Arsenal urged to protect the ‘next generation’ by paying off this unwanted star

Martin Keown has urged Arsenal Football Club to offload Mesut Ozil this summer, despite the likelihood that his exit will come at a cost.

The former defender has grown frustrated with the club’s highest earner, who is not only cashing in the biggest cheque at the Emirates, but isn’t doing enough on the training field to convince the manager that he is deserving of most match-day squads at present.

The German is claimed to have a slight back injury, but stepped foot onto the pitch since the restart, and the manager has recently hinted that if players wish to play, they must show that dedication on the training ground.

Keown has now claimed that he can see the club paying him off this summer to part ways, with a view to protecting the younger players.

Keown said on Stadium Astro:‘No I don’t think he does.

‘And I think really this summer now they may see the player being paid off, because I think now it’s about protecting the next generation.

‘I think it’s a real shame, because he had a magnificent talent, but if you’re not prepared to work hard out of possession for the team, then you don’t get to play in the new Arsenal at the moment and that’s what Arteta is all about.

‘Work ethic comes first and then everything else is a bonus you play from there.

‘Clearly he’s not seeing enough on the training pitch.

Keown goes onto claim that Ozil may not even realise that he has allowed himself to lose sight of things, and that he may have allowed himself to get too comfortable due to his contract, and he doesn’t want the up-and-coming stars to buy into such a philosophy.

He added: ‘People go into comfort zones whether they like it or not, they can’t often see it. But, you know, that must have played a part. He’s a millionaire every month, after tax.

‘My attitude to that is every player should get the best contract they can, and if he’s performing he deserves that, but when he doesn’t, it’s very expensive for Arsenal football club.

‘It maybe sends the complete wrong message to some of those youngsters, he’s had opportunities he hasn’t taken.’

Could Arsenal part ways with Ozil this summer? Would the only way to relinquish ourselves of the midfielder, be by buying him out of his contract?


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    1. The full cost of his remaining contract, unless a mutual termination is agreed, which is very unlikely given Özil wouldn’t get half of what he’s on elsewhere.

      1. Ok thanks. One thing’s for sure, we can’t carry on like this… so this is looking like the way forward….

  1. I hope the folly of Ozils contract is a lesson arsenal have learned. There has to be a way to terminate a contract without paying what’s left of his deal. That’s another area the club need to look into. I always knew giving Ozil that fat contract over Sanchez was a bad idea and I was right!

  2. But during his last season with Arsenal ,Sanchez was bang average and has subsequently proved to be a busted flush as fans of Man it’s will confirm.

  3. Martin have you forgotten that he gave us 19 assist some 5 seasons ago? That is all his worshipers have to say in his defense. Rather than paying him off, the club should charge sheet him for non performance and make him pay back all the money spent on him. 18 million for one goal? Very costly to any club on this planet. Fraud!!!

  4. Ozil is behaving in a similar manner to Winston Bogarde at Chelsea. Both turned up and trained but don’t do enough to get picked

    As time has gone on I think Arteta knew Ozil couldn’t or wouldn’t hack it. He gave him all those games before lockdown to prove that he could. Sadly the opposite is true

    Keown is being kind saying that Ozil may not realise that he isn’t doing enough or is in a little bubble all of his own.

    It is irrelevant who gave him the contract now. The club didn’t have a crystal ball. The more I think about it, the more the Ozil saga infuriates me. He is taking us for a ride and has no scruples in doing so. Had he got a few of those he could play elsewhere and enjoy his football. For a man who professes to love the shirt he has a funny way of showing it

    I’d rather the club could concentrate on the future and the sooner he clears off the better.

  5. At the moment Patrick, the idea that MA and The Arsenal want to get rid of this “unwanted star”, is a figment of Martin Keown’s imagination…possibly due to his history of public run ins with Ozil.

    Now, if one was to look at the way MA has dealt with Guendouzi, it is very plain to see how he acts when a player has reached the point of no return – totally different to the situation with Ozil.
    As far as I am aware, the club has not denied the fact that Ozil is injured and no amount of snide remarks, speculation or innuendos from fans, will change that official stance…backed up, of course, by MA himself.

