Arsenal v Anderlecht review – Gunners blow three goal lead

Arsene Wenger made just one change to the Arsenal starting line up that beat Burnley on Saturday, with Aaron Ramsey replacing Mathieu Flamini. So with Mikel Arteta having not been available for the away tie in Belgium, Arsenal were hoping to build on our renewed confidence and make this game a lot less nerve wracking than the last one.

But we were nearly behind within 10 minutes after Welbeck lost the ball and Anderlecht sped up the other end and nearly embarrassed Szczesny with a deflected shot. The Belgian champions were looking threatening on the counter while we were a bit sloppy in possession.

Ramsey then nearly gave us an early lead after some great play in the box by Welbeck but the Welshman was denied by a desperate sliding block. And while the Gunners were starting to dominate the ball and create chances, Anderlecht also looked sharp and brought a great save from Szczesny after 16 minutes.

A great run and cross from the right by Chambers found Alexis who was explosive and mesmeric in the box but his shot from a narrow angle nit the post. Minutes later the Chilean latched onto a great through ball from Ramsey and turned it round the corner for Welbeck who was brought down, giving Arteta the chance to score from the spot.

And that soon became two after Alexis’ amazing run led to a free kich which he hit into the wall before rifling in the rebound. Pretty much all his own work from the Arsenal half that one. The lad is on fire. And while the lead was comfortable it was not insurmountable, especially with Anderlecht still getting at our back four.

The Arsenal boys were starting to enjoy themselves and produce some really good football, with the Ox showing blistering pace and nearly finding Welbeck in the centre for a third being a prime example. No more goals before the break and with Dortmund leading and goal difference perhaps coming into it, it was a shame that we hadn’t completely sealed the game.

It looked like we determined to do that right from the restart though. The Ox nearly finished a lovely flowing move within minutes and Welbeck was getting close. We had been working hard and pressing without the ball very well and another example of that led to the third with a dynamite run and finish from Chamberlain.

Anderlecht then got a bit of their luck back from the first game, scoring a goal which should have been ruled offside, while Arteta picked up a knock and Flamini came on with half an hour left. And our defensive problems were highlighted again when Monreal as the last man gave away a penalty and all of a sudden we were facing a very nervy last 20 minutes.

Podolski and Rosicky came on for Welbeck and the Ox but it was the visitors applying pressure and we couldn’t get any control. And just like two weeks ago there was to be late drama as Mitrovic beat Mertesacker to level going in to extra time. So although we should still qualify, Arsenal can forget about winning the group.

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          1. hes emperor ming of arsenal

            off topic-

            piers morgan is trying to bribe vincent kompany to play for us- loool

        1. Normally when I’m pissed off like this, I don’t talk because nothing I say will make sense.

          Good night, everybody!!! I will curse and swear tomorrow.

      1. At 3-2 chambers and Gibbs were still bombing forward.
        I would have brought on Walcott for oxlade .
        Bellerin for cazorla
        Move chambers to the middle to assist flamini who was being overrun in the middle of the pack.
        Told welbeck to put in a defensive shift.

        My verdict
        We need a DM.
        Two CB
        One world class Striker
        And a first choice keeper.
        That was like 3 shots ,3 goals.
        Schnerny must have been our worst player on the pitch.

      2. Screw tomorrow, f****k you all hypocrites who are now calling Wenger dumb names.

        I know some sincere guys like me here who know Wenger is sh*t and have never hid their feelings, and he still remains sh*t.

        But some of you here are damn hypocrites!!! F**’k you hypocrites and good night!!!

        1. Glad you speak the truth. Most people on here just flip their opinion depending on the latest result. People who know better and want better for this club all know Arsene has needed to go for quite a while.

        2. I have been calling Wenger dumb names because I realised he is proper shit many years ago. We don’t know a AKB’s mind. You have to wonder how can’t they see what it’s so f*cking obvious?

    1. Winning the world cup was the worst thing that could happen to Mertesacker. His good positioning and awareness compensated his lack of pace, but he has lost that.

      We are left with horrible cbs without the Boss

      1. 100% correct. At this time I’d rather have Hayden in the first 11. I was pretty much surprised to see Wenger worried when we had 3-0. He knew all along. Well, once more we ruin it ourselves. No good feelings for Sunday.

        1. 100% stupid why is mertesacker getting the blame? He had 96% pass accuracy, 75% tackles,100% arial duel.1interception,6clearence, 2blocks.

          For the first time I can admit that our tactical decisions was wrong at 3nill was the perfect chance to play our slow possession game to take the sting out the game and we still tried to rush forwards to score goals. The biggest let down this season as been szezcney after such a progressive season last year he has gone backwards

          1. 100% aerial duel? If that was true how come Mitrovic scored? Ah, I get it! Wilshere and Giroud did not play today so you have to blame Wenger for pi$$ poor form Mertesacker is in. One more, is spitting in your face that without Arteta there’s no linkup between defense and midfield. How about Ramsey? How about Welbeck? How about Chambers? We were lucky with that penalty because until then Anderlecht had the best chances. Gibbs was also not at his best.
            And please explain how is Szceszny fault for any of the goals?

          2. Let me guess!!

            Wilshere’s fault again?

