Arsenal urged to sign unwanted Premier League star from rivals

Arsenal fans are pleading on social media for their club to sign Diego Costa from Chelsea this summer, with the striker definitely on the move this summer. The Spanish international revealed that manager Antonio Conte has told him that he is not a part of his plans for the coming campaign, with Romelu Lukaku strongly linked as his replacement.

The Belgian international is also linked with the Gunners, but his supposed £80 Million asking price is not deemed value, but that has not deterred his former club.

Diego Costa was a key part of the Blues title-winning campaign, earning his side more points with his goals than any other player in the division, but will now have to seek a new club to play for next season.

The Brazilian-born striker was believed to have had his head turned by a big-money offer to move to China, and it is not known whether the saga has played a part in Conte’s decision to part ways with the star.

Costa’s preferred destination is claimed to have been a return to Madrid, but Atletico are currently banned from registering new players, and he is unwilling to sit-out until January.

His new club is now up in the air, and Arsenal fans are keen to see him move across London.

Funnily enough, in a Chelsea shirt Diego is one of the most hated men in the Premier League, and at the Emirates he would is strongly despised, but that has not distracted our fellow Gunners fans to see what he brings to a club, and they would love to see him join.

Would Costa be a big improvement on our current options? Is he in that top tier of strikers? Would Chelsea really sell another top player to us?

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  1. Maybe, if he doesn’t lower his performance after moving, like Gallas and Cech. In Chelsea, he has good services from Hazard, Pedro and the wingbacks, but he will not get the same services in Arsenal.

    Rather than signing this troublemaker, I would rather have Patrik Schick or Lacazette. Unfortunately Schick seems already moving to Juventus. Juventus is really smart when doing player transfer.

  2. Yes Mbappe (doubtful) and lacazzette should be our top priorities. If not them, then we should definitely look at Diego Costa!

    1. If Arsenal Sign Diego Costa. I will stop supporting Arsenal. All the value system that we as Arsenal fans hold high will fall to ground and shatter. In my humble opinion Diego Costa should not be allowed to wipe seats at arsenal leave alone representing the team.

      1. Now there is true supporter.

        Please stop supporting us anyway, we really don’t need such fickle supporters.

  3. Costa to Arsenal?? No thanks!!!

    Apart from his erratic attitude, he will soon wanna leave, I mean this is someone that was distracted because he was wanted in Chinese league, even while playing for one of the best clubs in Europe and competing to win the league…

    Can’t even imagine him in an Arsenal shirt…

    1. I would give him a chance, i couldnt imagine Ozil leaving Real to play for us “one of the best clubs if not the best clubs in Europe” The guy has his down days and Shitty attitude, but maybe thats the player we need to shake up our lethargic players such as Ramsey (Plays well 3 games of the season) Ozil (Sometimes plays like he just woke up from the dead)… think about it guys, he is Leathal in front of goal, and i would love to see him score a brace for us against Chelsea Buns

  4. I think he’s off to China for 6 to 12 months and then moves to Athletico when their transfer ban is settled and Griezmann moves on as well.

  5. big NO. the guy always wants to fight our players, Gabriel, Kos and even the young Holding. that attitude shouldn’t be present anywhere near our club. he dives, he cheats (a lot), no way we gonna accommodate such a behavior

  6. £80 million for an unwanted player is a bit rich. I would take him for half that because we need some aggression up front and he is a finisher.

  7. Costa’s not gonna come here, he’s only for sale because he doesn’t like England and wanted out of Chelsea. He’s not gonna make all that fuss and then come to Arsenal. Maybe he’ll take the Chinese money on offer, or at the least bide his time until a Madrid move can happen. I hope he stays at Chelsea, one less rival who can easily outbid us.

  8. In football it is surely acceptable but Costars behavior Is pprohibited in the nature a culture of Arsenal FC. Costa can not cop with our moody players he is a beast in nature and of high ego; have would bully th like to holding, Ozil and Berlin in the dressing room. The guy is drug addict,

  9. well o tink we shld forget about costar and face on Wenger transfer this time cos it time to start buying b/4 its too late. Also nt to buy for branch cos all d new player nid playing time too, see Lucas Perez as etc

  10. I hope he doesn’t go to China. I don’t want to see Chelsea getting more inflated transfer prices… Thats the problem for us, they buy money hungry players who are happy to go to China. Then they get even more money to play with…

  11. l thot wenger had the best scouts in the world who identified hazard,messi,cr7,kane…name them.What happened nw tht he should opt for a diego costa?Will he mamage tht beast?I thinj k wenger should calm dwn his nerves and do things his way as he used to,afterall wots the difference btwn geroud and diego’s style of play?

  12. I don’t know. I really don’t like the bloke. It would be the same thing like manure fans and Mourinho. Rather miss out on that.

  13. Costa is just another south american headed to China…Costa should not even be a striker He is a c.b at best..No he should be in an M.M.A ring

  14. Lol ?? Our rivals want our best players & You want to sign their rejects ?? That’s Great, just Great ?

  15. Mbappé – Yes! I feel sure that this guy has a brilliant future.
    Costa – NO!! I support Arsenal for a reason, and Costa does not fit into that frame.
    Lacazette – Probably not. He scores a lot (like (Vincent Janssen did) but will he be good enough for EPL? According to the leader of the French national team we, in Giroud, already have a better French forward.

  16. Is one having a laugh? Welbeck but not Costa? Gallas but not Costa?

    IMO Costa a good a signing as Campbell was from the spuds.

    Buy the beast

  17. I actually think for football sense it would be a good buy, but ethically no way and this does not have anything to do with him being from one of our nemesis, because all teams have at least 2 or 3 players who are fans or past players of their nemesis, but in this case is the hate for a dirty player and his behaviour towards our players, so this would be unethical, especially arsenal who has a family vibe.

  18. Clearly conte is great at managing his players.
    If content doesn’t want him then there’s a reason!
    Shame because I think he’s just what we need a bit of aggression up front but he’s too selfish and chopsy. #ballotelli mk2

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