Arsenal urged to bring Wenger back to help Arteta

Charlie Nicholas has once again urged Arsenal Football Club to bring Arsene Wenger back to the Emirates.

The Frenchman left the club in 2018 after an amazing 22 years in charge, and his legacy will be remembered for generations to come.

Wenger refused to rule out a return to management at the time, but hasn’t agreed to take on any such role as of yet, although he has joined up with FIFA to take on a key position overseeing Youth Development.

Some people called for Arsene to return to the club as a Director of Football or to join the board, and Nicholas once again wants him to be brought back into the fold.

“I suggested about two years ago they should bring Arsene Wenger back to Arsenal,” former Gunners striker Nicholas told Paddy Power’s From the Horse’s Mouth Podcast.

“When Wenger and David Dein were a partnership that was bringing in Thierry Henrys and Patrick Vieiras, it was a partnership that the manager wanted.

“Their relationship worked an absolute treat. Wenger was probably too intelligent for football and wanted to have a say in the finances of it too, and Dein would say, ‘if we can afford it, we’re just going to get you the player.’ It worked so well.

“And I’d still take him back now.”

The Scottish former footballer claims Wenger should be brought in to help the inexperienced manager, and should be given a key role in securing signings.

Nicholas added on a potential working relationship at the Emirates: “He’d not be a threat to Arteta, he’d be there to help him.

“He’s a genuine Arsenal fan, and because of that he’ll show the leadership and understanding the club needs.

“If Arsene was to call or turn up to meet a player from Atletico Madrid or Barcelona or Real Madrid, I think there’s a strong chance he’d help get those deals over the line because of his presence and his reputation.

“I still think he could play a marvellous part in teaching Arteta the real rules of the management game.

“Of course, he made a lot of mistakes, and Emery and Arteta have inherited some bad signings he made, but Alex Ferguson made some mistakes too. He’s still the best ever.

“It happens, but what Wenger created we have to respect.”

Would Wenger be a credit to the team behind the scenes? Would player’s find it hard to turn down a move to Arsenal upon meeting Arsene? Would his and Arteta’s love for the club be a blessing?


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  1. I don’t think it is a good idea. It doesn’t sound right to have his shadow looming over Mikel. Arteta has to be his own man.

    The great Arsene has done more than enough already for Arsenal. Some of us are grateful for that we don’t ask for more.

  2. OT…..Martinelli will be back in full training in a few days and will be available on Monday vs Newcastle.

    Great news 🤝

      1. We got rid of Wenger for a LOT of reasons. In the end we had to blast him out. He was an embarassment and divisive.

        The A.K.B.’s will always worship the ground he walks on, such is their misguided devotion to him. But sensible fans won’t want him back here to mismanage us in ANY department.

  3. No chance! Arsenal survived before Wenger and will survive without Wenger! Some people just need to let go.

  4. Surely it is up to Mikel Arteta, as to what assistance he needs, if any?
    To support Arteta, David Dein should be requested to join the Board to assist Josh Kroenke, Tim Lewis and Edu. Money can’t buy his experience.

  5. Do we want to swap Saka for Lingard? Or sell Auba to United? Or completely abandon any semblance of defending?

  6. We don’t want Wenger within a hundred miles of our club.

    It took us an eternity to remove him because he didn’t have the decency to do what was right for the club’s interests and resign. The second half of his reign was a steady decline into ambitionless mediocrity. In the end his stubbornness was damaging Arsenal’s reputation both on and off the pitch.

    Let some other sucker of a club take him.

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