Arsenal urged to replace Xhaka with this PL star

Kevin Campbell has urged Arsenal to sign Yves Bissouma to play alongside Thomas Partey in midfield.

Granit Xhaka is the player that Campbell wants to see taken out of the Gunners starting line-up for a number of reason.

The former Arsenal striker insists that his recent interview where he claimed that he is overly targeted by the fans will not have been taken well, and a divide between the players and the fans is certainly not wanted.

Xhaka told Swiss news outlet Blick: “There are other players who get red cards, but they don’t get criticised as much as I do. I sometimes feel that with me it is deliberately made into a bigger issue than it really is.”

KC did not take his comments well, but furthermore he has grown frustrated with the limited ability that he brings to the Arsenal first-team, and names the player he believes would be ‘ideal’ to play alongside Partey next season.

He told the Football Insider: “For five years that Xhaka’s been here, we haven’t qualified for the Champions League. That’s not all his fault but he’s played his part.

“People aren’t convinced because he’s been there, he’s got the experience, yet in the first half of the season we were awful with him in the team.

“What he did in throwing the shirt down, that is a no-no to any fanbase. He did that, not the fanbase. That all of a sudden turns the people who might have been giving him a pass against him.

“The key to it is production. If you’re a midfielder you’re thinking, do I score, do I create? What does he do? He doesn’t do much in that sense.

“He’s tidy but he’s not gonna hurt you. He scores the odd goal once in a blue moon but you can’t rely on him.

“He’s a good continuity player. But I think he’s a squad player. That’s why I think Bissouma alongside Thomas Partey would be ideal for Arsenal.”

Unfortunately we don’t currently have a decent option in the squad who we could play in his place, nor do we have enough numbers in that role to cope in his absence.

This summer we will surely be bringing in at least one central midfielder, but whether the manager will demote Xhaka in the long-term remains to be seen.


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  1. What a one eyed view from KC regarding Xhaka’s reaction with/to the fans.
    He glibly ignores the abuse and threats Xhaka received from so called “fans” of our club and totally ignores the backing he has received from MA – rightly or wrongly I would add.
    I understand it’s your opinion, but let’s give the complete picture Kevin, not a half hearted article, written to get said section of fans backing you up.

    1. its people like you that defend him is why he is still at the club,i can not watch any more games when he is starting,he is shocking

        1. And then they expect the manager to work wonders with relegation type players. Xhaka cost us top 4 under Emery and i have lost count of how many points we lost this season. Leno, Xhaka, Luiz, Laca,???

  2. Xhaka has been talking himself up recently. It’s not his fault that this manager picks him first on the team sheet. Some kind of idiotic blindsidedness going on there. I’m sure Arsenal can survive without Xhaka. We’ve lost better players and still been able to finish in the top six.

  3. In terms of what Xhaka offers it’s not enough. He slows the game down in possession, constantly takes bad fouls when players pass him and offers no offensive threat whatsoever.

    Xhaka is not top 4/Champions league quality. There’s no way around that.

    He is more suited to Serie A. Bundesliga, not the EPL

    1. I agree with Cruz gunner and KC. Purely from a playing point of view we can find better, more progressive, cheaper alternatives to push us on. Xhaka may be fighter mentally but for arsenal he is a very cautious, nervous and slow individual who plays with no definitive actions at either end of the pitch. His goal record is shocking and defensively is easily exposed. Just look at how Leicester exposed him to get the winner at the Emirates. This is Arsenal we don’t need to settle for mediocrity.

  4. The only thing more perplexing than Xhaka’s continued insistence on playing the victim card, is the fact that this team can’t seem to envision a starting lineup that doesn’t include him…of course, I’m not trying to minimize anything pertaining to the f’ing losers who verbally assaulted and/or threatened his family members, as those individuals should be dealt with harshly by the authorities, but for him to even imply that the fans have some sort of “irrational” agenda against him proves that he either lacks any self-awareness or he’s actually attempting to use that troubling situation as the reason why he should be impervious to any sort of criticism whatsoever…the fact remains that he’s been underwhelming since his arrival and if Arteta’s “plan” somehow includes Xhaka, we will continue to struggle to turn the proverbial corner

  5. Arsenal is where it is on the log table because supporters are defending underperforming players like Xhaka and Willan. These two players don’t deserve to wear Arsenal shirts

  6. Some fans did go too far with Xhaka, particularly when they brought his family into the nastiness.

    Having said that, the bottom line for Xhaka is that he isnt quite good enough for where Arsenal want to be. There are just too many shortcomings to his game, the stupid fouls, unforced errors, the lack of pace and so on.