            It’s been 3 matches that we have played bad football, except 20 minutes against Burnley. Wake up it’s the manager’s fault. Didnt bought a new cdm and a cb, poor team selection, not making changes or making them late, playing players out of position, etc.

            Now that there’s no Wilshere, no Özil and no Giroud, who are we going to blame? Monreal for being played out of position? Wake up!!

        1. arsene wenger is tactically inept- as usual

          everyone bombs forward- clueless

          this is anderlecht

          motherf*cking anderlecht

          1. I watched the studio on Sky Sports after the game. Everybody in the studio ripped Arsenal apart and said that they are tactically clueless for the last few seasons. I totaly agree. Arsene has lost it years ago. He will never win the champions league which he so craves. The foul by Monreal for the penalty? I blame Wenger because he didn’t sign a CB in the summer. Did he expect he’ll have an injury free season? Come, this guy is a joke…Also Podolski could prevent the last cross for the goal. He was running like he was playing the whole game..bad performance. really disappointed. Like you said, this is motherf*cking Anderlecht..

          2. Maybe Arsene needs to listen to the fans more often. How many times have we said our defenders need to stop bombing forward.

        2. dude sub do everything if there are on time but in arsene case he waits for sub when 10 or 5 mins left.he has been old now.

        3. You shut it, 3-0 up and no subs till someones gets injured, this has happeing all the bloody time.

    2. Dont blame players, players dont choose who will play and how they will play, its nonsense, Wenger had 3 months to reinforce our defense but he didnt, so accept and move on, who is next swansea ?

      1. agree. We should still get out the group. Anderlecht are horrible and only we made a mess out it. I doubt they will pick up anymore points. But we’ve secured 2nd… again. Out at R16 once more it seems.

        1. Don’t hold your breath. We can’t unlock a team defending the whole game. Simple as that. We don’t have the patience. Alexis form begins to fade in the 2nd half. This is worrisome.

          1. well he shouldnt be expected to do everything for a full 90 minutes. Its not a concern to me. He was the spark behind all 3 goals yet again.

          2. Well done Arsenal, barely qualified again, now we will draw a team like Barca madrid ect ect
            Madrid and co will F*CK US UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!
            (Tha’ts if we progress, but we will becuase Stan will get money, and stan likes ranches

            1. @captainweestain
              It’s not Barca we should be worried about. Real, Atletico or Bayern gives me the chills…

        2. i am not being rude, but with this mental state we wont win anything, and i am thinking about future, and constant injuries, its like player wants to be injured, wenger needs new pshyhologist for the team, cuz this scenarios are repeating since 2009.

          1. Just to let you know, Diaby is still injured.
            Pi$$ take, conspiracy, wtf is this arsenal, unacceptable.

        3. @RSH
          Don’t count them out just yet. They defended well, countered well and scored well. To them, they just took a scalp. They will be more confident against whoever they play next, trust…

            1. @RSH
              And the yjust came back from 3 nil down at home to us to level it. That goes a long way for a team like Anderlecht. Fair play to em I say…

      2. But lack of effort from our players is a joke… They all can’t be bothered to fight, press, chase down the ball… Can’t they see Sanchez?

        The whole set up is a joke and wenger himself is turning himself into a joke too.. He had the whole summer to address our key positions, Striker, DM and CB…

        Welbeck will not get you 15 goals, he just looks average..

        1. but still, you cant address that to players, simple, team acts like unity and above that unity there is a man who leads them, and that is Wenger, same principles are used in any form of life or business models, just like dogs need pack leader, wenger never had that authoroty, he is just a nice man, you could see how he was under pressure, he loves arsenal but it seams he cant carry it alone anymore !!!

      3. @AlmiR
        Thats a load of steamed BULLSH*T if i ever read it. Players on the pitch have to be held accountable as much as the manager does.
        They gave that match away. AW should have thrown on Sanogo and Walcott instead the crowds favorite prince trurtle podolski and Rosicky.

        1. Everyone needs to be held accountable. The most depressing thing? Was there one person on this site who, hand on heart, could say that they didn’t see it coming at 3-1? 60,000 people in the stadium could see it coming. The only ones who didn’t were wearing red shirts or a sleeping bag. Mertson said it best — absolutely clueless.

        2. Players are doing things for what they are paid, not cuz of you or me, they are employees, if they are not motivated properly they will fail, its all about motivation, players are not moved, by your logic, why do we have managers? just to sit and enjoy nice wheater? they need to transfer their knowladge to the players not in reverse !!!

          1. @almir
            Who the f**k motivates you for your paycheck dude? Your boss? Your dog? WHO?
            Who the f**K motivated those same damn players in the 1st half?
            Save that rancid bullsh*t for someone who gives a flyin 1…

            1. your emotions are darkening your view, to be the best, you need someone to tell you why, everyone can earn money, and players are proving that, even if they lose they get paid, but go to your job and dont work 100 %, boss would fire you, cuz he is motivated by profit, in sport things are different, you get paid no matter what, so motivation is big factor, like it or not !!!

              1. @almir
                Reading is fundamental, but comprehension is “key”
                “Who motivated those same damn players in the 1st half?”

