Arsenal urged to replace both Aubameyang and Lacazette with signing

An Arsenal fan has called a live radio show to insist that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette should be replaced.

The Gunners duo have been inconsistent this term, albeit with the Frenchman starting the season in red-hot form, before enduring an extended goal-less spell, before returning to find form once again after Christmas.

Aubameyang is yet to show any level of consistency in front of goal this term however, although he did bag himself a brace against Newcastle before missing the subsequent matches with personal issues, and it remains to be seen if he can find a similar level to his previous seasons with the club.

One fan simply wants the pair moved on and replaced with a new star striker, with Gabriel Martinelli given more responsibility also.

“I really, really don’t like [Granit] Xhaka, an un-named Arsenal fan told TalkSport. “I think he’s had great games this season, but he will cost us points at some point this season like he does every time.

“It’s the same with David Luiz. I’m happy that we’ve got rid of Mustafi and other players, but we’ve still got a couple bad eggs left that we need to get out.

“I know this is going to stir a debate, but in attack I’d definitely sell Lacazette and Aubameyang in the next year or two, cash in now while we can.

“I’d cash in on those two, and with that money, get a nice, new striker with [Gabriel] Martinelli also blending in.

“Someone that’s young and raring to go and spend big bucks on him.”

I’m not quite sure which striker fits the ball of being young, but when following Arsenal rumours one who regularly pops up Celtic’s Odsonne Edouard, I for one would be excited to see him in an Arsenal shirt.

Is it time to cut our ties with both Lacazette and Aubameyang?


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  1. Sir Michael says:

    Did I not say sell Auba before he signed the new contract he is too old and they signed him on a colossal contract no doubt another Ozil bollock dropped Stan needs to clear out the board. Starting with EDU

    1. Akbest says:

      Pls hold your guyz put the board on pressure to ensure he signs that thing.

    2. Tom says:

      Stan needs to get rid of himself the tight bastard

  2. Wyoming says:

    It’s too late. Aubameyang wont go anywhere as he is the new Ozil on 350k p/w and no club will pay what we want nor pay his salary. Lacazette can just run his contract down and go on a free next season or demand an “Ozil” contract as well. We are basically stuffed with Willian also on a pensioner contract too. They will all go on a free a total dead loss like Socritis Mustafi Ozil Ramsey and Sanchez.

    1. Stuart Jarman says:

      I don’t disagree entirely with replacing both Aubameyang and Lacazette but Edouard is not the answer scoring goals in Scotland is far away so different from doing it in the top flight English league Although I’m going back to the eighties Charlie Nicholas scored 52 goals in one season for Celtic it took him four years to reach the sake figure playing for Arsenal and Edouard could be a similar scenario We need another striker for sure sell Lacazette and Nketiah gradually phase out Aubameyang and give Balogun a few chances this season There’s also no guarantee that Marinelli will develop as hoped he’s got great potential but not proven yet

      1. Elias says:

        That’s correct. Eduard of Celtic, is not an Arsenal type of player. We will be buying an upgrade if Nkethia.

      2. Arsalan says:

        i completely agree with you. you know we have history of giving chance to young players. buy someone from dutch league or italian league. remember how we made van persie an arsenal player. it’s time to bring back excited talent. i can’t blame wenger for not making all star team. he wanted to give chance to youngsters which worked well for us. time to think out of the box. we can still find players like fabregas, walcott,van persie, henry.

  3. Jah son says:

    Sorry off topic
    Brighton coach seems to have a good system of play.

    1. Sue says:

      What a result 👌

  4. Wyoming says:

    Wow Liverpool beaten at home by Brighton and Burnley and at 0-9 Southampton. Teams get tired like Tottenham super pressing under Pochetino. Player burn out happens. Another reason to limit contracts to 2 years and salaries slashed and payment made on performance not guaranteed.

