Arsenal v Atletico Player Ratings – Good performance awful result

The story of our season continues. Arsenal had an amazing 76% possession and 28 shots on goal, but the usual one defensive error and it ends 1-1. We’ve all heard this one before. Let’s hope Oblak doesn’t have such a good game in Madrid….

So here are my player ratings..

Ospina – 7
Actually played quite well and at least tried to stop Griezmann’s goal

Bellerin – 7
A good attacking performance but not much needed defensively until it was too late

Mustafi 7
– Our best defender but that crucial slip came at the wrong bloody time!

Koscielny – 5
Captain? World class defender? Oh my what was he thinking?

Monreal – 6
Spent most of his time attacking and was nowhere near the box when they scored

Xhaka – 7
A pretty good game, but his shooting was way off…

Wilshere – 6
Lively but little end result. seemed to be targeted by Atletico a lot

Ramsey – 6
Very good game, but nothing went right for him

Ozil – 7
Attack attack attack! Was involved in everything but

Welbeck – 7
Did well but rarely came inside from his wing position. Got a couple of shots off though

Lacazette – 8
Great header and was involved causing them problems all game. Was unlucky not to score again..

Subs – No Subs! That is very unusual….


  1. gotanidea says:

    It’s time to replace the old and weaker Koscielny. Xhaka wasted his shots as usual, instead of trying to make through balls like Elneny

    Wilshere and Ozil were out of ideas. So-called world class and legendary playmakers were impotent against a ten men team

    Those four stooges could only do fancy stuffs without concrete results, played too cautiously with hundreds of backward passes. Even though Wilshere produced an assist, those four sloths must go away from Arsenal ASAP

    1. Midkemma says:

      “Wilshere and Ozil were out of ideas. So-called world class and legendary playmakers were impotent against a ten men team”

      I know, how did we end that game without scoring… =.=

      1. Midkemma says:

        Oh and also, did you not see the numerous times Welbroke had the ball and it was Wilshere who had thread the ball to him, only for Welbroke to lose the ball.

        You moaned about Ozil but he was kicked about and dragged about while the ref let it go by. He made some tough calls but also ignored a lot in that game.

        It sounds like you watched the highlights only.

        1. gotanidea says:

          I watched the entire game

          Ozil and Wilshere almost never went past an opponent, because their movements and passes were too predictable

          If Luis Enrique comes, I wish he would bring Denis Suarez, Sergi Roberto, Adama Traore, Andres Iniesta and Rafinha to replace Arsenal spoilt kids

          1. stubill says:

            Your name on here is gotanidea, but I can’t remember the last time you had a good one!

          2. Lupe says:

            What is this your fascination with adama traore. You mention his name in almost every post like he is some world-class player. All he has is speed with no end product, one of the worst players i have seen in the premier league for a long time and isn’t he still at Middlesbrough? All the other players you mentioned are either not good enough, too old or not available.

          3. gotanidea says:

            Adama Traore has a good potential to be the next Mo Salah

          4. GunnerJack says:

            Perhaps best stick to the plastic cutlery

    2. Babasola says:

      Wasted shots as usual?
      As usual where?
      His shots are 95‰ accurate but for yday as he tried to lift them above a crowded defense
      Did u notice how many of our shots they are willing to put their bodies in for to block

  2. Break-on-through says:

    I thought Wilshere played well I must admit, everything was going through him and he was switching the play nice and quickly. I was thinking Bellerin Wilshere Xhaka Lacazette were the best players on the night. Lacazette was immense and he seems a typical European striker, hard for defenders to box in and you can’t turn your back on him for a second. After that I was looking at those three and I was thinking either Wilshere or Bellerin were next in line after Lacazette, Bellerin got good crosses in and he was probing all game, also switched from offensive into defensive mode so quickly but they all done that when a ball came loose with AM trying to counter. Wilshere was very important in this game to keep the ball rolling and the pressure on Atletico, but he was also careful not to play stray balls or to get caught too high up the pitch ..very good game from these lads. I was a little underwhelmed by Ramsey’s performance, he got back and put good effort in at times but he just didn’t have the space to work inside the other teams area. Ozil too, it took too long for him to see where the space was but he didn’t try passing it over the top of defence, nor did he take his first man on in a duel enough times, that can make players lose their shape and come towards you it also could have gave Ramsey the space he needed. They didn’t play bad, everyone played well minus that relapse at the back, some just played better. Did anyone say Giroud? yet.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I’ve read Bellerin wants the number 2 shirt next seasons.
      Maybe he is seeing this as the perfect chance for a fresh start without leaving AFC, new manager… New number?… New Bellerin?

      He has talent and it has hurt to see him stagnate but maybe he has turned a corner and we will see the better Bellerin play more often 🙂

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Whatever it is. I just dont want Welbeck on the team sheet next thursday.
    Mhiki is back.
    Plus i think we can pull it, we just need to score an early goal away, so it’ll pile pressure on them to come out.
    But Arsenal is fond of disappointing so i’m not gon keep my hopes high

    1. Sue says:

      No doubt more disappointment on Sunday!

  4. Jeremy says:

    I think you had forgotten. Football is about goal scores, not possession nor shot on goals.

    The Central Defenders should be given a rightful 4.

    1. Midkemma says:

      You didn’t watch the game then?

  5. Sue says:

    I really like Laca ? hopefully he’ll score again next week. Agree with the ratings….. so very frustrating, I guess we have to look on the bright side… there is still a little glimmer of hope. Hope someone takes Costa out next week ?