                1. Why do you think motivation is one constant? you can use yourself for example, you can say “I will do something” and you start doing that, in the begining its easy but after some time its much harder, in crtical moments you can judge your motivation, never before, “when there is a will, there is a way” we are not hungry for trophys!

            2. Dude stop being foul mouthed and start making some are one of the few surviving AKBs I know, but for once in ur life..”use your brain” players who see a manager not held accountable for failings over the last 10 years- will obviously take things for granted! Hard pill to swallow but now u see why Fabregas, nasri, van persie, clichy etc leave? they knew we will never win anything ! But for people like you fourth is probably as ambitious as u can get !

    3. …and now that’s exactly what people mean when they say, “Wenger, you need to buy defenders to compete!” Do you listen? Nope! Arsenal till I die. Boosting attacking options alone have never saved a team from losing!

    4. I have nothing but one question for London fans. Are we playing home game today???? Because all i hear is Anderlecht fans’ chants. It’s not a draw game. It’s 1 – 0 for Anderlecht fans. Look how they stayed at our stadium and celebrated. Ashamed!

      1. Stadium??? it’s a library mate for the prawn sandwhich munchers.
        Arsenal sadly died with Highbury

    5. Ok…I’m disgusted!
      That stupid offside goal and some really poor defending cost us two points..!why did we not slow the tempo down and keep possession?
      Nonetheless great game from Alexis and ox

      1. For real, I too felt it, when we conceded 3-1 I just had a feeling we were going to capitulate…. You could see Wenger was nervous and shaking at 3-1, he knew it..

    6. 1 Flamini Is a liability .
      2 Metzkr should go to Italy or spain. Too slow for this level especially when combined with flamini.
      3 Wenger got his substitutions wrongs . That game needed theo Walcott to come on for ox. They pushing for the win ,so Walcott would have been able to exploit the spaces. Rosicky and podolski brought nothing we did not already have on the pitch. They also do not bring anything defensive .
      Removing welbeck ( our best defensive player apart from the back four) was a mistake.
      Someone should tell me why Gibbs and chambers were still attacking at 3-2 ,with a few minutes left.
      Schnerzny must be the worst ever . That guy cannot make a save. Almunia was never this bad.

        1. I’m getting used to it now, i have more hair to rip out, i’m borderline alcoholic
          And i’m ordering a KEBAB!

        1. hahahaha

          sad thing is many ppl here blatantly got excited thinking we are back to our best beating sunderland and burnley!

        2. you have no understanding of formations. You want to go to a 4141 yet you say we have a bad CDM. Newsflash, you need a good CDM to play a 4141! And dont put words in my mouth, I certainly didnt get carried away after our 2 wins.

      1. Wenger needs defenders in his team. Sad to say, but impressively winning against Burnley may be good but sellotapes the defensive problems that Wenger has never sorted out to begin with. This is exactly what happens when you have a loose defensive setup. We need solid players who understand the shape of the defense and have the passion of Sánchez when it comes to executing those duties. We just do NOT have any players of that sort in our ranks.

      2. Go back to 4141?????? You must be very tired and confused.
        He played a brilliant 4-5-1 today and I can tell you we can go places with this formation what he got wrong was the sub ramsey should have been taken off for a better CDM to support weak flamini but we don’t have any.

        1. exactly. This formation is fine, our defense is just too weak in general, and again bad subs from Wenger. 4141 led to the worse football we’ve played under Wenger. That guy is just tired I think.

  1. before people begin stating that we will still go through just remember we were playing one of the weakest teams in the CL at home and could not do the job. The people running the club are only interested in money so getting out of the group is guaranteed extra money. However a true gooner will not want to see us humiliated by the likes of barca and real madrid which will more than likely happen by finishing second

  2. Buy a defender Buy a DM…fukin all through the summer sat on his £8m ARSE!

    Every year the same story in CL…Just not good enough!

    1. Arteta is always better than joke Flamini… He might not be the biggest but Arteta is smarter and can read the game.. Flamini is just like a thug who got lucky to be a footballer..

      1. I don’t get how playing monreal in CB is better than playing Chambers as CB and Bellerin, pr even Monreal on the right. Atleast Chambers can hold off a player.

  3. what if we lead chelsea by 2 points until the 37th but then we lost our last match 38th and chelsea win and win the tiltle invincibles by 1 point 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. u better have more then them sad faces ready bro- this bumpy ride is gonna keep goin

      an we couldnt lead a dog let alone the league

  4. STAT:

    anderlecht performances in england:

    played 15 – lost 14..only draw –with—ohh yeah u guessed it baby

  5. Our defense is a joke… The team can’t press apart from Sanchez,,,,

    Podolski comes on and he can’t even close down the ball, he was joking back instead of closing down the other attackers..

    And Mert is finished, he is a joke defender sorry..

    1. you could just feel something bad was gonna happen with Poldi’s lame defending on that left side. Beautiful cross, beautiful goal. Poor defending all around.

  6. When the refs missed that obvious offsides, I felt that momentum shift. But that doesn’t excuse us for giving up a 3 goal lead.

  7. Who would’ve thought that this would be the most disappointing result in the ucl for us after such a bright start. Sigh… Smh smh smh. I wonder what Sanchez is thinking right now.

