Arsenal urged to sign Englishman for the sake of Aubameyang

Adrian Clarke claims that Jack Grealish is exactly the kind of player that Arsenal needs at the moment to unlock the full potential of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gunners have been struggling for goals recently and they did try to sign a creative midfielder in the last transfer window.

Houssem Aouar is one of the players that Arsenal wanted to sign, and the Frenchman would have been a fine creative addition to the team.

However, the Gunners don’t need to look outside the country to sign a player that will help them with creativity, this is because Clarke reckons Grealish can deliver that for them.

The Englishman has added goals and assists to his game and he was in solid form for Aston Villa when they beat Arsenal 3-0 at the weekend.

Clarke thinks that it is ok that Arsenal wants to sign Aouar, however, he doesn’t think that the Frenchman is the same as Grealish and he backs the latter to be the player that can unlock defences for this Arsenal team.

“Gareth Southgate, in my opinion, doesn’t know how good Jack Grealish is,” Clarke told Talksport as quoted by Express Sports.

“He doesn’t realise how talented this boy is. He’s something a bit special.

“He forces defenders to back off, he takes up some great positions, he’s got power, got pace, great vision.

“I thought he was immense in the game against Arsenal and I have to say, looking at it, he is exactly the sort of player that Arsenal need moving forward.

“Someone to carry the ball, someone to create, someone to maybe unlock the potential of an Aubameyang.

“In the window they were trying to get Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar.

“Aouar’s not exactly the same as Jack Grealish but he’s an attack-minded, box-to-box midfielder that I think would have made a difference.

“They still do need that type of player.”

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  1. if we had the money I would love us to sign him but we don’t and we wont, unfortunately we need to be realistic and go for players we can afford instead of dream about those we cant

  2. Its very much right but will Grealish choose Arsenal over Man Utd. Heard the Manks are supposed to bid for him in Jan. If he indeed comes to Arsenal, than nothing like it.

    1. Nah. Make do with who we have. Leicester had a team of nobodies and a manager who had won nothing when they won in 2016. Our squad is good enough to win the title. Heck even Emery missed Champions league by just one point with out Pepe Tierney Partey Gabriel and Bellerin and made the Europa league final in his first season with no English. It’s down to the Manager

  3. To be honest, I would like Messi and Ronaldo as well as Grealish – perhaps I could now become a pundit on Talksport and state the obvious!!!!

    There are so many more sensible and thought provoking comments on Just Arsenal, I think I’ll keep my radio off.

  4. Villa would be mad to let Grealish go, and what would his projected transfer fee be anyway. I’d love to see him play for us though and not just for the creativity but also for the free kicks & penalties he seems to generate.
    And his calves have their own Facebook account. Jack does love himself doesn’t he, which I grudgingly admit he’s entitled to.

    1. I have never ever seen calves like it! Whenever I watch Villa I’m transfixed by them!! Haha!
      They have their own FB account?! Wow….just like Gervinho’s forehead 😂

  5. Despite all the plaudits he has received recently, Grealish has yet to nail down a position in the England team and until he does he cannot be considered to be the real deal.The problem for Grealish is 3-4-3 system favoured by Southgate whereby he can only be accommodated on the left flank, where unfortunately for him lurk Sterling and Rachford.Unless Southgate changes to a midfield three he could struggle to play for England on a regular basis.Just to set the record straight, Grealish is not a speed merchant, but he can run as quickly with the ball as he can without it particularly in heavy conditions when his calves come into their own Sue.

  6. Hardly an earth shattering statement by Clarke is it, of course we’d like Grealish but we have to be realistic ( not like the Talksport presenters ) it just ain’t gonna happen. Would he sign for us anyway given that other bigger clubs who will pay anything will also want to sign him.

  7. 100 million pounds will be demanded, therefore, no need to discuss this kind of transfer. It is not going to work.

  8. Unlike most players Grealish is a lifelong extremely passionate fan of the club he plays for and do I do not see him leaving them at all, unless they were to go down, which is not likely for the foreseeable future.

    As for us hoping he’ll come, we might as well try to get Herbert Chapamn to return from his grave to manage us. That has an equal chance of happening to Grealish coming: ZERO!

  9. How about selling..
    Pepe…. 40 millon
    Xaka….. 20 million
    Lacca… 20 million
    Sok…….. 5 millon
    Kolas….. 15 millon
    =100 millon =grealish

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