Arsenal v Atletico Madrid review – Gunners blow big chance

How frustrating was that for Arsenal? We had a great chance against a 10 man Atletico Madrid side and produced enough chances to win 10 games but after taking the lead through Lacazette the Gunners gave up a soft as you like away goal to put us bang under pressure for the return leg.

It was just about the ideal start to this massive Europa League semi-final for Arsenal, who came out of the traps fast and put the Spanish side under pressure. After about 10 minutes we had seen Atletico lose their right back and manager to red cards, both deserved, and all was looking good.

Even before the sending off the Gunners had good chances, with Lacazette grazing the post after a great ball from Welbeck found him in space. The France striker was then denied a headed opener by a point blank save. The opportunities kept coming against 10 men but they kept going by the wayside.

As the half drew on the visitors grew into the game and could well have scored themselves, with Ospina making two saves from in form Griezmann, the second to deny what looked a certain goal. It all left the Gunners in a good position but with Wenger needing a big team talk.

After a slow start to the second half Arsenal took control and it soon became like a siege, with Atletico showing why they have the best defence in Europe this season. The breakthrough needed to be special and it was from Wilshere to beat players and produce a peach of a cross. A great leap and headed finish from Lacazette gave Arsenal the lead and a boost of belief.

We played and probed and ran them tagged from side to side, as the 10 men seemed to flag, but despite a host of chances we failed to find a second. That was punished in the most harsh way by Griezmann who took advantage of a terrible defensive lapse to score a killer away goal from nothing.

With 10 minutes left the players tried to regain impetus but it was not enough and we have a huge job on to make the final.



  1. The same old Wenger’s lacklustre Arsenal, always play too cautiously, because they are too afraid to take risks. Luckily he is leaving, but some Arsenal players were too lazy to showcase themselves:

    – Lacazette: Luckily he scored, because he did not work hard in the first half

    – Welbeck: Worked hard, but lack the skills to penetrate

    – Ramsey: Similar as Welbeck

    – Ozil: What kind of “world class” no 10 that could not break the defense of a ten men team? So f**cking predictable and so lazy, Arsenal better get rid of him next season

    – Wilshere: Apart from his assist, the majority of his passes are backward passes

    – Xhaka: Wasteful shots

    – The central defenders: Useless and weak defenders. Arsenal have to replace both of them

    – The fullbacks: Energetic, but not supported by the supposedly “creative” midfielders

    1. Disagree fully team played really well but Spanish stoke held firm and some people want that jackass as our next manager

      1. If that boring performance is what we call “play well” against a ten men team at the Emirates, the players should do the same thing at the Old Trafford and let’s see what would happen

        1. What a way to send off wenger in his last European night at emirates

          Wish half this team would be sold with him going
          Enough’s enough

        1. Hence I will not kill the team tonight, we have to go there and do what we have to do. It is not impossible

        2. Our lack of defending is the reason why we haven’t won tournament in ages. In 2006, when we reached UCL final, it was our defence that did the jobs. We had single goal advantage in many matches while defence did the rest. You remember Villarreal and Riquelme? Madrid had the best set of players EVER !!! Yet our defence held their ground.

          You will see that we will be the one defending next week. That is the tactics in semis final. Respect your opponent especially when you have very minute miles in difference.

      2. Played really well? Uninstall that brain man!

        That was shockingly typical Arsenal all over the f***ing pitch! Wasteful backwards play with no invention or ability to engage in the fundamental basics of attacking football. Almost clueless at times and so damn wasteful!! Suit!

        This is exactly why this set of players are the worst we’ve had under Arsene Wenger. The identity has gone. The football is unrecognizable and biggest disappointment is that they have failed to learn like it’s ground hog day over and over again! At least 6 players simply not even EPL worthy.

        As so, Wenger’s Arsenal career fizzles out with his worst year ever..

      3. Hahaha u are so funny…that jackass draw as a visit with ur god playing 80 min with 10…but u want they play “beauty football” on that conditions…do u think arsenals play is beauty?