      1. ….i ehhh i no signaa up for this senor wenger….jewww makin me u say…ehhh…arsene u tw*t sort ur fackin life out- thats right i alexis sanchez am actually a chav from romford

  8. Flamini has no place in this team. Slow to back track and not at all composed on the ball. Things went sour as soon as Arteta went off. What a load of horse sh*t I’m disgusted that after dominating for 60 mins we conceded three f*cking goals at home. I feel like smashing my tv

    1. I hate arsenal are allowed to completely F*** up my evening. I feel like taking a steel chair to flamini, mertesacker and monreal’s face. I swear we as a club are capable of many thing things but unfortunately this one of them. Every damn stinking year we finish second because of the same sh**. If we concede 3 goals against ‘ANDERLECHT’ at home imagine what the score will be when we get Real Madrid or Barca. Screw this man.

    1. Our team has to realize how important this win was. We have Galatasary away and then Dortmund who is in cruise control at home. We needed to win our last three games to avoid those big teams as 2nd place. And now that we drew the easiest team in our group, we are for sure getting 2nd place. Or we may not even make it! Ridiculous

  9. And we needed some energy on the pitch,. But Wenger decided to sub in Poldi and Rosicky instead of the obvious choice of Walcott.

  10. Ugh, seem to be saying the same thing every single week.. We need another centre back and we need a better DM..

    1. Arteta showed up today, just unfortunate he got injured. But it is clear that we cannot rely on Flamini as our DM. Wenger you have to buy one in January.

  11. you can fool some of the people some of the time and 4th place junkies in arsenal most of the time…but in the end a 2nd rate manger will deliver you third best outcomes…arsenal should recognise that they are more than this tired and inept french bs merchant

  12. Flamini has no footballing brain, he can’t read the game all he does is make stupid tackles that cause us problem..

    The whole team has got to learn from Sanchez, press and keep going..

    I am p*ssed off..

  13. That’s what you get for not bolstering the defence Wenger!! That being said, how could the f*cking linesman not see that offside???

  14. It would have been better if we lost d game altogether, bunch of unserious pussies on the pitch and training ground

  15. Arsenal players SH—— themselves against young boy’s. WENGER and that so called defence coach BOULD should be sacked.

  16. And the loudest i heard the Emirates Arsenal supporters was the boo at the end. Till then all were slipping and cozy holding their di#k in their hands for extra warmth. F#ck you Emirates London crowd. F#ck you Wenger. Fu#k, Fu#k, Fu#k.

  17. This team minus Alexis Sanchez is a disaster. Uncountable cash in the bank and playing monreal at CB because Wenger refused to spend on CB. No dmf. Again he refused to spend. Flamini and arteta the weakest dmfs I have ever seen. Every tom dick and harry overruns and overpowers them. Defense is a calamity. Conceded in every game of the season except just 4 games. And yes get used to it, again we will get the 2nd spot in the group because Dortmund nailed the first spot by winning 4-1. Again barca bayern real psg waiting for us and licking their lips.

  18. I may need meds. I’m laughing hysterically and I’m unable to control it.
    Seriously. What’s this?

  19. Now Arteta’s probably out for a while as that’s always the way we will have to tolerate Flamini who is f*cking shit, doesn’t deserve to be a footballer let alone in the Champions and Premier league. That was f*cking disgraceful and it seems like Sanchez and Welbeck are the only ones who care and what the f*ck has happened to Ramsey? He looks just as shit as he did two seasons back, we desperately need Debuchy and Koscielny back. Knew this would happen, start the campaign with six defenders and you’re grunted to get f*cked over after an injury or two.

  20. So we go to Gala away and dortmund is coming to Emirates. Can we win those game? wait wait can we at least take a point from those games ? What if we get stuck at 7 points ? We are in danger of not qualifying.

  21. THIS IS AN EMBARRASSMENT !!!! I am shocked that arsenal have successfully for the first time in Emirates stadium to see us drop 2 points now we are 2 placed for sure when winning by 3-0 goals. Their RB should have been sent off for cynical challenges and his goal is an offside.
    What we have learned
    1- mertesacker needs kosielny
    2- Monreal’s penalty was soft
    3- van den bore should have sent off
    4- again his goal should have been disallowed
    5- flamini arteta and wenger are a disaster

    Officially our champions league In meta-physical mentally physically OVER







  23. And were currently in 4th spot, were on target for de jae vu for the 99th season running
    oh to be a gooner!

  24. Indeed, nothing gets past Mertesacker.
    Our keeper rarely makes saves these days.

    Arsenal just burst my bubble.

  25. Well I’ve been questioning Mertesacker for a while now, but now I need no more convincing, we need a replacement. 6’6 and that’s not the first, or even the second time this season that we’ve conceded a goal from him losing a 1 on 1 header that he should’ve won.. His strength is meant i be his aerial ability as well.

  26. Can someone also explain to me why they let Ramsey over a dead ball when we have Sanchez on our squad? Who makes those decisions anyway?

  27. PL : Finish fourth. Play-offs. Qualify for the UCL. Sign some players in the name of UCL.
    UCL : Crawl to the round of 16. Then get humped by the big boys. Put 32mil in pocket and Wenger and co is happy. Job done.

