Arsenal urged to sign Bergkamp-esque creative talent

Gilberto Silva has told Arsenal to make a move for Jack Grealish, who he believes is similar to former Invincible Dennis Bergkamp.

The Brazilian played alongside Bergkamp for four years during 2002-2006, enjoying that infamous unbeaten season in 03-04, and believes that Grealish could be ‘somebody’ for Arsenal, likening him to his former team-mate.

Jack is currently plying his trade for Aston Villa, and played a key role in his side’s victory over our team in the Premier League at the start of this month, and is currently away on international duty with England.

Despite a strong season in the previous campaign, a move didn’t materialise for the creative talent, despite strong links with a move to Old Trafford, and Silva would like our club to try and bring him to the Emirates instead.

“Grealish, amazing. It seems like he could be a player that Arsenal missed,” he told The Invisible Wall podcast.

“With his ability, he was one of the guys in the middle who can play beautiful football. He controls the ball, assists and can score goals.

“He is slightly different from Dennis Bergkamp, but he could be somebody for the future at Arsenal.”

As much as I rate the talents of Grealish, I’m not sure I can see any similarities with him and our former great, although he still has plenty of time to grow into an even better player than he is, with his best years still ahead of him.

Can you see Silva’s point in comparing him to Bergkamp?


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  1. Grealish will become as big an influence for Villa as Dennis was for us – different style or not.
    He has everything in his locker to succeed and will become one of the most sought after players around Europe in my opinion.

    Agree entirely with Gilbert’s assessment of the player – but not his belief that we have any chance of signing him.
    When and if Villa decide to sell him, we will be way down in the pecking order.
    Just being realistic.

    If it was during the Invincible era, yes as we played attacking and attractive football – MA doesn’t have that luxury at the moment and I cannot see it happening in the next few years either.

  2. Arsenal can’t sign sign every big name that pops up unless our Denver’s owner becomes a sheik . What we need to sign is good talent evaluators like the ones at Leicester and Southampton. We need to find more players like Saka, AMN, Gnabry, Bellerin instead of day dreaming about Grealish and Aouar . At this rate, signing those players is AIN’T happening.

  3. We have Partey now to allow a player as Ozil to play his game we badly need.

    Grealish is way too expensive for next year and why a huge blow to keep Ozil off at very moment we finally have all pieces in puzzle with Partey,/behind him!

    Now we need a Ozil type which is rare!

    I’m outrage at this huge blow to never play these guys together!

  4. Patrick asks thr wrong question by questioning Grealish’s style to Bergkamp. They ARE different but the point is NOT whether Grealish is prodigiously talented , as he CERTAINLY is, or whether hie is like Dennis, but that we have not a cat in hells chance of landing him.

    No sensible fan doubts his enormous talent and WERE I ENGLAND MANAGER HE WOULD BE A FIRST CHOICE REGULAR, AS HE IS A GREAT PLAYER.

    But that is of NO consequence whatever to our club, as Gooners!

    1. Regarding a previous article naming Cesc Fabregas Jon, you said that MA had already won two trophies – I asked you if you now saw the Community Shield as a trophy, considering you always argued that it wasn’t under the AW reign.

      So, is it a trophy or not Jon, as we need to have the same rules for everyone wouldn’t you agree?

      1. Are you telling me, assuming you looked closely at who I was replying to, that you have no idea why I said two trophies? I thought you were brighter than that Ken! Perhaps I’ll tell you more of why I SOMETIMES write as I do when we next phone each other, as you seem to have a lot to learn about how I operate.
        I had given you more credit for being able to read between the lines than perhaps I ought to have done, so it seems the mistake was also mine! I do not intend to flesh out this comment in public on here but will explain privately.

        1. All I want to know Jon, is it a trophy or not?

          not really interested in how you rate my intelligence or if I can read between the lines my friend – let’s put it another way …has MA won two trophies and AW won an extra seven or not?

  5. I think Silva meant that at the moment as Arsenal has no creative midfielder, Grealish could play a role that Bergkamp played in those years.

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