Arsenal urged to make an audacious swoop on Tottenham

Ray Parlour has urged Arsenal to make a controversial move and sign Dele Alli from Tottenham as the Englishman continues to struggle for regular action.

Alli has been a key player for Spurs since he joined the club, but he hasn’t impressed Jose Mourinho with his attitude and efforts and the Portuguese manager has replaced him in his starting XI recently.

The attacking midfielder has now been linked with a move away from Spurs and after the Lilywhites landed Gareth Bale, he might be allowed to leave the club.

Parlour has always thought that Arsenal needed more goals from their midfield and he urges the Gunners to sign the Englishman because he will provide them with the much-needed goals from the middle.

He admitted that Alli will not come cheap, but he reckons that a fee in the region of £50m should be able to get Spurs to do business.

Speaking on Talksport, Parlour said: “I think he would be more of a fit than Jorginho.

“I’ve always said they’re (Arsenal) lacking goals from midfield. I don’t think Spurs would sell Dele Alli to Arsenal.

“I think there would be uproar by the Spurs fans if that happens, but he would certainly be a good fit for Arsenal.

“I’m trying to put a figure in my head to say how much he would be worth, I would say £50m.

“I certainly believe that he’s got a lot of good years left in him as a player, so £50m has got to be the marker.

“One thing about Arsenal is I think they’re lacking goals from central midfield areas, so I think he could tick that box especially.

“He does score goals, he can get you ten goals from midfield if he plays on a regular basis, whether he can get more under (Mikel) Arteta I don’t know.”

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  1. Aouar will have his medicals next week. Personal terms previously agreed two weeks ago, Aouar will sign a €120K a-week, 5 years.
    Transfer fee like posted on here few days ago isn’t an issue anymore.
    It was already tabled and accepted.
    News just coming out of France this evening that Arsenal will bid 35M.
    Ignore any report its 35, it’s 40-45M- with 10-15M add-ons.
    mind this space, we’re still getting Partey too.

    Also just for the record, in case you’re still doubting it, nights ago in the Carabao Cup, Being sports commentator said that Aouar would be an Arsenal player within the next few days, and now reports are just coming out that a deal is close.
    Ignore anything saying Arsenal can’t get both, Arsenal can and want both.
    As long as we move two-three players out, we will get both.
    Sue you can sleep, or you can wait for Fabrizio to come tap in the news😂😂😂

    1. Great news Eddie, if we get him then we will have a quality player on our hand and also some one we dearly need. I like the idea that we are kind of assembling a very talented young bunch…Gabi, Saliba, Tierney, Saka, Martenelli, Guendozi, dare I say Pepe as well (still not convince though) . Future is bright if we can hold onto each one of them and play them together. If you are right and we are getting both then great for us and they will help us qualify for champions League so part of their transfer money will be recouped but looking the new restriction, fans away from stadium for further months and us failing to move players on. I doubt we can afford both in terms of transfer money and wages.

    2. Be awesome if we get them both (Aouar and Partey)…. I believe we’ll be serious contenders for top 4 or even the title…. COYG!!…. but hey… what’s the news on Balogun, I thought you said he’s signed an extension….. most reports are pointing to the contrary.

      1. I never said Balogun has signed… I said Arsenal are preparing to offer him a new professional contract.
        It’s all about time.
        Arsenal are not ready to lose him, it’s why they asked Sheffield to pay 15M.
        We have no intention of letting him go.
        The club is preparing to offer him a contract

  2. Deli Alli is not a creative player, not physically imposing nor has the stamina to be a box to box midfielder. He is the sort of AM Arsenal must avoid.

  3. Tap in Machant Fabriano still in denial that Arsenal are signing Aour over Juventus and we are still getting Partey Anyway #WelcometoArsenalAour

  4. Thanks Eddie for all the good transfer news about Arsenal you have been given us…. I really appreciate it…. We really need both Aouar and Partey in our team this season because the league is really going to be challenging and we should be ready for it….. Thank you Edu and Arteta for a job weldone, you guys should keep it up and take Arsenal to the glory day again.

  5. If Ozil can’t make it into our squad because of his work rate, how in the hell would Delle “lazy in training” Alli make it in? Makes no sense! Fake news!

    1. Its not a news rada Ray Parlour is giving his opinion or advice urging arsenal make a deal for Alli which in my opinion will be a bad idea because Alli doesn’t thick the boxes Arsenal need right now.

  6. If we signed deli alli
    I would throw myself of a large bridge (nuts first ) aiming for a nice sterdy looking branch

  7. Dele Alli sounds to me like an upmarket road somewhere in a posh area – which rules OUT Tottenham – where a large number of delicatessens cater for the posh folk who live nearby. He neither sounds nor plays anything like a top footballer though! Who else has noticed too, that when on tele(deletele, natch!) he is NEVER called merely Alli, his actual name, but always Dele Alli. Perhaps all those posh commentators buy their prawn sandwiches in Dele Alli!

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