    Now Loop.

  28. I knew this would happen wenger keep on playing monreal as cb.i just hope he plays chambers as cb vs swansea bcause they would punish us when we play this pair

  29. Atmospheres at the Emirates was absolutely diabolical tonight, i think the atmosphere really needs to improve at the Emirates. Bit of a passionless pit sometimes, pains me to say it.

  30. I said yesterday to some Gooner on here that we have been lucky that Monreal has played CB against the likes of Hull, Sunderland, Villa, Anderlecht, Burnley…. Play him against teams that do long balls and hustle then you will see how he panics. Monreal and Mert at CB you might aswell not bother..

    Mert is the biggest player in the team but he struggles to defend high balls that are not straight at him, if he has do defend at an angle then he is clueless..

  31. The manager is tactically inept! The team needed some changes early on when the tide was turning but wengers at on his hands till the last possible moment and then made changes when it was too late. Mertersaker what can I say even my 8 year old son new we needed a couple new central defender for the last two years

  32. I dont blame the players, I don’t blame the manager, I don’t blame the board, I blame the supporters who accept to pay the most expensive prices in Europe to watch this S**e team. Wenger doesn’t even know how to manage a game, very poor tactics and very stubborn. everyone in the World knows what arsenal needs before the transfer window, yet, he is always in denial. when the real supporters see the light and start to call for him and the board to go! our beloved team has been toyed with

  33. Another draw and we are in baby…….but we lost(it felt like we did) because of ref decisions(first 2 goals). 3rd Goal was all on PER.

  34. I’m gonna rely on the other teams in our group to get us to the knock out stages.
    1 – Dortmund beats Anderlecht
    2 – Anderlecht beats Galatasary

    That should see us through.
    Come on you non-Gunners

  35. To be honest i hope we don’t qualify and come 3rd.At least we have a change of winning the europa league.

    1. I kind of like that idea. What’s the use of bobble every year at the group stages just to be knocked out by Bayern or Barcelona?

      Problem is we would just embarrass ourselves in the Europa League too. So it would be better to be knocked out by Bayern than the champions of Azerbaidzan.

      1. Well possibly but it would give some experience to some younger players.I don’t see the point of Arsenal being in the Champions League we have no chance of winning and least we could win the Europa League.

      1. We are all dying of a slow, painful death watching our Gunners this season. I don’t think @skandalouz wants another one.

  36. The Arsenal of old and the one I love would at 3-0 would have gone for the jugular and scored 5.
    Tonight we were a shambles, I blame Wenger for sticking with players that are too old or not good enough. You can feel the doubt and mistrust in Wenger rippling through the squad.
    Oh well the players will be back to training tomorrow and smiling for, taking selfies and collecting their pay cheques. Not enough character in this squad anymore, some but not enough, pick your on pitch leader from tonight’s game!
    Fooking disgrace, watch Dyer, Routledge and Bony ravage us at the weekend!
    I predict a 3-1 Swansea win, hope I’m wrong.

  37. Time for diaby and le coq to play..everything went downhill after flamini enterd
    Sanchez and ox great game today

  38. Said it in August will say it again in November

    We will struggle to get out of the CL group and struggle to make top 6..

    If this isn’t evidence that we are a poor side this season I don’t know what is..??

    We will get murdered by any decent team in Europe..
    We are very poor defensively.. And a laughing stock .. Poor Sanchez.. Poor ox.. He’s probably thinking.. Wtf have I let myself in for..
    Naivety has and will cost us again
    WENGER YOU DELUDED FOOL.. Leave now!!!

    1. I don’t know what’s worse… facing RM, Barca, PSG, or Bayern in the knockout rounds or getting 3rd in our group. We needed this win. Why couldn’t they see that?

  39. Could see it happening all the way, we weren’t closing them down after we scored the third goal, letting them wander into the penalty area. Everyone was to blame apart from Alexis, Ox and possibly Gibbs. Was screaming at Wenger to bring on Walcott as only pace was going to unsettle them, and make up for our appalling defence and closing down. But instead he takes off the Ox????? I don’t like to say it but I think Wenger needs to go, he didn’t react when they changed formation. I think Sanchez is covering up for him ATM.

  40. @invicibles49. I reckon I beat beat Mertesacker running backwards!
    never mind Bellerin and Walcott being quick over 60m, let’s have Per’s 60m and 100m time please.
    Blooming camel, offers nothing.

  41. Why are fans so upset it does not matter whether we fin 1st or 2nd in group we can’t win the champions league we are nowhere near good enough to even get close we will qualify then get knocked out straight away realistic fans should know this!!

  42. Like Sunderland, Arsenal players should offer returning the ticket fare to the fans. But wait a minute! There were no Arsenal fans in the stadium. woof!! What a let off!!

  43. Wenger made his tactical mistakes, but would you guys be complaining about him if we still won?

    Our squad allowed Anderlecht to get back in this match. We got that 3 goal lead and the players thought we were out of the woods. Never in the sport of football. We gave up. We lost our fight in the first 60 minutes, the first time I’ve seen us fight that hard in a very long time. We lost that spirit. Even the fans left early. That draw is on us.

