Arsenal urged to bring Wenger back into advisory role

Martin Keown has urged Arsenal to bring Arsene Wenger back to the club, claiming he would be the perfect advisor to the likes of Edu and Josh Kroenke.

The Frenchman brought glory to the club for a number of years, and was unfortunately pushed out of the club by sections of fans who had grown frustrated with the direction the club was moving in.

The manager became a scapegoat for the club’s on-field struggles, despite our rivals all being given much more transfer money to work with over the years, and he finally agreed to step-down as manager back in 2018.

Wenger has since joined FIFA as new Chief of Global Football Development, but former defender Keown claims that Arsenal missed a trick in not bringing him into the backroom, similarly to Alex Ferguson who sits on the board at Manchester United.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Keown said: “Josh Kroenke is the son of the owner and now seems to be taking an active role, he would’ve worked with Wenger.

“They were happy with the money that Wenger made them with their shares. There’s been success at Arsenal Football Club, huge success so I don’t feel it’s impossible [for Wenger to come back].

“But people need to talk and maybe Arsene Wenger needs to offer his services but he may have felt that he should have been asked to do it and doesn’t want to step in now when other people are doing those roles.

“As a mediator, I would love to be able to get these people together to get Arsene Wenger back into that boardroom to help make key decisions for Arsenal Football Club.

“This guy was an incredible visionary, a hugely intelligent individual and it’s not part of the football club. That is a waste, a massive waste.

“I’m pretty sure the guys who work there like Edu would love to turn to Arsene Wenger in difficult moments to decide what direction the club is going.

“It’s an incredible resource they’ve lost. He’d have done it free of charge because Arsenal Football Club is his love now.”

Wenger was expected to take up another managerial role after leaving Arsenal, but nothing materialised, and his future plans remain unknown.

Arsene would no doubt be a credit to our boardroom with his wealth of knowledge, and how good would it be for Arteta to be able to get some advice or backing from Wenger in the backroom? Would the Frenchman still consider a return to Arsenal away from a coaching role?


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  1. I been saying it for ages, Arsenal lost all its identity and shine when kicked Wenger as a nobody.

    Indeed MU understood how key was to keep Sir Alex around to help make transition.

    I feel ashamed to be an Arsenal fan, no more value nor spirit anymore!

    We meant respect, everyone following our youth policy and club . We lost our shining star!

    Look how terribly we fell off in 18 months after Wenger!

    1. Utd have been awful on and off the pitch since Ferguson left, so what you say makes no sense. His presence hasn’t made any difference.

      Also, Wenger played a major role in our regression: 9 years straight without a trophy, 14 years straight without winning or even challenging for the league, last 8 years in Europe under him were awful, no depending, missing out on so many great players because of his valuations, and so on… Clearly he won’t be able to give us any good advice, and it would be strange having Wenger back as an advisor, to advise the club on how to clean up the mess that HE left behind!

      1. gosh we did not challenge Leicester for the title when we finished 2nd?

        If the board had agreed to finance the deal for Lacazette

        Lacazette would have gotten at least 10 goals to give us at least extra wins for the title……

  2. Wenger should forget about Arsenal and go manager other PL clubs…..

    build up a team from scratch…..

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