Arsenal urged to beat Chelsea to strike target?

Arsenal have been urged to make their own move to sign Edin Dzeko from Roma, with Chelsea seeming to be struggling to complete the deal.

The Blues are said to have been in talks to sign Roma duo Edin Dzeko and Emerson Palmieri for the past week, but for some reason are unable to get the deal over the line.

Arsenal are also believed to be working on deals to sign a forward to take some of the load of struggling pair Olivier Giroud and Alexandre Lacazette, and have been strongly linked with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but the Dortmund star is set to play against Freiburg today, which severely looks to be putting that move to one side.

The Gunners have now been urged to make their own move for Dzeko, who is claimed to be the ideal man to bag 20 goals a season.

Ian McGarry said: “I couldn’t believe when City were disposing of him as a player that Arsenal didn’t move in to sign him because he looked the obvious player to get 20 goals a season for them.

“Clearly Chelsea’s mooted interest in Andy Carroll and people like that has convinced everyone they are looking for a tall, powerful striker to be backup to Alvaro Morata.

“So Dzeko back in the Premier League I’d be happy about because I like him as a player.”

Would Dzeko be the ideal man to challenge Lacazette? Would his Premier League experience be more useful than the sheer ability of Aubameyang? Would Dzeko take more pressure off Lacazette due to his age?

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  1. Mikekobi says:

    We need Aubameyang not dzeko

    1. bran911 says:

      This is our trend my friend, form Auba you Dzeko and finally we’ll go back to Loic Remy, then We already have Welbeck and Giroud, then Sanogo is like a new signing.. Boom! Back to reality

  2. Ox says:

    Next please too much poo gets posted on here ?

  3. Me says:

    Four days until the transfer window closes.
    A transfer window that will see Arsenal actually become weaker after losing Coquelin, Walcott and most significantly Sanchez.
    Will we sign new players?
    I doubt it.
    What an utterly and comprehensively crap transfer window…

  4. gotanidea says:

    According to Football.London around two hours ago, Karim Benzema has agreed personal terms with Arsenal ahead of summer transfer

    1. Me says:

      It gets worse….
      An option that is actually worse than signing nobody…

    2. sanmi.marvellous says:

      Not true. reported that:

      ‘… according to our friends at Mirror Football ‘

      So you can understand better when Mirror is mentioned.

  5. Am absolutely sure Aubameyang is on his way. His teammates are complaining about his transfer saga(like Sanchez), german media hate him and his family, and now it is being claimed his agent is pushing hard for the deal to go through while the club hierarchy want his negative influence removed as soon as possible. Wenger as much of an ambitionless clinger he is knows he has lost 30 goals from Sanchez and said himself he worries Mkhitaryan has no goals in him. Trust me, Auba is on his way. No Auba no top 4 and Wenger is all about top 4.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      If we hadn’t of gotten Mkhi for his replacement, nor either the French lad or 40m euros, well then Alexis would have stayed. So they want good money for one of the games most consistent goal scorers, seems fair, it’d be different if he was one for the future, but he’s not as we know exactly what we’re getting …and what we’re getting is one of the very few “gettable players” that can and should replace Alexis’s goals in all truth. 70m euros, is about 62-63m pound. 60m pound sounds about fair with them knocking three mil off, that would make it somewhere between 67-68m euros.

      Maybe they’d take 65m in euros.

      Hopefully we’ll get this one done because I believe I cannot nor will not forgive them if we miss out on a great target because we/they cannot agree to a price. I would hate if we had to start ticking off targets at this late stage. There were some nice players on the market so the club better get it’s feet in gear.

  6. Wolf says:

    Don’t need another Giroud

  7. jon fox says:

    Aubameyang souinds like he would bring unwanted baggage in poor attitude, poor timekeeping and though I rate him as a player, I never welcome “wrong uns” into a team game. I sniff danger if we buy him. At best , esp for huge money , he would be a risk to team cohesion and having just got rid of one who thinks of himself before the team, I ask, do we REALLY need another, no matter how talented?

    1. muffdiver says:

      havent got a choice jonjon
      its late in the day
      we need goals

      and after losing sanchez to mourinho we all need a boost
      he is a problem but if he does well- our season maybe saved
      if he doesnt – pressure on wenger

      win win

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Maybe he’ll mature a bit with him soon to be 30.
        We always say how we show too much respect for our opponents and don’t be physical or nasty enough to impose ourselves. Souness said it best when he said “they’re all son in law types”. That would hurt me if I heard that. Fathers usually think no-one is good enough for their wee lass. That’s how ballsy he thinks our lads are, no guts, no spine, my daughter would be in charge of the check-book and his balls would be dangling underneath her purse strings.

  8. Gelz says:

    The Benzema rumours are doing the rounds, although neither Kev or just resource have confirmed it.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Well then it must be lies, oh well, never mind. I’m sure our ITK’s will bring us the good stuff, very soon I’m hearing along the grape vine.

      Would not want Benzema, he’d replace Alexis’s work rate an extent. But that’s about it, a very over rated player, I prefer Giroud in all honesty. His friendships and his celebrity over there kept him his spot in the team. When he was young he looked a right player, a bit of an old Ronaldo about him, like a bull, but the finishing abilities were polar opposite to one another.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    He’d have been an upgrade on Giroud, more mobile, better finishing numbers, similar strength. He would have been a good signing I agree, and he knew the league well. I’d still have him over Giroud, but we need to target players who don’t rely solely on other people to supply him his chances. Alexis is a threat all on his own, we need to replace that and begin to add better players from here onward’s. So I agree with that dude in the past tense, but it’s maybe not worth the hassle of upgrading on Giroud to an aging player.

  10. Jack reacher says:

    Never rated benzema good I suppose but really hey guess wat we’re in profit again haha afc doing wat they do haha we’re all mogs for them if we had signed pogba and given Utd Ramsey do u think it’d put up with that like series or even better do u think continho be able join Utd haha please ? images we want amangyang and Evans for me ud get two players for 90£ million with a lot change I mean a lot but my point is we want two them and yet can’t get but we were offering 90 for lemer hahahaha think about it there’s smell off afc for years and years oh just mention we sold walcott,coq and Sanchez and ox and Gabriel haha only replacement is miki haha question is will always is wenger or board who is playing chess with fans cheque mate all of us oh just pop in ozil doesn’t no how sign he’s name and jack went gluten-free and hasn’t strength sign with lack gluten my god welcome to our promise with having better team than Bayern Munich dream on we be lucky get 5 this year sad state affairs

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