Arsenal urged to emulate Premier League rivals in player recruitments

Arsenal has traditionally been renowned as a favourable destination for young talents to develop their skills, yet in recent times, it’s Chelsea and Manchester City that have excelled in monetising the players they’ve nurtured.

Chelsea has engaged in considerable spending during this transfer window, while simultaneously generating substantial revenue from player sales, which has contributed to balancing their expenditure.

Similarly, Manchester City’s youth academy has proven to be a profitable asset, as several prospects from their ranks have translated into financial gains even without significant contributions to the senior team.

Kieran Maguire, a financial analyst, is now encouraging Arsenal to follow in the footsteps of these two clubs. He suggests that Arsenal could enhance their investment in their own academy system, aiming to produce talents that not only contribute to the first team but also present lucrative opportunities for player sales.

He tells Football Insider:

“From the perspective of player sales, Arsenal will be okay this summer – I think they do have some sellable assets which will attract interest. 

“I think what they’ve got to do now is replicate the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea, both of whom are absolutely superb at recruiting players into their academy. 

“A small fraction of those will go on to play first-team football, and the majority will be used as sellable inventory.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Investing in the academy is one of the ways to improve our finances and as a club, we know it is very important for us to keep producing talents.

It positively affects our finances even if we do not sell these players, considering how much we have saved in transfer fees by having Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe in our squad as academy products.

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  1. Most of these teams copied Arsenal and another club like Ajax Amsterdam, but eventually excelled above Arsenal in terms of player sales. I remember the days of Anelka and co which embolden Arsene Wenger to embark on the Emirate Project. The success of Saka, Smith etc proves that while we can fortify the team with quality Academies, we can as well generate a lot of internal revenue to balance the books. Man City and Chelsea have been wonderful in recent times.

  2. Chelsea are about to let Hall go to Newcastle for cool precious £35.000. That’s maximum profit

      1. The boy want to on a permanent deal and chelsea are liking the incoming cash from Newcastle.

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