    So yes, it seems to me that the sooner that Xhaka is sold and replaced the better for everyone. I wish him well wherever he ends up.

  7. Xhaka; I’ve started to watch him very closely in games for months now out of pure frustration. He offers very little as a top EPL midfielder in my opinion. Too many touches on the ball allowing oppositions to reset defensive shape, slow to release the ball in a flowing attack, constantly switches play when there is space and a simple pass on to keep the team moving forward in attack, slow to react to situations and bad decision making for tackles (& stats are low on tackles/interceptions & blocks compared to other arsenal midfielders even Ceballos outshines him in these areas who plays less minutes?) continually dives off feet and gives away fouls. But he somehow is picked week in week out? Beyond me how he is the first name on the team sheet, has had many years to adapt in the EPL & still not up to the job. The club Needs to move him on tbh to progress back to top 4 each season, need something completely different at the heart of the midfield to partner Partey.

  8. XHAKA is 100% right and correct.
    People made their minds up long time ago and that won’t change until his last day at Arsenal.

    Every little misstep he does is opportunity for the majority to have a go and say “See I told you he is crap”.

    And ARTETA is going the same route. People have already up their minds about Arteta. So any missteps from him will be constant opportunity for them to vent their discontent with him. I do think that till Xhaka’s and Arteta’s last days they will continue to be challenged.

    We all do it. I made my mind up about Mustafi in his second season, made my mind up about Ozil in his second season, made my mind up about Xhaka in his second season, same with Emery, Sokratis, Ceballos etc…

    Which is all fine. That’s what life is all about. Different opinions.

    1. Even Pepe. I think I have made up my mind about him not validating his price tag. We wasted £72 million.
      But it’s does not mean that when all these people we don’t rate show improvement or have a good game we shouldn’t praise or give them credit where it’s warranted. And criticise them fairly where warranted.

      But with XHAKA I feel like the majority have taken it to an extreme level. It’s like so personal the dislike for the guy for no rational / serious reason..

      1. Then Goonster, perhaps you can put forward a realistic and plausible REASON WHY we who cannot stand the woeful Xhaka want him out of our club.
        Could it possibly be, do you think, that he is one of the slowest moving, most immobile, hotheaded, slow reacting, damaging and back passing so called midfielders that has EVER inflicted himself as a regular on our club!

        So VERY MANY who think him woeful and say so cannot surely ALL be wrong. Or perhaps you think we are, in which case, do tell us so! And why!

  9. We have a perfectly good defensive midfielder at Arsenal. Callum Chambers should be given a chance alongside Partey. When on loan with Fulham he was excellent in that position. Chambers is a very good footballer GIVE HIM A CHANCE IN THAT POSITION.

    1. Are you a Spuds supporter?

      Chambers deserves a chance at CDM? Maybe at Newcastle or Crystal Palace.

  10. Why are people pretending Xhaka is good enough. You’ve had FIVE years to see he clearly isn’t… Ugh. We are 9th in the table with 9th place level of players. Do people really think Xhaka is one of the exceptions? Honestly???

  11. I’m a big fan of Xhaka. His passing and leadership qualities are great and he rarely gets injured. He always shows real fight and determination so don’t really get the hate. I get he makes his fair share of mistakes but so does most of the team. Pepe, Caballos, leno, partey, saka have all been making mistakes and giving the ball away lately. Laca and auba couldn’t hit the side of a Renault espace most games.
    I get Xhaka slows the play down a fair bit but hoping MA will get him improving on this as our play has really improved lately when it comes to playing through the lines so sense there may be more focus on this in training. Plus he’s now got some half decent players in front of him.

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