    1. So? Where was Wenger then?
      He should have been communicating with the team and made better changes.
      It’s his fault and then the players.

      1. Yes I agree with you. But if Wenger makes an inept move, our squad should have enough experience to trump that. He subbed in Poldi and Rosicky idiotically, but they should know with a 3-2 lead that should be working their butts off defensively. But Poldi came in with a lazy man’s game. In the end, we got Newcastled by Anderlecht.

        1. Have you played football before?
          That ball was about 30 yards out and Poldi had already closed down his path to dribble forward. That cross was a good cross and bad defending by Per.

          1. I prob played the same amount as you. And i see what you’re saying. but look at the way in which Poldi approached the situation. he was just begging for the guy to get the cross in.

  44. Sorry, I want to use this medium to release my anger and go to bed; Arsene wenger is just d dullest coach I have ever seen;how the hell will u sit and watch ur team give up a 3-0 lead when we were not even a man down; this was 11-11aj the tempo was really. High n d boys were tired; wat do u do- u send pple with the same temp;j walcott;pod;roz- he waited till the 81st mins to. Bring those two; arsene dint go instructions to the players on whether to defend. Or look 4 a 4th goal instead he sat there hoping they ll see the game out; sad to say; a mourinho team will. On no circumstance loose that kind of match to a mere andrletch; This has been showing; welbeck has been kiing us since; when he had finished the team arsene wenger subbed him; just so dull a coach; Until Wenger. Leaves d Club, we will not make any meaningful stride, we will continue to be pretenders unless arsene wenger n. His foolish mediocre mentality changes; the board is just wicked only concerned abt thenselves not interested in the fans; like if we r not there they ll b successfull; That’s why they ll live an old. Deluded perenger; if at 65 u r. Dull…..

    1. I agree of what you said.
      What’s the point to wait till the 80th minute to bring in 2 attacking players to defend?

  45. Our players just thought we win after the 3rd goals and stop playing. Saw sanchez was attacking but don’t see anybody follow suit. Our rest of players are just too lazy.

    1. the idea isnt to be playing attacking football in the first place. you say lazy, … i question ur understanding of the game at 3-0 . COUNTERATTACK is the key word. this is anderlecht. they wnt break us down for shit if we actually sat back for once. they dont have the technique or creativity. give them space, and they will exploit, with their young , fast team. all the goals came from us overcommitting and getting caught out on the flanks.

  46. I’m going to say this and some fans might not like it, I wish we don’t qualify for the knockout stages. Honestly we are out of our depth regarding lifting the CL trophy so why waste the time? For more money I guess? The cold truth when hearing a Spurs fan say on ArsenalFanTV that we just make up the numbers every year, IT’S TRUE. We need to focus on domestic matters first before worrying about Europe… I can’t be the only one who would rather us avoid facing embarrassment again from a superior opponent in the knockout stages.

  47. 3-0 and cruising. Shut up shop, keep it tight.
    and it finishes 3-3 it’s anderlecht for fu*ks sake
    We are the only team to give up 3-0/4-0 leads.

  48. really bothers me that ppl on here are blaming mets for this. come on guys. thats not one players fault. at 3-0 amd 3-1 and 3-2 u sit back bith the two central midfielders shielding the back 4. you DONT bomb forward with up to six men. WTH. that creates space for the team that needs it more. you ist back , happy to play possesion or let them come and break u down. then play sanchez and welbz up top and let them counter, maybe with a third player. but not 6 players disposses and leaving HUGE gaps.

  49. Some very worrying signs… Ramsey our player of the season has reverted to his old habits. Cazorla looks like he has suddenly gone into come. No goals or assist for either of them since months.. Welbeck not scored in 4 straight games. Podolski has lost his confidence thanks to Wenger. Joel Campbell now washing cars and serving as a waiter in hotels because he has nothing else to do. Wenger won’t play him… Alexis Sanchez is playing every single game and every single minute. When will he get a rest?

  50. Stage 1 sell Mertesacker to Forest Green rovers if they deem him good enough.
    Stage 2, Ivan get on the phone and get us a new manager asap, #Wenger go home.

    Sick of this now!

    1. #FACK AW hes # brainless I’ll continue to say it win, lose or draw this game reminded me of that New Castle game smfh

  51. Welbecks been at Arsenal a few months and he’s deteriorating, watch chambers will be next!
    The Arsenal effect 🙁

        1. welbeck is the least threatning striker we’ve had in a while. He has 0 presence in the box, all he does is drift out wide. I dont get it. I never thought I’d want Giroud back so much.

    1. the guy worked his a$$ off making runs, getting the ball back, made a few scoring chances too. The fact that he is not scoring is what blinds us from his hard work ethics.

  52. its either the game been rigged or Wenger is not a good manager…

    i take both…..

    time to go Wenger

  53. Mourinho would have never lost that game (sorry for saying so!).
    It was shocking!
    Tactically clueless… As usual !!

    Wenger will honour his contract because, at the end, he has no pressure to deliver results.

    Wenger extended Mertesacker for 2 more years (he is finished).
    Arteta is in discussion too..
    This is a “charity club” and Wenger is rewarding his faithfuls.
    There are no plans for the future because apart from OX and Chambers, there are no true talents (Wilshere is a joke and Gibbs is average).

