Arsenal urged to overlook Jovic and stick with youth

Rio Ferdinand has told Arsenal that they should reconsider their stance on strike target Luka Jovic, and centre the team around the youth players.

Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Joe Willock have been named as the players who should be central to the teams plans going forward, and I would personally add Eddie Nketiah to that too.

Our young players have given fans more than enough excitement this term, and have been key in us still being hunt for the European places this term.

Mikel Arteta has now been told to forget about trying to sign Jovic, and instead concentrate on getting the defence sorted out, something that previous additions Sokratis and Shkodran Mustafi have failed to do.

‘Really you’re meant to be looking at centre-halves, they should’ve been looking there for the last 10 years and they haven’t got it right,’ Ferdinand said on Instagram Live.

‘Arsenal is a fantastic football club, what a club, a massive club. I think they’ve got to get it right in other areas of the pitch.

‘Keep bringing in these [players], [Gabriel] Martinelli, [Bukayo] Saka, [Joe] Willock, all these boys.

‘I love seeing that but they’ve got to get stability and strength in there, some people who will do good for the club, because it hasn’t worked with the likes of Sokratis and Mustafi, I don’t think they haven’t been able to get it right, and Chambers before that.’

The former England international then moves to deter the club from signing Real Madrid’s struggling striker Jovic.

‘He’s someone who’s done nothing in a Real Madrid shirt but the potential he showed when he was at Eintracht Frankfurt made him someone who was very highly thought of,’ said Ferdinand.

‘But it doesn’t always go to plan when you go to a new team, so I wouldn’t hold it against him. I think he’s someone who can add something to Arsenal, but I don’t believe Arsenal need a player in that position.’

Could the likes of Saliba, Pablo Mari and David Luiz form formidable partnerships next term? Do we need another centre-back signing this summer?


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  1. On this occasion Ferdinand is spot on.As far as needing a quality centre back is concerned,Luis does not fall into that category and it remains to be seen if Mari does.Saliba , on the other hand has what it takes to be a top class centre back.

  2. The decade long gaping hole in our team has been for two top centre backs who can stay fit and play as a pair together and FINALLY stop us being widely and correctly regarded as a defensive joke team. There is NO EXCUSE for this calamitous and pathetic inability to recruit at least ONE real to class CB. There simply has not been the will to do so and this is entirely at Kroenkes door. My fervent hope -and I do see a chink of light, the longer this virus rages around the sporting world – is that Kroenke is forced to listen to a realistic offer to sell the club to someone who cares for it.

    Alika Dangote is apparently waiting and willing to bid, once his refinery is built, though I have serious doubts and think that were he serious and financially able, he would already have made a serious bid to Kroenke.

    But Kroenke has his fortune mostly invested in sports clubs and all will take a massive and long lasting hit. For us Gooners, the longer this virus rages, the greater our chance and perhaps our ONLY chance, to get rid of Kroenke. Could this then be our silver lining to better times? LET US PRAY IT IS!

  3. The most important things in life is a matter of defending. In the time of a global plague is this more obvious than ever. You have to defend yourself every day, and you have to defend your love ones. You have to defend your country and the ideals it stands for. And, of course, when it comes to football, it is first of all a question of defending. The team have to defend itself from embarrassing losses and humiliation. In every game. For that purpose you get a real good goalkeeper, and two wing backs who is fast enough for the jobb and can tackle. Then it’s the centre lock, two guys at least 6 foot 2 tall, who is good in the air and never lose position in the 18 yard box. And on top of them, a defensive midfielder, a helper in the box when necessary, and who can steal the ball and turn to attack. Those six guys are defending the club (the batch), it’s history and it’s tradition. The rest of the players are there to produce glory. That is, scoring goals. I guess this sounds like sh*t. You have to excuse me my english. I can assure you, that I can say this much better in my native language.

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