    1. John Ibrahim says:


      Thanks to the media and Fifa21

      Fans treat players like robots where they can play 90mins everyday without fail

  5. Wyoming says:

    Villas loss may be bad news for Arsenal as after the home loss to Westham Villa will be desperate to atone.

    1. ACE says:

      And this isn’t a must win for Arsenal?

      MA and the boys shouldn’t make the trip to Villa
      this weekend if they aren’t pissed of from the
      Wolves debacle and DESPERATE to repay
      Grealish and co. for whipping there asses @ the
      Emirates earlier this season.

      Anything less than 3 points is unacceptable.

    2. Akbest says:

      Thought you fans also said our defeat will dealt a big blow to confidence,how come it will be booster to Aston villa

    3. Arsenal says:

      They be in trouble with us after our loss to wolverhampton

    4. Palash says:

      Lmao arsenal is a much bigger club.U r afraid of villa seriously??

      1. Gunner23 says:

        @ Palash 2 Games to play and they are still above us. History does not play and it does not matter in the current season, currently they are better and the table confirms this.

  6. RFrancis says:

    We have nothing to gain from this type of conversation at this time of the season. The transfer period is now closed. This is the time for real fans to stand behind the team and support the players. For sure there are a lot of stuff to worry about, but an irate call to a radio show should not be one of them.

    1. The judge says:

      I agree with you 100%, these idiots who call themselves fans just make the club toxic Arteta just needs time and good support. From real ARSENAL fans . We just need a bit more patience

  7. Stuart Jarman says:

    Arsenal should sell Elneny Xhaka Luiz Lacazette and also unload Willian if there, are, any takers Bellerin would be no great loss either Arsenal should also look at getting rid of Willock Nelson and Nketiah none of these three are going to make Arsenal into title challengers Mari and Holding should be given a run in Central defence as a partnership too keep Cedric in his favoured position at right back and Tierney on other flank Partey hasn’t impressed yet but place him Smith-Rowe and one other possibly Odergaard in midfield and then a permutation.of Saka Aubameyang and Marinelli or Pepe up front and that’s a start to build on with four new incomings in the summer Lenos ok in goal but that should also be reviewed

    1. B says:

      If only they would take your advice

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      do you think the team can win without experience players and players who are new to the club??

      this is not Fifa21

      maybe its time for you to go

      1. Graham C says:

        I feel like too many people in these threads talk like you can just wheel and deal players like Fifa Ultimate Team. Renewing Auba’s contract was the best move last summer based on his form and because I doubt we would have received a large enough fee in the pandemic market to bring in a quality replacement who could have hit the ground running and helped us right away this season (younger players need time to settle and theres no guarantee experience players have the impact you want as we have seen with Willian). Selling our captain striker who just won us the FA cup would have also reinforced the sentiment that Arsenal is a selling club and I do not think it would have sent the right message. However, I think the move this summer is selling Laca and bringing in a young-ish hungry striker with Auba providing the senior leadership and martinelli/nketiah providing competition. And I say that having been impressed with Laca lately, he’s been a pest to play against and is clearly putting in a shift for the team, doing the dirty work and getting into dangerous positions. I would be intrigued with us going for someone like Luka Jovic from Real to replace Laca.

    3. Loose Cannon says:

      Spot on from a real fan, although some might disagree. There is a difference between a squad and a title winning/challenging squad. Cannot blame those who disagree as years of laxity under Wenger has made some accept mediocrity and top four/six/eight as the new norm rather than winning titles. Will Xhaka,Elneny,Luiz, Chambers make it to the bench of Pool or City? Will Nelson or Willock or Nketiah make it to the 25 man squad of CFC or even Tots? I doubt. So why do we accept mediocrity? Laca or Bellerin make be squad players as best coming off the bench to kill time.
      Time to move fellas, we have a serious coach/manager, we kneed title winning/challenging players – like those as Leicester City who keep pushing. Find it hard to believe LC are competing for top 4, this shows how deep the rot had set in our club with the management/agent/player nexus teaming against the coach / manager post Wenger era. During the Wenger era, he was part of the management.

