Arsenal urged to give star man a new deal or risk losing him

Former Rangers star, Barry Ferguson, says Arsenal needs to hand a new long-term deal to Kieran Tierney, otherwise they could lose him to the likes of Manchester City and Manchester United.

Tierney has been a revelation since he moved to Arsenal from Celtic in 2019 and continues to grow in relevance at the Emirates.

His fine performances both at the back and in the attack has seen Arsenal use his flanks more often to cause problems at the Emirates.

Even though he had won multiple trophies in Scotland with Celtic, making the move to the Premier League can be tricky for any player, but Tierney has been superb for Arsenal.

If he continues to perform so well, teams will soon knock on Arsenal’s door to sign him.

Ferguson admits that he has been impressed by Tierney and says the right thing for Arsenal to do now is to tie down his long-term future at the Emirates to avoid losing him to the likes of City and United.

He told Go Radio via The Scottish Sun: “If I’m Arsenal I’m getting him and tying him down.

“Because if I’m a Manchester City or something, I’m looking at a player like Kieran Tierney – that’s how good I think he is.

“I’ll be honest with you, I just love everything about Kieran Tierney.

“I think he’s gone up a couple of levels since he’s made the move.

“I always thought he was a very good player at Celtic, there was no doubt that he was going to move to the Premier League, but he’s gone down to Arsenal and gone up a couple of levels.

“As I mentioned before, Arsenal will need to think about getting him tied down on a new contract or the top clubs in England – now, Arsenal are a top club there’s no doubt about it but I’m talking Man City, Man United, or even the top clubs in Europe – if he continues to play like that they’ll be looking at him, believe me when I say that.”

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  1. Guys and Girls – completely off topic.
    I have just read that Claude from AFTV has passed away. Fore anyone who knows only of the man from his often highly outspoken outbursts on this outlet, I can honestly inform you of one certainty. This man worshipped Arsenal Football Club. What he didn’t know about his Club, were not worth knowing. I doubt he missed many games in a season, if any at all. The shame was this man, this supporter lived for Arsenal Football Club, as much as any supporter I have met over the years.
    Just one of a small number of stories.
    Immediately following a 2-1 away defeat at the Hawthorns v WBA, a game we completely dominated, yet never looked like winning, (Santi slipping when missing a penalty- sums up the match perfectly), the AFTV boys were recording and actually came under attack from fellow Arsenal supporters. Now I get this Media Model is seen as a circus , by many, but it is still a voice for Arsenal fans to tell it as they see it, Just look at the posts following every game on this outlet, and imagine how high the testerone and emotions are as you are exiting the ground before the one- hour traffic jam and two hour ( if your lucky ) drive home.
    I was sat the other side of the road when I saw what was happening, having a cup of tea sat with my wife trying to understand just how we managed to lose YET ANOTHER game we had dominated. Claude was manhandled very roughly and took a number of punches on the BACK of his head from “ Supporters “ who didn’t even have the guts to hit him and let him at least defend himself. I went over, grabbed him, sat him down and got him a Tea. I actually asked him “Claude.Why do you allow yourself to be ridiculed and abused. Practically every week, on a Media Outlet that pays you NOTHING”?
    He simply relied, how else will I be heard? He told me just how little Money he earns, and after rent and bills, whatever is left goes on the only true love of his Life.
    That everyone is a real supporter. He along with others are very often berated on this and many other sites. But never ever doubt just how much they love this Club. The pity is they will never earn the kudos they deserve while attatched to AFTV. SHAME

    1. btw Phil, Sue mentioned it in an early thread, to which I responded in kind…I always had an affinity for Claude, even though I would generally gravitate towards more cerebral AFTVers like Moh or even Turkish…that said, sad to hear of his passing…thanks for your brush with Claudeness story…RIP

  2. Come on, Martin.
    Who gives a shit what Barry Ferguson say? He was a decent player, don’t get me wrong, but this is not news, not valuable intel; this is common knowledge at best, but probably closer to bullshit.

  3. Currently one of Arsenal’s best players, deserving a wage review. The main issue with Kieran Tierney for Arsenal will be keeping him fit to play. The percentage of games in a season he is able to play needs to increase. His “utilisation factor” as we say in the construction industry has to improve.

  4. All what we need is to tie him for long contract so that he give it 200% play time and motivation which will make some of the players to put more effort. than letting his contract reach where we are put on danger of loosing him.

  5. Don’t do it! Look around you, guys. Since when has a new contract/wage review resulted in better performance or output by an Arsenal player?
    Can we afford to jinx Tierney now? Lol.

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