      4. The team played very well and I am confident that Arsenal will prevail in Spain to match into the finals. Watch this space!

    2. Monreal deaserves POTY for me honestly.
      Our center backs are complete n utterly useless.
      Welbeck as usual run run run give the ball away.
      Ozil nonsense.
      Lacazette MOTM.
      Thank God Mikhi will be available for 2nd leg.
      I dont want Welbeck on that team sheet

    3. Ozil is one of our overrated players…I don’t see anything special about him except if the team is doing well,Wenger’s team lack discipline what was konscieny thinking?

    4. gotanidea: you seems to have a certain level of anger tonight. Calm down and keep your very harsh criticism till next week. Let us see what will happen. The defence was the only thing that was bad tonight so don’t shoot the whole team down before next week. But remember you want Arteta to be our next manger, he is number 3 or so to Pep and am not sure he can do better than Wenger. But relax till next week.

    1. Koscielny is old and weak now, it’s time to replace him

      Monreal is fighting to get his last big contract extension, might be useful to push Kolasinac or the new LB next season

  2. What the hell Kos and Mustafi!! We should have won 5-0 with so many passes and chances! Pass pass great no clue what to do there with the ball. This feel like defeat.
    I will give players the desire, but thats it. Arghh!!!

    1. Ozil and Wilshere were supposed to be the playmakers, but what they did mostly were backward and sideway passes

      People call them world class creative midfielders, but their first touches were atrocious and their passes/ movements were so predictable

      1. Question is pass to who ? Laca is well defended, Ramsey can not generate enough power, Wellbeck is just running god know where., xhaka is shooting stars and our world class defenders are having tea time…..

      2. Been saying for a while Ozil is no good espescially in big games. Play him against some farmers and he looks world class. Besides that he is NOT good enough. I’d take this new washed up Sanchez over Ozil. He’s terrible and I hope the new manager benches him. I’ve had it. Jack is already gone so i dont really care. Put in a nice cross today but its clear as day he’s not good enough

        1. I do not want to defend ozil as he was below avarage and he and Laca have no god damn chemistry, but Sanchez need Ozil in Arsenal to play well……

          1. I feel like Ozil doesnt even bother to look for runs anymore. It’s just side passes and sometimes a pass to bellerin. I don’t get it. 300k a week to do nonsense passes. Somehow he tops charts for chances created though. I must be blind because I don’t think Ozil is very good.

            1. I do not think you are blind, but ozil still top the charts. However i clearly saw that Laca does not understand his flicks. Everytime he tried it was off… He was complaining a lot. If you look very closely he, Ramsey and Monreal did made runs, but Wellbeck cut to the middle and tried to dribble……

              1. Welbz killed so many of our attacks today, ugh. And i’ve noticed that lately about Ozil and Lacazette. Ozil doesn’t understand laca’s movements and Laca doesnt know what Ozil will do next. Giroud was much better at this. I’m just so depressed. Actually thought we could win this tie. First time in a while I believed. Why…. -__-

                1. Honestly Giroud just needed to stay still and use his head haha.
                  Well i still beliave we can do this. Time to pull some miracles.
                  Mikhy could be back for game so we could have attacking wing instead of Ozil and Bellerin delegating responsibility to each other s
                  who should cross and loss the ball.

    1. True.
      Now I believe that Arsenal have failed to win a major trophy for years, not due to strong opposition or bad luck, but because under the current system, Arsenal cannot sustain a consistent and successful campaign, no matter the opposition.
      We blamed unlucky champions league draw and what happened when we drew Monaco? Ask Ostersands
      We blamed Man utd, Chelsea and City’s billions but what happened when they were out of form? Leicester can answer that.
      And when we drew AM for Europa semis we had little hope.Then luckily we are playing ten men at home for eighty minutes. Oh fcuk! And what do we do with it? No words gooners, no words but pain.
      Now I just want it to be over. A clean slate. Total overhaul. It should never end with Wenger.