  6. Midkemma says:

    Kos made that one error but apart from that I thought we played well, I do feel that extra credit needs to be given to Oblak and for anyone watching, that is what a top GK can do for your team, keep you in it when the outfield was totally dominated.

    I know Kos was the one who made the error but I was more fearful of Mustafi commiting a stupid foul and giving them the goal, Mustafi for majority of the game was a lower rating than Kos.

    Jack played like it was a few weeks ago, top game for him and after the past couple/few games it was good to see him put the effort in and get an assist.

    Xhaka I thought was playing for the next manager, he was helping to defend and also shown a good bit of pace which left my jaw hanging XD

    Laca was unlucky, on another day he could have had a hat trick.

    Welbroke was Welbroke, when he played well then our attack got more of a bite in it but when he disappeared then we struggled to have much penetration.

    I am frustrated at the result but I have to give credit to Oblak more than blame Kos, oh and Godin playing the ref like a pro, “Oooh Ramsey chest connected with my shoulder as I was looking behind to step into him, I get fouled, poor me”

    Seriously, if Mustafi did that and wasn’t given then we all would have raged about Mustafi, the ref had a good game overall but that was a blunder and their players started to flop like fish out of water to play the ref.

  7. Arsene is Out says:

    We played to the best of our abilities. This Arsenal team with this manager can not play any better than that.
    With a new manager and a couple of new players this would have been different.
    For me apart from the obvious defender and DM problems we are seriously lacking quality on the wings.
    Since we might not have enough money to buy defenders, a DM and wingers. Maybe we should think of playing 3 in the back and Bellerin and Monreal/Kolasinac as wingers.

    1. Umoren says:

      Selling Chamberlain and Walcott without similar replacement was a bad decision. We lack players who can run with the ball.

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      Arsen is out,
      So suddenly we haven’t got any money?
      We were being told on here that Wenger had all the money he wanted and cash wasn’t a problem.
      We were also the third/fourth richest club in the world and it wasn’t Wengers money it was ours.
      As for your view on the game, was you at the ground or did you watch it on TV?
      I was there and we had a team that showed exactly what Wenger has been saying all season. They could and should have performed like that all in every game.
      Wellbeck had a great game and posed enormous problems for them. He is getting stronger with each game and i see him as a very very good first team squad player.

      I urge everyone to remember what was promised once Wenger had gone and start spotting the excuses as they start to come in.
      Not enough money to buy players? So how has that changed in the few days since Wengers statementabout leaving the club?
      It’s been reported that Enrique wants £200million before he signs for us, if that’s true and he gets it, the board and owner should hang their heads in shame.
      Someone (and it wasn’t Wenger) pulled the plug on Griezmanns transfer to us and now look what has happened.
      Really can’t wait for Arsene’s autobiography to come out. Then we will see what has gone on within our club.

  8. RSH says:

    Wilshere and Ozil were okay. I was harsh on Ozil yesterday but he did create some good chances. I just hate how many of his passes end up being pointless. Arsenal players cant finish though. Lacazette has a high rating why? Any striker worth 50mill should’ve scored more than once, he had some easy chances. Ramsey also shouldve knicked a goal. Nothing else to add about our CB’s.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      I think you’re harsh on Lacazette; his headed goal was as good as you see, given his positioning and the elevation he had to achieve, he hit the post and Oblak made a great safe. You have to give credit to the goal keeper.

  9. arie82 says:

    Mustafi 7, i give him 5
    He can swep the ball away, but he choice to slip for no reason
    Koscielny can secure the ball, but when the ball is bouncing back, it call bad luck.

  10. Lupe says:

    The players did ok yesterday, but we are still lacking a few things in terms of tactics like defensive organisation, directness (stop the tikitaka sideways pass pass pass tactics, replace with more vertical passes with players taking up positions in between the lines to open up the game, wingers to take on the fullbacks) and finally we need pressing. These are some of the tactical changes the new manager would need to bring to elevate us as team and take us back to a style closer to what the invincibles played. This is why i like thomas tuchel because he fit all of this. Luis enrique plays tikitaka too with emphasis on keeping the ball with is like what wenger plays at the moment. Even guardiola plays a more direct style now in the premier league.

  11. #MAGA says:

    Everyone screams for Xhaka to shoot but when he misses they all say why did you shoot? He played well and Bellerin played exceptionally well. As for the writer saying Wiltshire did nothing, who crossed for Laca to score? Just asking……. Someone said Mustafi chose to slip for no reason, huh? He slipped, he didn’t choose to slip, wtf are on about?
    Just saying….#muppets

    1. Sue says:

      Imagine what Bellerin & Xhaka will be like under the new manager ?

      1. Rkw says:

        Hopefully they will be somewhere else … Neither would be anywhere near another top 6 team let alone title chaser …i am not sure I can think of a worse 35m expenditure .. Oh just a second how much did mustafi cost us … Whoever shelved out 70 m for this spine shouldn’t be in football

        1. Sue says:

          Potential my friend, potential

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      Agree completely #MAGA.
      There were people last night screaming “shoot shoooooot” when the ball was just over the halfway line.
      I just don’t get what these “supporters” are seeing.
      Mind you, I’m surprised they haven’t said Wenger was to blame for Mustafi slipping, because they all believe that’s what Wenger coaches them to do it seems.

  12. tat says:

    Subs – No Subs! That is very unusual…
    If you look at our available sub, there weren’t much we could change tbh. Unlike atletieco , they have many game changers on the bench.

  13. Lance says:

    Twice I noticed Lacazette holding on to the ball in AM’s penalty area when he could have passed to Bellerin but did not. Was that the after effect of their reported clash during training or was it just my imagination?

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