramsey&Ox because Sanchez wasn’t scoring along with our strikers. Hopefully this is about to change.

    1. rotate them. talk to ox: he has to work on keeping possession and defending. i’d put ox on RW against olympiakos.
      ramsey back at RW versus MU (altho ox does well versus MU)

  5. It’s great to see Arsenal back to what we expect to see them doing and thats banging in goals!
    Lets hope that they can kick on from this and go on a long unbeaten run, if we beat utd next week then I will start believing that we have a very good chance of challenging for the league title this year.

    Maybe its time to start with both Walcott and Giroud ?

    1. Lets hope we never see the Lamppost name in a starting line up again! Theo’s pace and movement & scoring threat is unsettling the teams we have played so far to the extent that Maurin even dropped his trusted sargeant major Terry for pacey but inexperienced Zuma! Time to purge mediocrity and move forward!

  6. are we trully back?

    yes we are back

    to our prestigious top four but never aiming for the epl or ucl.

    typical delusion.

    after one good performance d emotionally active minds think we can challenge for the title.

    what are our brains for?

    1. ‘Emotionally active minds..’ Ergh… I don’t even know where to begin with this statement. Being pessimistic isn’t the same as being intelligent.. You’re emotionally being a sad-sack how is that any better??
      Anyone who’s bothered to watch us closely has seen that the majority of our game has been great so far, just the finishing letting us down. All three of our forwards took their chances well today. If you can’t take any positives from the game take your condescending gloomy nonsense elsewhere.

  7. I am thrilled for the win but I cant say i wasnt expecting it so i’m not quite hyped up..
    Up your Andy Brassel from Team Stream who predicted a Leicester upset.. lol stupid.
    Next week however will be the real test, i’m glad all three of our attackers fired today. big confidence boost going into next week..

  8. I am thrilled for the win but I cant say i wasnt expecting it so i’m not quite hyped up..
    Up your Andy Brassel from Team Stream Bleachers’ Report who predicted a Leicester upset.. lol stupid.
    Next week however will be the real test, i’m glad all three of our attackers fired today. big confidence boost going into next week..

  9. I am thrilled for the win but I cant say i wasnt expecting it so i’m not quite hyped up..
    Up your Andy Brassel from Team Stream Bleachers’ Report who predicted a Leicester upset.. lol .
    Next week however will be the real test, i’m glad all three of our attackers fired today. big confidence boost going into next week..

  10. Credit to the whole team for good performance but talking for myself these were the kind of games I will expect us to win, with all due respect to LCFC…even as they are the only unbeaten team in the league…i will really start to believe when the beat Man U at home nxt week…sorry to rain on your parade, well done to the boys once more but the real test await……

    1. more important than the win is the confidence boost it gives our main players; those that we need to be on the mark versus MU and going forward in the season. after seasons of being criticised for walking the ball in, we’ve been taking more speculative shots this season: that had 1 negative consequence: our conversion rate fell way down. but more important than having a high conv rate is to take those shots. we’d been taking lots of them and they were all just a bit wide. i was waiting for a breakout game. i really would be surprised if in the next few games we didnt do really well now that i) we are taking some long shots as well as short, and ii) our strikers have tasted what its like to hit the target.

      1. i think we’re going to have a pretty good chance versus MU. its important to be respectful of MU, but not scared. they used to scare us in previous seasons but not any more. with concentration and focus, i believe we can come away with 3 points next weekend and lay down a marker. (now just need ox and ramsey to score midweek)

  11. dount count your chickens yet, the real test starts laters, against manure and bayern. Against chelsea we failed.

  12. Bob, I dont’t think the Gunners are back to their top performance levels yet. This is so because the Gunners goal scoring exploits have been saddled mostly on Walcott, Giroud and lately on Sanchez. Where are the goals from our mid-fielders? Save the 2 goals scored by Flamini, Our mid-fielders are yet to register their clear targets on goal this season. And our defenders have not scored a single goal too so far. This goal scoring statistics is lopsided and MUST be corrected in our next 2 games to relieve our trio forwards of goal scoring burden and pressure. I hope to start seeing our defenders and mid-fielders goals contributions in our Ucl home game to Olympiacos on Tuesday night’s.

  13. the brains helps in our reasoning,and any reasonable fan/s should appreciate the teams performance today. Its not a bad thing to be optimistic.

    1. Me too.
      He has started his United career very well.
      Even today, he didn’t score but had assist. He looked so good out there with speed, good passing and footwork. He made Rooney look good.

      I’m worried about him facing our defense. I would play Koscielny and Gabriel for United match

      1. he has to pass coq, then gabriel/koz then cech. if we play to 100% concentration we can beat MU. martial has had a good start but we have WC players. our Defense was good, now our attack is coming good. there’s no reason to fear MU if we play to our 100%.
        koz/gabriel is our #1 pairing now and we’ll definitely be playing them.

  14. nice game, if we can do it the same against Man U., we are back in business….
    call me crazy, but i would like see bellerin like a right winger… the kid has a lot of talent and speed… just an idea

  15. Olympiacos FIRST

    Huge match. We need a win
    Alexis not only ended his goal drought with style but also perfect timing to be at his best for CL

    After that we can worry about United

    1. the tricky thing for wenger will be to get right the number of “team B” players so he can rest some for MU. we have to plan these games , not just 1 at a time, but in series. i’d start ospina and give debuchy a stern talking and try him again. put OX on RW (altho the combo of ox/debuchy may be too scary). put giroud at CF and rest walcott (or go with the hot walcott?). CBs have to be gab/koz and CDM has to be coq so that those 3 can build an understanding. if we get ahead, put on campbell to give sanchez a rest. maybe ramsey at b2b and give cazorla a rest. he’s running himself ragged (clearly been affected by sanchez).

      1. Rest? Ffs it’s only September I am certain these super fit athletes are capable of playing 2 games a week. I don’t understand all this rest bollox. I played 3 matches a week when I was younger, had a full time job, went to the pub every night and night clubs before both weekend matches.

        The players that played yesterday can rest today, the rest can train and then everyone trains on Monday for Tuesday night. That is professional football and why you get paid absurd amounts of money.

        As for the title of this article. Finally up and running? If we win by 2 clear goals next week we go above United and if city/West Ham don’t win, we could go top, how is that finally up and running?

        Sure we have had a couple of defeats in the league, but so has everyone else.

  16. Well done Gunners, I had you down for a 2-2 all draw, nice to be wrong! Alexis you cost me money, do it more often. haha!

  17. Weekend of turns and twists…again in the EPL!!

    Entertaining match where quality and class prevailed. Eventually Arsenal got control and preformed with elegance and style. A much improved performance generally, played to there strengths

    Man City learnt making changes and rotating doesn’t always work, a focus on the champions league, the holy grail may damper there chances of winning the EPL.

    MAN U continued on, today was an obvious win but there moving quietly in the right direction.

    Chelsea have no style, and no answers. Could the FA banning Costa make up for the poor match officiated against Arsenal?! 2points dropped regardless of coming back from 2 down. Poor performances like the first half is still apart of the Chelsea DNA.

    We have leant no more about the leaders as there isn’t one really. But next week, the league will again unfold another story

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