      1. yup. This Arsenal style of play just needs to be killed. This is why Allegri is my favorite. Let’s go back to using actual tactics instead of just relying on skills of our players and short passes. These guys don’t know what they are doing. Having no real tactics will never get you a European trophy.

  3. Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass lose the ball get sucker punched the same all season long. Just can’t defend.

  4. Everyone needs to calm down. Asenal played excellent today! BUT once again a defensive mistake costs us. I am so done with this damn defense. Everyone in the back line needs to go!!!!! Kos and Mustafi Out!

    1. Arsenal played like crap!!! 10 mean for 80min and they only manage to score one goal.So glad Wenger is out!!!!

      1. No, we played excellent! Didn’t score as much as we should’ve, but we created a ton and we were winning. UNTIL the damn defense blew it again!! They’re a f***** joke this year.

        1. Okay let say they played well today. However are you confident beating them away from home with 11 man. Bloody Costa leading the line ? If we can not beat them playing so damn well against 10 man ???

          1. No, I’m not so this was our opportunity at the very least to take a 1 goal, clean sheet lead to Madrid and we f***** it up with a defensive mistake. With the team/coach we have it will be an extremely difficult task. We blew an amazing opportunity to increase our odds of moving forward

        2. who cares if we created a ton. Cant score them and scoreline is what matters at the end of the day. Did we play well if we can only put one goal in the back if their net when they are down to 10 men? You get NOTHING for being flashy. Atletico walks away with the better result for “creating” one chance in the whole 2nd half.

    2. Yes, almost all Arsenal players were excellent at keeping the ball today, but there seemed to be no plan at creating goals from open play

      All I saw were Xhaka’s wasteful shots, Ozil’s and Wilshere’s backpasses, aimless crosses

      I missed Elneny’s forward passes. As a DM, he is braver in creating through balls than those fancy sloths in the midfield

      1. What a lot of boll..ks. side passes is what elneny have been doing since he came to arsenal. Just did change his game for a couple of games lately and now according to you this is what we need in midfield. Give me a break.

  5. Only Arsenal gets 80 against 10 men and somehow blow it. Let’s be honest. We all know Arsenal stand no chance away from home. This one is down to the Arsenal players. They just aren’t good enough. Lacazette with a hattrick of chances, Ozil is just not good enough. 300k a week to play a bunch of short passes. Welbeck faded after 15 minutes… It’s just so poor. The same stuff we’ve been seeing the latter half of Wenger’s tenure at the club, but this time the whole stadium was behind them, they had a real reason to want to see AW out with a trophy, but at the end of the day the talent is just not there. Wow. TEN MEN FOR EIGHTY MINUTES! Horrible. Call me negative all you want but we have seen this type of Arsenal so many times. Happens every year in UCL and it has continued the second we come up against quality opposition. Players let manager down and can’t wait to see the majority of them out.

  6. So gutted…. should have won that… can’t see us scoring over there.. they’ve let in 4 goals all season. Our defence is pants…awful… shocking….I’m so pi**ed off now… thanks Kos & Mustafi

  7. Really now…Arsenal do not deserve to be in the final. ATHLETICO now has the advantage. This was their chance to finish the tie. But they made heavy weather of it. Need a miracle now . Cos next week they play against 11men . And all ATHLETICO need to is defend properly like today. Really disappointing. Hopefully we can get an early goal. Not gonna be easy

  8. And that is exactly why I want Wenger out, and Simeone in, because that game showed the defensively capabilities of both sides. We’re awful, as always! Just one long ball straight down the middle, and we can never seem to cope with it. Atletico have a man less for almost the entire game, and defend like lions!

    Wenger yet again, cannot win a first leg against a quality team. We’re gifted an amazing opportunity, and as always, we blow it!

    Can anyone see us winning over there 11 vs 11? No chance!