    4. Gunner23 says:

      A fifa expert!

  8. Brad says:

    Edouard isn’t good enough.

  9. Tony Ratcliffe says:

    I can not understand why a club like Arsenal with such an excellent and productive academy system need to sign or offer lucrative new contracts to players over 30 years of age ( Willian 32 Luiz 33 etc) however talented they may be or have been in their careers. The pace and intensity of Premier division football now demands younger (less affluent?) hungrier players who are physically able and prepared to run and press for an hour and a half and then do it all again three days later.

  10. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    It’s obvious that Laca should be sold in the summer, as he certainly can’t be re-signed to another contract, considering his cost-prohibitive wages, plus we need to finally get something in return for one of our higher-priced transfers…as for Auba, he will come good again once we’ve made the necessary tactical adjustments so that we aren’t so reliant on our defensive structure to get results…I don’t know if anyone would have lit it up during our poor run of form, especially with the tactics being deployed and the glaring lack of service…presently we have several starters on more reasonable wages, which provides some flexibility from a wage bill perspective, but to maintain this financial balance we need to replace Laca with someone more youthful and economical viable…this is why I wanted Arteta to loan or sell Eddie in January so that we could actually see if Balu had something to offer…or we could actually give Pepe a shot in the middle and employ a more Pool-like false 9 scenario

    1. Goonster says:

      What tactical changes are going to be catered to Auba for him to starting pulling his finger out?
      Before he renewed his contract a few months ago there was no problem, and we were playing a more defensive style back then. It did not stop him from working hard and scoring goes.

      I just think we need to stop with these excuses for players. These excuses were continually over done to cover for Ozil from the moment he joined Arsenal to the last minute before being moved on last month. “Employ this and that formation or system and see him break records. Buy this and that kind of player and you will see the best of ozil etc. Get this and that manager blah blah”.

      Auba had been performing well before his new contract. Formation and tactical talk never stopped him from scoring. Why all of a sudden?

      I don’t buy these excuses. It’s up to Auba to pull his finger put and change his attitude and mentality so that he can get back to the smiling Auba we are used too.

    2. Graham C says:

      Pretty much agree with everything here. Auba is our captain and isn’t going anywhere so people should stop wasting their time talking about moving him on, its simply not happening nor should it. He’s class and will find form again. Selling Laca this summer I think makes the most sense. Would love to see us go after someone like Luca Jovic from Real. I think he is exactly what we need if we move Laca on and is in our price range and I think just needs some confidence. Loaning Eddie and giving Balu a run to see what he’s all about would have made a lot of sense but it looks like the train has left the station. It looks liek Balu has 1 foot out the door and is gone this summer so no point developing him anymore when we cant even increase his value.

  11. Joe. S says:

    Agree with the sentiment but finding the right striker,someone around 24, hungry with speed, energy and skill. Arsenal are not the only club looking for such a player. At this stage,the kid from Villa, Watkins comes to .mind. He is everything I wish Eddie Nketien should be. Not exactly an Aubameyang, type but ready to run, get I good positions and not panic.

    1. Sean says:


  12. PJ-SA says:

    Need to sell Auba ASAP….wages are too high and age is not on his side.

    Another few months of this form he’s in + age + wages will mean no-one will even think about signing him.

    Best to try sell while his recent good form is still in many peoples memories and age is as good as it can be.

  13. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    The 2021 winter transfer window has closed. And the next summer window will not open until six months time.

    So, having done all the transfer incomings and outgoings that they wanted to do or are able to do during the last winter transfer window, rightnow, I don’t think Arsenal are in the transfer mode to do any player transfers until ibm the summer.

    Even if us Gooners want to see the club offload certain Gunners in the current Arsenal 1st team squard, us should wait till almost the end of this season’s campaign to start registering our demands to the club to look into them for a possible action taken on them.

