Arsenal urged to take advantage of Barcelona’s financial struggles

Arsenal has been urged by Express Sports to take advantage of Barcelona’s struggles financially to sign some of their players.

The Catalans have been one of the worst-hit teams in Europe this season after the coronavirus pandemic affected the finances of clubs around the continent.

They have one of the biggest wage bills in the world and now that their revenue has been affected by the pandemic, they are looking to offload some of their players.

The report says that Arsenal has been linked with a move for several Barcelona players and now is the best time for them to make their move.

This is because the Catalans will be forced to sell their players for below market value as they look to get some money in urgently.

Barcelona is racing against time to meet Financial Fair Play demands or risk being fined.

To avoid trouble, they have a few months to cut their costs by £90 million, claims the report. 

They will have their presidential elections later this month and one of the candidates, Victor Font says that they have to make £72m from selling some of their players before July 1.

Arsenal has been linked with a move for the likes of Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele states the Express.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry about Barcelona’s financial problems, as we have got our own as well!!
    At least it seems Bellerin will be staying now.

    1. Ken, only 6 months to go and then our worries will reduce a bit – both on and off the pitch.I doubt our worry would be over this month.
      No to both – Coutinho and Dembele.

    2. Exactly

      we have financial troubles tooo

      We have taken massive loan to cover our debt

      Fans think that we have unlimited funds just like Fifa21

    3. Ken, Do supporters not read anything on JA or the press. If they did they would see that AFC have just borrowed £140 million from the BoE which is to be used for the day to day running of the club. Does anyone honestly believe we could afford Countino or Dembele. Not just because of what they would cost but also their exorbitant wages.

      1. PatH, and Arsenal used to be called the “Bank of England”, because of their financial management. How times have changed; however no sporting club, including Arsenal will be exempt from the impact of a World wide pandemic on attendances and the financial ramifications.

      2. patH, The tragically sad but honest answer to your rhetorical question is YES, SOME FANS ACTUALLY DO THINK WE WILL SPEND HUGE MONEY THIS JANUARY.
        But then someof their fellow humans, almost certainly relatives, thought Trump was cheated out of the USA election. There are a lot of fans around, AT ALL CLUBS, who sadly lack basic IQ.

  2. Coutinho eh.
    I am not sure if he is a regular in the Barcelona team
    If he is, he is not doing great. Barcelona only seem to win when Messi has a good game.
    I doubt if he would be cheap, and if we did buy or loan him, where would he play?
    Instead of ESR, Xhaka, Eleney or Partey?
    I will say again that I believe Arsenal need a really good goal scorer rather than a midfielder. They need someone good enough to take the pressure off AUBA.
    We should not get carried away with the goals we scored in our last three games, the opposition was not very good.
    So, if we have to spend money, lets spend it in on good forward!

    1. we are in debt too

      we have taken a massive loan

      Fans still think we are fifa21 mode where we have unlimited funds to spend 200 million here and 500 million there

  3. Arsenal are fine, have the best players not only in the country but in the world. What is missing is the Wenger aura. In his worst, did you hear that? Wenger in his worst season lost two home games to ManU and man city. Drew one with Liverpool.
    Everything else was win win win win win.

    Am not saying he comes back but that’s what is missing at the moment, not a striker, not a midfielder but Wenger.

    1. AH BLESS! PLEASE LOOK AFTER YOURSELF AND KEEP TAKING THOSE CALM DOWN TABLETS. Elneny is definitely the greatest ever creative midfielder we have had in our history. PS. CAN I BORROW SOME OF YOUR TABLETS?

  4. Coutinho is a flop though. If anything you go after their younger players. Puig is available and highly rated and could be affordable in the summer. Arsenal would need European football to be an attractive place to play tho.

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