Arsenal urged to add difference maker to their squad

Kevin Campbell has approved of Arsenal’s pursuit of Serge Gnabry and he believes the German can make a huge difference at the club.

The Gunners nearly secured a return to Champions League football at the end of last season, but they fell short in the last few matches and Tottenham beat them to the last UCL spot on the league table.

Campbell believes at some point the current Arsenal team needed help from a player who can make a difference like Gnabry, but they had none.

This makes a move for him very sensible and Mikel Arteta’s side will benefit from having the German in their group for next season.

He tells Football Insider: “When the light was at its brightest last season Arsenal did not respond. A lot of those youngsters did not have the experience needed to handle that situation.

“Therefore, if you could get a Gnabry in it would make a huge difference.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Gnabry has developed into one of the finest attackers in the world since he moved to Bayern Munich and he would bring that quality to the Emirates.

He certainly has unfinished business in London. Hopefully, we can make him an offer that he will accept even without Champions League football.

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  1. Gnabry will be an excellent addition with alot of experience. But without UCL I don’t see this deal happening, unless we are willing to make him the paid @Arsenal

  2. Like Sancho at Dortmund Gnabry is surrounded by “worker players” who do all the hard yards. Pepe would be brilliant at Bayern because he too could roam while the “workers” do all the hard work. Sancho struggles at United now because there are not enough “worker” players something Teg Hag may well address. Why spend 50mill and 10mill salary on a 26 year old when we will get the same from 19 year old 7mill Marquinos or free 20 year old Balogun?

    1. @fairfan
      Exactly. I remember Rosciky propping him up in the final minutes of a match when he played for us. Never got the hype about him…

  3. The problem with Gnabry is that he’s unproven in the EPL and he had a chance to push through as Martinelli did.

    European football is a different beast to the EPL, so I’ll probably surprise people by saying that Gnabry would be a risk – and now he’d be an expensive risk.

    1. I agree he’d be a risk but only because of injuries. Talent wise, I think he’d take us up a level immediately. Someone who can create and score goals on his own – it’s been a while since we’ve had someone like that. I also think he would solve our CF problem (because I think the only way he’d join would be to play up front). Still, not going to happen unfortunately

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