    I think last summer window, us Gooners advocated for the signing of Thomas Partey. And the club responded by signing him. And I believe the club could do the same thing next summer to look into our demand to the club to sign a top club striker of over 20 goals per season scorer. Which in its self is a gamble that may work immediately or delayed before it’s start working.

    In this ongoing Premier League campaign, Arsenal are 10th in the table after playing 22 notches leaving 16 games left for them to play to clinch that now elusive top-four place finish to Arsenal ti clinch it this season. But which has proved elusive to the club to clinch it in recent past seasons.

    So therefore, let us Gooners be supporting and encouraging any Gunners at the club who are having a difficult season Arsenal to turnaround their season in the remaining Arsenal’s 16 PL matches and have a successful PL campaign this season that will see Arsenal finish in the top-four places. .

  14. McLovin says:

    We need to sell Lacazette and Elneny this summer. We must stop letting our players on the last year of their contracts.

  15. Declan says:

    So one random person phoning into a radio phone-in warrants an article. Patrick, you really are scraping the barrel.

  16. Armoury says:

    Arteta has already acquired the services of Partey, Willian, Mari, Gabriel, Suares, Ceballos, and Odegaard. Nketiah, Smith-Rowe, and Elnerny were recalled from their loan spells. The team doesn’t show any sign of improvement. Does the problem lies with Manager or players? Do we have to change the whole team in order for Arteta to succeed? Arteta, Willian and Xhaka should be shown the exit door

  17. ibrahim sani says:

    Yes both abumayang and lacazate and even willams have to sell pls

  18. Oba says:

    Arsenal owner are the real problem, they are not ready to splash cash to invest in quality players, look at Man City owner they were spending right from the day they bought the club, likewise Chelsea, Liverpool. Edu needs to go. Auba after getting that lucrative contract, now no where to be found concerning his form. Arsenal owner should sell off the club if they cannot splash the money on best quality players available now. We need upgrade on Pepe, Saka, Rowe, Xhaka, all this player I mentioned should be on bench.

    1. jon fox says:

      An upgrade on SAKA? Try Planet EARTH as its a great planet to live on!

  19. McLovin says:

    Yeah just sell Lacazette and Aubameyang to PSG and buy Mbappe in return, easy.


  20. Jim wall says:

    We must stop giving big contracts to 30+ year olds,
    It’s time to go back to wenger days and give them 1 year contracts and if they deserve it they will get another one,
    From the age of 20-30 players earn millions anyway so they can live with yearly contracts from 30 onwards,
    So this summer get rid of Luiz,xakai, willian, auba, lacca…..

  21. Grandad says:

    Strikers who have impressed me this season include Watkins, Bamford and Ivan Toney of Brentford who I believe our Scouts are “monitoring”. As Brentford are my second favourite side in England I watch them whenever I can, and in my view Toney is at least on a par with Watkins.As for Banford ,at 27 he is at his peak and as an all round number nine he is one of the best in the EPL.Indeed .I would not be surprised if Watkins and/or Banford are included in the next full England squad.

  22. GOONER63 says:


  23. g. giarlis says:

    The real problem is Arteta a mediocre manager.
    I don’t agree to sel Laca. Without him we don’t have a chance . Auba yes , is the new Ozil , bt I don’t think any serious club will chase him. He is obvious a liability worse than Luiz or Xhaca

  24. gizzle says:

    I am one of those who thinks Auba is a bit overhyped as he doesnt use his head and i am yet to see the legendary pace he has , i also think he causes unbalance to the team as Pepe should have the LW while Saka has the RW . Laca on the other hand is younger , can press , has good setpieces in him and good hold up play . I will say sell all three with inclusion of Nketiah but that would be wishful thinking .
    We need a striker who is a mix of both Auba and Lacazette . The only person who is affordable within that specification is Patson Daka .

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