    What’s next?
    Wenger will come with another excuse even though what we have just witnessed is INEXCUSABLE AND DISGRACEFUL…!!

    3 more years of that farce with a clueless, deluded, arrogant, tactically poor and fake manager… Good luck to us!

  54. They referred him as SPECIALIST IN FAILURE. So what are you expecting. You should hold a banner with wenger out sign, he is finished need to go.

  55. Dont underestimate the players effort, till the 60th minute everything was going well till Anderlechts first goal came which gave them the momentum. Of course Cazorla, Flamini and Mert were inadiquate, and neither Rozza nor Poldi made an impact on the game. MVP for me was the OX and then Sanchez.
    It seems like Wenger knows nothing about tactics, he just sits on the bench playing with his zipper, and waiting for the result to come. Anderlechts manager was constantly giving directions to his players how to exploit our inadiquities and encouraged them to keep going, despite them being 3-0 down. That’s the kind of manager we need to sign. So, Wenger out, as fast as possible!

  56. Whe mourihno said wenger is a ‘specialist in failure’ he also forgot to say his a pathetic looser too..

  57. Sanchez is amazing, but one finger cannot wash the all face…

    What Wenger can do is shake his head in disbelieve… He is the one making the line up and the tactics…!!
    Waited the 80mins before making any changes…

    This is seriously wrong and unprofessional…

    We are dealing with a clueless manager which head has been saved time and time again buy the pure quality of the players.

    I am not going to say that “we might now see his true quality”, but he has won trophies… But again, the players we had before were proper individual gems.

    Wenger is not “fit” to manage anymore… It is just a true fact.

  58. He’s not perfect but we missed Arteta when he came off. If he had stayed on then Flamini could have come on for Ramsey and tightened things up. I’m really annoyed at Ramsey tonight. he’s supposed to be one of our smartest players but all he did was look to get forward. Big response needed on Sunday or this could really blow up.

  59. Wenger please has some respect to The fans, show yourself the door.

    We don’t need to take the transfer as a point, just today match can show that how a idiot manager you become.

    When we are 2 up to the 2nd half, you can make a sub. OK cos of arteta you use a sub but you still Can make two sub but you wait until 80 mins when we are 3-2 than you make that.

    OK their 1st goal is off side but you didn’t make any instructions to your boys and you didn’t make any sub to make them know your intentions that is fking idiot for a manager that collect 8m salary.

    Wenger you really need to get the fk out.

  60. Tonight reinforces why Wenger will probably never win the Champions League in his career. Tactically inept on the big stages. Far too lackadaisical.

  61. We make up the numbers season after season in the CL because our deluded pathetic manager believes he has a team capable of winning it..!!!!!

    He also believes we can win the premier league and fa cup ..!!!

    He has a mule of a striker in Giroud and only buys a replacement on the last day of the season in wellbeck (who is miles better anyway)
    We sell vermalen and don’t replace him.. We have an injured right back a snail centre half in mertesacker who is quite frankly conference level (at best) Monreal is below average and would fit in nicely at QPR .. Chambers only positive.
    We have arteta (say no more) flamini.. Good tryer, on a free.. Not good enough.. Slow players in Ramsey and Wilshere ….
    Enough is enough .. Get the fuk out WENGER.. Retire and if we have Bould in as temp manager and we finish shite manure standard this season but it rids us of the man who is single handedly losing us credibility year after year.. Then so be it and let us rebuild this great club back to the greatness it was instead of an average laughing stock becoming worse by the season..
    It’s getting so bad now that I’m not looking forward to Sunday as I can see swansea beating us.. Then it’s manure at home.. ( better than anderlecht) they will murder us.. Ffs mid table mediocrity by December.. !!

  62. A manager comfortable in going into a new campaign with 2CB…!!!
    I mean, in what world is that guy living?

    Fans paid to watch the game.
    Fans paid the for the new jersey.
    Fans paid for the expensive seats.
    Fans paid for his motherf*cking wages.
    Fans paid for it all…
    And this is what we get?

    I am sorry, but it is unacceptable that a manager with total control of the transfer finance, earning an undeserved massive salary, cannot deliver trophies, major trophies on a regular basis.

    He is a fake and “con” artist of the highest caliber.
    He is not even a “coach”, we can all see it as it is clear to see (fact).

    What the F*ck is he still the Arsenal manager?

    This is not working, not working and for a long time…!!

    People are talking about how “great” he did with little means…
    That is not true.
    He has chosen this path and it suits him.
    I don’t see him taking a pay cut from his £8millions/year.
    Hypocrite, arrogant and upstandard overrated fake manager! That is what he is…

    1. Anyone who looked into Wenger’s life and read between the lines of what his childhood mates said about him will come to the conclusion that Wenger was a “con” artist since his pre-teen years, when he was starting his “football” career.
      Everyone then knew he couldn’t play football, tried him in all sorts of positions and he still failed. However, they’d tell you how controlling and manipulative he was, even at that young age.
      When he was told that he wouldn’t have a successful career in football, he tried medical school and left after he failed again.
      Then he tried economics school which he completed after having to stay an extra year compared to other average students.
      Some may call him “Le Professor”, but he’s been nothing more a confidence man. To call Wenger a “manager” would be to insult all other football managers.
      It’s sad to see the management this wonderful and beloved club not wanting to move forward with new faces, talents and fresh ideas. AFC can be so much more than what it’s become is the last few years under Wenger.