    1. sorry but how is that down to Wenger? Two international CB’s cant deal with a long ball. There is NO EXCUSE! You know I despise AW but just not knowing how to deal with basic balls at the back is down to personally being a pile of dog crap.

      1. @RSH
        The glory of victories or winning cup is in the CV of a manager. Why should the loss be off the book.
        Luis Enrique had a very bad CV while managing AS Roma, but had a very intimidating CV in Barcelona.
        Nobody will remember, in 50 yrs to come, the qualities of players available to him in those clubs. Only record will be available.
        Wenger bought these players. The buck stops on his table. Period

        1. Everything you said had nothing to do with Kos and Mustafi messing up. Wenger can control their bodies now? These are experienced full international fullbacks. One was in a world cup winning squad. There is such thing as personal responsibility at a point and our CB’s have none. There is no coaching to be done in that situation, it’s just called being terrible. We’re not discussing CV’s, we’re discussing very basic defending. I was VERY Wenger Out, but I can’t blame him for every single bad thing that happens. Thats ridiculous. There are 11 players with minds of their own as well and they couldn’t get the basics correct

          1. I blame him for not having plan B honestly. I blame him for not subbing when team was aimlesly trying to break them.
            I blame this defeat on Kos mainly.

            1. who was there to sub on though? And up until that point we were handling everything fine. Atleti didnt have an entire attack that whole half. I can see why he didn’t sub. I guess Wenger is at fault for assuming the team wouldnt let him down for the billionth time. Still it’s very hard to blame Wenger in the end for something VERY SIMPLE that turned into a goal for no good reason.

              1. It is so hard to say his name, but i really thin Iwobi cloud penetrate better than Willshere in second half around 70 min.

                1. haha, who knows. Wilshere was pretty useless today, but did come up with the one moment that led to a goal. Sometimes I think Iwobi can be useful but then I see him play again and I get reminded about the truth.

          1. @RSH

            Wenger is responsible because he picked them! They’ve both been awful all season, yet Wenger refuses to drop them, and guess what, they mess up, just like we all knew they would. If you’re not going to punish players for poor performances, then how will they EVER learn from their mistakes?

            1. Chambers is hardly better than either of Kos or Mustafi. Blame Wenger for putting together a crap squad, but in this one instant he put out our best team. Kos and mustafi need to take personal responsibility for messing up. You can’t just point the finger at AW for everything bad that happens.

              1. With the club for 22 years and leaves with Kos and Mustafi at centerback. Kos is old and Mustafi is shit. And this Manager is leaving us with these two and 2 young average at best Brits. That is the shame. So ofcourse he cant control their bodies but he could have bought better players many times over. I am glad he is gone. But who ever comes will find an extremely unbalanced and unmotivated squad who has forgotten what it is like to be winners.

                1. I totally agree he’s put together a crap defense. That can’t be debated. Still, you expect full internationals to know how to deal with a basic long ball. Same situation with Mustafi idiocy against City. It’s just being a bad defender. Do you think Atleti fans blame Simeone for their player getting two yellows for two stupid fouls? Those mistakes are on the player. Koscielny was just trash today, but I’m sure the majority of our fans would have held onto him at the beginning of the season and have played him in this match despite his poor season. Can’t see into the future unfortunately.

  9. Koscielny is always making mindless and idiotic mistakes.Instead of closing up Griezmann he chose to make an acrobatic clear up and guess what…

    1. We can score over there but its at least two goals cause with this défense we are coing to concede

      1. yup. Gotta factor in the one customary goal Arsenal concede every game. Such a shame. Chances we go through are close to zero unfortunately. Simeone can out coach Wenger in his sleep and the next game will be 11v11

    2. Koscielny made a lot of mistakes when he has Mertesacker as his partner, but he looked better because he is more aggressive and faster

      Mustafi’s style is too similar to him. Either one of them is replaced by a taller/stronger/sweeping defender or sell both of them

      In my opinion, Koscielny has to go in the next season, because he is much older than Mustafi

  10. its the same story again and again which we cannot address, possesion, pass dominate and still find a way to implode. you will never see Bould manage again.
    10 men for 85 minutes our defence still manage to f##k it up. I cant wait to see new faces at Arsenal. players, coacing staff, that awful medical team and hopefully one day the owner could go a minute too soon.