    I admire Martin as a footballer, but he has never managed or coached a club like The Arsenal, never dealt with individual players on a daily basis and never had to discipline said players in any capacity whatsoever…so the view that one should never believe what any player (ex or otherwise), pundit, relation, agent or even fans say, should be applied in this case – if The Arsenal officially come out with a statement, then that is when we should sit up and take notice regarding this saga.

    Whatever happens, it will be MA’s and Ozil’s decision, plus kronkies money that will be the deciding factor, not Keown’s or anyone else who think they have an influence in this matter.
    Just as one can compare the situation when AW and UE left the club, so one can also read into the different way that the Ozil and Guendouzi is being played out

    I must admit, the situation seems to be completely negative for all concerned at this moment in time and all three parties (kronkie, MA and Ozil) need to sit down and resolve the issue in a official capacity.
    While individuals keep poisoning the situation, this will keep the issue in the headlines for anyone who wants to cause division at our club and make it the perfect platform for more toxicity.

    1. Nice one, Ken…I agree about the negativity and hope it can be sorted out as we can’t carry on like this!

    2. Agree Ken, the lad is sick, he is suffering from a back injury (and how did get injured?By sitting on a hard seat I guess). Too bad. Wish him a quick recovery. The major difference between Gends and Ozil is that, Gends wants to play (may/may not be for Arsenal) the other is sick/injured so he cannot play. Next what? Fake an injury, maybe crop a thumbnail too deep?
      18million fraud.

      1. You see, this is the toxicity that I am talking about.

        Despite your, seemingly, profound and in-depth knowledge of all things medical, you question what our medical team and Mikel Atreta are saying?

        Please tell us all what medical knowledge you have, as it seems The Arsenal aren’t up to the level of what constitutes an injury as you profess to have….unless,of course, it’s you who is the fraud?

        By the way, the difference you quote about Guendouzi wanting to play- well he is fit, he is training with the youth team and, if as you tell us all, he wants to play…all he has to do is convince Arteta that he wants to play under the rules that our coach deems correct – are you applauding his actions in defying Arteta?
        Sorry but you have got it all round the wrong way…Arteta makes the decisions, not some 21 year who brags about what he earns, grabs a fellow professional around the neck and fails to apologise for his actions.

        1. Ken, if you read my comment, I did agree the lad is sick/injured, never questioned that, and I did wish him a speedy recovery. I just guessed his feeble back may have got injured sitting on a hard seat. I’m not toxic, it is Ozil who is toxic by his attitude and confirmed by most pundits (actual men who have played the game). If news reports are correct, many top teams in Spain are in for Gends, the same cannot be said about Ozil. And I back Mikel and support every decision he makes about Gends. No sane person will accept that stupid comment of Gends, but clubs do want him for what he can offer on teh football ground unlike Ozil who cannot/does not want to offer anything. See the difference? If Gends does apologize, I too will support him. If Ozil starts performing like a workaholic, he will get my praise and support.
          From your all your comments you have defended Ozil time and again, it’s your liking, your choice, Good. But I am afraid to say the fellow has exposed himself, my sincere wish is once he has recovered, he mends his ways, pulls up his socks, laces his boots and starts performing antics on the football ground, not off the football ground. That would be good for him, Mikel, you, me and the entire gunner family.
          Until then, 18 million for one goal.Fraud!

          1. Sorry, but you think that by saying “maybe crop a thumbnail” is not toxic, or sitting on a hard bench not numbingly childish, then, please, just carry on with your in-depth analysis of the player.

            I have not changed my opinion regarding Ozil and I hope Mikel can solve any disagreement, as I believe Ozil is the best player in the position he plays in at this moment in time…however, if MA decides he isn’t, then so be it – it’s called supporting the club.

