Arsenal urged to sign Everton star – Should we?

Piers happy to give his transfer opinions!

Whilst the latest news coming out of the transfer camp may be that Arsenal have reportedly been turned down by Leicester and England Striker Jamie Vardy, a Gunners legend is instead looking at the other end of the pitch as to where Wenger’s next signing should be.

In a report with the Daily Telegraph, Arsenal legend Robert Pires, has given his say on Arsenal’s transfer dealings and has even suggested that Everton defender John Stones, should be Arsenal’s next summer signing. Pires said: “Arsenal need English players, the Premier League is very physical. [John] Stones would be a good player for Arsenal. Can you imagine Stones and Koscielny at the back? It would be a good defence.”

It is true that for a English club, Arsenal are heavily under-represented by the home nation, although there is of course no real obligation for Arsenal to actually field a certain number of British players each game. But Pires does make a good point in that although we do of course fill our ‘homegrown’ quota, which the Premier League and FA enforce each season, many of those players are either mediocre or young talents.

Stones however may not be the right answer. Overall I do think the young English centre back has a very promising future career ahead of him and he is surely destined to join one of the top clubs in the coming years, possibly even this summer. However I cannot see that club being Arsenal, personally because although the likes of Koscielny and Mertesacker are ageing towards the latter ends of their careers, the Gunners do of course have Gabriel and Chambers waiting in the wings. Therefore such a move remains unfavourable for the Gunners unless one of those decides to move elsewhere.

Chelsea were interested in Stones last summer and reportedly had a bid of £30 million plus rejected by Everton, which just goes to show that firstly Stones probably isn’t worth the money and secondly, English players are massively overpriced in general.


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  1. Robertthegooner says:


  2. josh37 says:

    No stones for me… We have so many players with potential already. No point in investing in potential this window. We need proven performers, especially if we’re in for a CB in which Chambers loan move leads me to believe we are.

    1. Dee@ease says:

      I’m in agreement with you on Stones and besides his said potential I just feel that John Stones is an awful defender who’s over hyped because he’s english and young!

  3. Chokulate says:

    James vardy will be a jerk if he turns this offer down.. who the f** is advising this guy?

  4. TongaBull says:

    Its all not necessary to swear and tear J Vardy bla blah. Lukaku or Aubemiya…….something something is wat we needy. Vardy is gud but he Hz just as gud as OJ but on the flip side

  5. Incarnate says:

    If Chambers were at Everton, He’d get more game time and he’ll prolly play at CB in which case we’d also be shouting ‘sign him up’.

  6. jonm says:

    Wenger believes in a english core to the team. The problem is that our english core have all been injury prone and just have not developed as we hoped.

    Last world cup Ox was very impressive in build up games for england, then he was injured and out of WC. This years Euros, only jack has got in the squad having only played a couple of matches in a year through injury. Welbeck has an excellent scoring record for england but is not in the squad because he is injured.

    Our english players may be mediocre but it is mainly due to lack of playing time because they are always injured.

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