  11. I don’t know what the hell those players are told in training score the perfect goal? Too many stupid one twos, not clinical enough as ALWAYS! Any wonder Wenger was sacked can’t even beat a team down to 10 men the whole game! No excuses Atletico might be digustingly negative but we had plenty of chances just not good enough! And Koscielny out! Fella is completely past it concentration of a goldfish!

  12. I praise my gunners mate who have against all odds have continue to watch our games after so many disastrous outings this season.
    I have closed doors on our matches since January this year. I thought we will reach final of EL so that I can come to watch our game once again.
    Now that EL dream has ended, I guess my next game is in Pre-season Emirates cup if that still exist.

  13. Did we expect anything different? This is Arsenal under Wenger for God sake… I commend Athletico, great defensive organization.

    1. Arsene had nothing to do with it this game. Individual defensive mistake again! If Kos and Mustafi are not replaced this year I will be amazed!

      1. i thought we could get away with just one CB signing but it has got to be two. If board isn’t ready to spend big money this summer our troubles will continue. Those two are not near good enough. Even when Kos was good he would still make those stupid mistakes honestly. No more of this.

      2. @Ozilla
        Who bought those players for Wenger ?
        When a player continue to make perpetual mistakes without improvement, you either sell him or confine him to bench by giving another player opportunity. I am sure Koscienly will start on Sunday again. . How’ll he know the gravity of his misdemeanor? And if Wenger does not have a viable bench to turn to, whose fault is that ?
        Do you realise 2 of the 4 starters at Atl. Madrid backline did not start tonight. They have 2 makeshift defender out of which one got sent off. Yet, we couldn’t break them down.
        In as much Wenger will be given credit had we dismantled them, he should as well take the blame for the lame game played.

        1. I completely agree that how we got to where we are today and the squad we have is Wenger’s fault. No doubt! But speaking solely about today, the match should’ve ended 1-0 if not for school boy errors. This would’ve given us a chance at Madrid. Now at 1-1 it does not look good for us and I blame the stupid individual mistakes. AND it is not the 1st game Kos/Mustafi make AWFUL individual mistakes. I’m just tired of them because they’re very frustrating.

          Overall Arsenal – Wenger’s fault
          Today specifically – Kos and Mustafi

  14. Why do we continue to play like Giroud is still out there…I’ve never seen so many crosses to nobody…this manager has completely lost the plot when it comes to playing direct…Henry would be an average player under this current regime due to the glaring lack of service

  15. …..must we always concede, we were not ruthless enough to begin with, Koscienly what was that?

    And this lot still expect fans to pat them on the back and support them with recurring mistakes?? No way!

    Am so frustrated!

  16. This team is lacking leadership qualities. Godin at the back for Atletico slowed the game down when necessary and command the game. With Kosielny’s experience there’s no way he should lose a ball like that in a big game that we needed to win and not concede. 11v11 in Madrid will be a harder task but the players attitudes has to change.

    Why weren’t they more direct? Pass, pass and pass until Atleti got settled playing with 10 men and made it more difficult for us. Ozil did well, Xhaka played like a good midfield by distributing the ball well, Lacazette and Monreal were probably the best for us. We blew such a great chance to go in Madrid with at least 3 goals lead!!!

  17. I’m a gooner forever but I think I’ll stick to the games only so I think it’s time for me to bow out.

    Today was a rude awakening. We simply just do not have quality. The rude awakening wasn’t that I did not know that but more so that I thought something would change to give the boss a magical send off.
    Anyway shoutout to muff, NY, fatboy and all the adversaries from back in the day like philthompsons nose and off course my best Regards to the gooner today like Sue that have faith beyond belief.