    1. i havent seen Wenger get up off the bench and yell at player ALL season. Only time he gets up is to complain to refs. getting paid 7mill a year for what? Get up and manage please!

  63. Well for me, there were a lot of players out there that were poor. Mertesacker, Monreal and Flamini to name a few. But for me, our worst player was Aaron Ramsey. He showed absolutely no positional discipline at all, ran forward at every opportunity trying to score. He’s not a striker, he wasn’t an attacking midfielder tonight either, he was a central midfielder.

    Wenger spoke before the game about Ramsey trying to force goals and become a goalscorer. It was clear Wenger had told him not to rush forward all the time. Ramsey just showed no discipline at all today. He was good in the first half, looked a threat, but when the tables turn and it’s your turn to defend, you defend! Ramsey didn’t do it…

    Defending a 3-0 lead, fair enough, maybe attack a little more.
    Defending a 3-1 lead, no immediate threat, but sit back a bit just in case.
    Defending a 3-2 lead. Defend. Simple as. Let the forwards attack and hit the other team on the break. A CM should sit and protect the back four.

    That would just be for a regular game, not to mention a high stakes CL game. Ramsey should be dropped in my opinion. Who would I like to see play instead? Wilshere is the obvious choice, but seeing as he’s injured, I’d have Rosicky or maybe Ox.

    Ramsey was great at defending last season, topped the league for tackles before he got injured. His goals came mostly from his engine and work rate last season, this season he seems to fancy himself as a goalscorer. His mindset looks entirely different.

    Rant over.

    1. My thoughts exactly.. We kept having a hole in our midfield after the 3-1 as if we were one man down. Ramsey has also to take the blame for our loss tonight. We seem to care only to score goals and not to defend properly and most of our attackers never track back. PS: I truly think that Podolski is leaving us in January, as he showed again neither passion nor intent(I just couldn’t bare watching him just jogging and not closing down the defenders – it was ridiculous!)

    2. thank you, you just said everything on my mind.. ramsey thinks he is a striker. we are more solid with arteta and flamini playing together, its sad but true. we didn’t concede with those two playing the last two games, even though they are poor, at least they don’t wonder about upfront

  64. To be honest felt like doing a cheeky poke on dat confused manager of ours after this result. I saw the team sheet and with no rotation I knew we were in for trouble already. I mean this is the chance to rest Sanchez and Welbeck for our next game but no our confused manager love to run players to the ground. Anyway even more gutted bcos picked 8 teams on a -1 handicap and with 1eur will be up 3 grand plus now only my beloved team screwed me badly. Guess am done defending Wenger now just feel sorry for Sanchez becos he worked his socks of in this game

  65. I blame wenger for this because should have made subs at 3-0 either be defence or attacking subs.he should have instructed the players to calm and keep possesion but it shows that he is more of a wacther(fan) than a coach

  66. He is finished.
    He is 65 yo and will not change or improve.
    His number 2, Steve Bold, is as clueless as him (unless he cannot bring any inputs).

    Sanchez must said to himself “Luckily they have almost double my wages, because this sh*t does not look close to Barcelona”.




  67. 28 games left in the prem 84pts to play for..
    Currently 17 pts..
    So if we win all our remaining games that’s 101 pts and I’d say we’d win the league..
    Ok that’s impossible so can we win 20 out of 28..? That would be 60 pts + 17 = 77 pts probably enough for 4th..???

    Anyone still believe we can win the premier league..?

    We will win fuk all with the current squad and deluded manager/board who aren’t in it for the true lovers of this club but only as a business and gaining entry into an elite league with absolutely only 1 intention to make money as we will NEVER WIN IT..

    Fans must wake up very quickly to this slow death of our great club!

    1. yeah. if we get knocked out of the UCL, we’re not coming back domestically to much. Good season, you guys.


    -WE WILL FINISH SECOND (And I will say, we will meet another top team and be kick out of the competition because we cannot compete with best).


  69. Can someone get Wenger to leave?

    i will bring in a new manager!!

    this is real emergency and crisis..

  70. FACT:



  71. koss is injured because he’s back is broken from dragging mert :))

    now you all see the REAL merte-sacker. two goals because of him, two games we could have won without he’s mistakes.

  72. Dortmund are 2nd bottom in their league yet they still beat a team 4-1..
    We are 4th yet lose a 3-0 lead to a team that haven’t won on 15 attempts In The uk.!!!
    I get excited at the way we attack but look away in embarrassment at how we defend so poorly.. If we play ANYONE half decent we are going to get shit on!
    We played burnley and Sunderland and won but we are so far behind man City , Chelsea and maybe Southampton that to be honest.. I’m embarrassed for arsenal fc tonight!
    101 times English teams have had a 3-0 lead in Europe and haven’t failed to go on and win the game..
    Welcome to the record breakers in arsenal fc.. The deluded naive fool in WENGER..
    Fuk off Sunday

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