            What a difference your thoughts are regarding Geundouzi now though – your first post was all about how he wanted to play, without a comment on why he wasn’t actually playing – perhaps pointing out WHY he wasn’t playing changed your mind?
            His attitude is crass and it is brilliant management from MA and, to date – so different from his stance with Ozil, but still showing Mesut who is in charge.

            Pleased we sorted out your qualifications regarding health and injuries, I will certainly be taking the club’s line on who is injured and who isn’t in the future, as they are certainly not frauds.

            I don’t know the ins and outs, but as you seem to, then you have every right to overide MA’s thoughts on Ozil, who’s ridiculous, obscene and grotesque salary ensures no club in the world would contemplate matching it – let’s see what happens when his contract ends next season.

  6. I suggested this not long ago.

    Give him 5M and he gets a bonus signing in Turkey he wants.

    Not gonna make us a team able to compete for top4, CL football. We fighting for EL, City ban may give us a chance to hope but technically, 5th & 6th spots and cups winners go.

    When I look at signings, it is scary and no way to imagine us fight next year. It gets harder each year.

    Chelsea, Reds, Man U, Man City, Spurs are all to strengthen their team, so do teams as Leicester, Wolves building up for a.minute, Everton will also improve.

    We signing Luiz and co, a complete joke which makes me not liking Arteta even tho he .must operate with limited he picks these players.

    I pointed it, we know Kroenke won’t spend over 50M to buy players

    Must make choices, go with young team to build up from with Arteta who in development stage, an assistant coach at start of season.

    Or bring in top additions, make a team to stand a chance in fighting for title or at least CL top4 spot.

    Koulibaly, Havertz, Partey.

    Bellerin Koulibaly Saliba Tierny
    Pepe Auba. Saka

    Napoli loves Torreira & Kolas, add 50M and Martinelli on loan. He won’t get enough play time here & do well there.

    Laca is a straight swap for Partey.

    Harvertz, 70M, give them Xhaka to bring it to 40M, add Rowe on loan, they be happy.
    Sell Sokratis, Mikki, Mustafi, Elneny, Holding or Chambers. 50M.

    Buy Luiz & Ozil out. 40M left for Havertz deal.

    50M budget spent.. Sure Kroenke will find a way to have some in installment. Only spend 30M

    1. Your advice to sell and loan our top players to buy new players without thinking about the Injuries problem. Who will step up if all these signings get injured or if player loss form or couldn’t cope with the pace of the EPL? The truth is we can’t sort our team in one season if we don’t have the cash to buy. Arteta already pointed out that we don’t need to sell to reinforce

  7. Mogunna
    Do you think that a Turkish club could afford to pay the difference?
    Although he is of Turkish heritage does it mean he wants to play there?
    I don’t know the answers to the questions you raise
    Personally, I agree with you that even when fit Ozil is no longer able to be competitive enough anymore to get us to a higher level. He isn’t the future as I have seen nothing yet to suggest the club is keen to extend his stay or that an extension is sensible. Love or loathe Luiz, he was prepared to take a considerable pay cut to stay if reports are correct.

  8. Mogunna

    I love the way you spend Kronkie’s money, without a worry in the world as to how all you suggest will be achieved.

    Realism is the word you should adopt, when suggesting we have the same buying power as City, Chelsea, Barca, Madrid, PSG etc etc.

    Back to the subject, Ozil, and your thoughts there.
    I see where you are coming from, but if we are to let him go, surely it has to be a clean break?
    No messing about with a loan spell, or subsidising his obscene salary – if Mikel wants him out and kronkie is prepared to do it…let’s just make the parting of the ways agreeable to both parties and get on with life without him.
    If Mikel wants him to stay, then we should get behind that decision and trust in his judgement as a coach.

  9. Im sure everyone at Arsenal are frustrated and embarrassed that we arr stuck with him. There is not a lpt Arsenal can do except do what they are doing and hope that Ozil has a conscience. They will not be holding their breaths though. Im sure Keown has some knowledge of whats really going on.

  10. Ozil’s situation should be a warning sign to Arsenal on how to negotiate auba’s contract.

    Players will be doing well but the moment they get contract extension they relax.

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