    1. or even bloody Giroud oh god how i wish Auba could play. We had no plan B that was the bigest problem.

    2. Yes, and with Oxlade as well

      Forget the past… Hope Arsenal get more powerful, faster and younger players next season

    1. The players had the chance to get to the final easily, but they did not want to put extra effort

      A bunch of fancy sloths, do not deserve the title if they keep playing safe like this

      There is still chance at Atletico’s turf, but it would be slim

  18. Useless defense
    By the way I was following Marseille vs Salzburg and Marseille will be tough to beat if they reach final, given that the final is in Lyon, France.
    ….and Marseille know how to win at home. Not this bunch of Arsenal sissies who can’t keep their legs shut

  19. i wonder how many feet Arsenal has…cos they have been shooting their own foot for years…such pathetic defending, was thinking that 1-0 was not enough to take to Spain..but guess what? they had to make it a f**king mountain to climb at Spain next week.

    1. Well it could be worse. It could be humilating defeat as usual, but AM is more defensive side so humilating draw is what they do for us now. I hope we win in regular time. Penalties is suicide with mentality of our players. Ozil with weak accuret shot, Xhaka bomb to crosbar, Wellbeck over the bar, Laca on target etc 😀 😀 😀

  20. It was very simple, instead of passing passing passing, hold the ball a bit wait for them to attack and exploit the gaps. They could have easily won by at least 4 goals

  21. I think any of Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Man city even Tottenham could easily made this tie to bed

  22. A decade too long of wenger … lack of power and passion is palpable …. time to move on for him and a good half of the pampered squad he has nurtured in that time

  23. FFS, I have always defended Wenger, but any, repeat ANY other manager with half a brain won’t be playing a left footed CAM on the right. Not one in the f’ing WORLD! I don’t care who will take over it can be anyone from any league, all he should do is slot the players where they really fit and we will have +15 points without selling/signing anyone. F’in tired of this sh!t.

  24. I do wonder where the new manager even has to do to start bec there aren’t many good players who are even worth working with.

    I truly believe that this team is far for being strong. Bad goaly who cant make saves, wing backs who cant cross, defenders who cant defend, midfield who cant play other then sides passes, wing man who cant take players on. Only the striker is actually being a striker.

    And the papers are trying to make us believe that we have only 50mil to spend. This is a efin joke. You can bring even Jesus down and make him manage this team and he could do nothing even with his magic.

    Wenger trully has turned us into a 6th place team. Even with 11 players they will play the same game against us. But the joke here is that other teams dont need to do much to beat us, coz we are unique from all as we are the only team who are very good in beating them self’s. If we can stop our selfs from doing damage then i can see us beating Atletico. And i truly mean it.

  25. Didn’t see the match or hear the score until I got in at 11.30 (I live in Alicante). Why was I not surprised to hear the score. Not only did the defence let them down but forwards also. Nothing changes. How can you get excited when you can predict the score. Actually I was expecting a defeat.

  26. with Giroud and Alexis Sanchez ……..Arsenal will score at least 6 we dont have a
    clinical scorer at this moment

      1. bench. He’s not clinical. It’s shades of Giroud at the beginning of his arsenal career. Had an easy chance to score when it was 11v11. This guy cost over 50mill and is not delivering. Hoping his 2nd season is much better.

  27. Obviously disappointed we could not make all our chances count – but we are by no means out of it yet! Still hopeful, no matter how slim our chances, that we will get the result we need in Madrid 🙂

  28. I was so annoyed that all the tenacity just went off after they got a red card
    From that moment we started playing as if the game was already won
    I knew if the first half ended without a goal they would close-up everywhere in the second half.
    Wenger should have been barking at his players when there was plenty of space in the first half but they kept being lackadaisical
    We would outplay them in the second leg but most likely concede too much to win, these CBs are too shitty

  29. This result sums up life under Wenger and why he is leaving. Can we bring in the new manager now rather than at the end of the season?
    The fans were brilliant tonight and didn’t deserve that!

  30. To be fair oblak made some ridiculous saves. Our CBs belong in a circus not a football pitch. If oblak somehow isn’t playing the return leg and we get myhki back, anything is possible

    1. Malch95

      Just replying to your comment about Oblak since some fans made a point that hiring Simeone
      would not be good for Arsenal style of play
      1. We have no style of play. Our style is slow outdated and predictable.
      If you watched the Liverpool match a couple days ago you probably watched pace of play at a different level. A level that Arsenal are not capable of under this manager and sub-par players.
      2. Best teams are built to defend well and if you look at most world class teams they have at least
      a world class GK – City won the title with an investment to a new GK who made a great contribution and more defenders to shore up-nothing like that at Arsenal the last 10 years
      3. Tactically the manager is out of his depth in the current world stage – Younger managers are making an excellent case effectively changing the way the game is played and getting the results to go along.
      For Atletico to come in play 80 minutes and score a goal on the counter is because the group has
      tactically adapted to the methods and the discipline enforced my Simeone.
      Wenger is treating the group like his son in law and that is not acceptable professionally any longer.
      We do need 200 mil to overhaul this group. And we may need to go into a spell of playing
      efficient football . That is the modern game . The sooner fans get it the faster we can adapt.

  31. Let’s face it, Arsenal created enough chances to win three games. Arsenal only scored one goal because of a combination of poor finishing, solid disciplined defending by Atletico and a great goal keeping performance by Jan Oblak.
    Ospina had a good game for Arsenal making some fine saves. As for the goal conceded what are Koscielny, Mustafi and Bellerin doing so far apart against a single striker Griessmann? How does an international defender like Koscielny allow Griessmann, who he plays with in the French National team get goal side of him? When Koscielny gets his foot to the ball why doesn’t he blast it into the stand rather than try and be fancy? When will Mustafi play with studs on his boots so he doesn’t slip over all the time? Absolutely comical defending.
    As an Arsenal fan all you can hope is that Arsenal go to Madrid with a positive attitude, be clinical in front of goal, can score first and make Atletico chase goals. Unfortunately everything then does depend on a strong disciplined Arsenal defense against Griessmann and Costa, something of a rarity! Arsenal have some great away wins in the past; however the question is, is this team up to it? Chelsea won 2:0 at Atletico this season, so there is hope.

  32. The most frustrating is the fact that we actually played much better when Atletico was still with 11 men! After the send-off we suddenly took our feet of the gas & played cautious control game.
    Lacazette, Welbeck, Xhaka & Ramsey performances were shadows of the game they played against West Ham juz a few days ago…
    The saddedst thing is Bossceilny who has been my hero for his work rate & never say die attitude was at fault for Atletico’s goal & Mustafi aint helpful enough either.
    Koscielny is not the same player as his first few years at Arsenal & no longer good enough to play for us if we were to fight for trophies…
    But it’s ain’t over yet, Still got the return leg to make up for this!

  33. We have to score in the second leg by any means, if so, we can go to the final. As to me Atletico will have an open play as there are playing at home. therefore, we can get more space to score.

  34. Lacazette scored a great headed goal and grazed the upright with another. Griessmann had a lot of luck with our diabolical defending, two lucky deflections off Koscielny and Ospina and Mustafi slipping to score his goal. Defense as always was Arsenal’s problem.

  35. The game was already ours to take but we didn’t take the golden chance given to us by the referee. Atletico were a man short & knew they didn’t stand a chance playing with a pumped up arsenal team the same way they started the game so they dropped back. I knew it was going to be difficult breaking their defense bt we pushed too far forward & forgot that we were playing a very sound team & they punished us. I blame only the defenders cos they logged off when it mattered most. I hope we get the better of them next week though. God bless AFC.

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