Arsenal v Barcelona review – 2nd goal kills Gunners’ hopes

I cannot be too hard on Arsenal because for so much of this big game that we were expected to lose the Gunners got it right and looked like we would take it right down to the wire in the second leg at the Nou Camp in Barcelona.

But then we were caught out pushing forwards and they hit us on the break for the first goal by Messi and then the tie was taken out of sight when Flamini flapped a leg and gave away a penalty to give Barcelona a two goal advantage which you would have to say kills the tie.

Arsene Wenger got his tactics right and for most of the game it looked like we would go to to Spain with very real hopes of causing a massive upset. But then it all went wrong. To be fair we we did have enough good chances and with some sharper finishing Arsenal could have had a goal.

We did not do it though and now our chances in Europe are all but gone.


    1. as soon as i saw flam come on for coq: wenger’s lost it. he was good once. but he wont learn. thats why we need a new manager.

      mert: wish we couldve played gabriel.

      giroud: not a world class scorer.

      1. so solid crew – 21 seconds ‘flamini’ remix

        i got 47 seconds to go..
        i got 47 seconds to go..

        if u get me on the pitch
        il kick you in the d**k

        and say goodbye to the champions league

          1. At this level you get only one to two chances to score per game. We need a striker who can take those consistently. Giroud is not that striker. Sadly ox and Walcott are also stuck and not progressing. Also, In summer monsieur Wenger failed to get a backup cdm for coq. Both those failures accounted for our failure today. Our team are like a bunch of teenagers: they get excited when attacking and forget we were the ones supposed to counter attack. Did they forget the game plan? Or did our deluded manager tell them to go for it??

        1. Arsene clueless on the subs once again! And the concentration in the second half was all gone once again. Arsene is never winning the Champions League. Hopefully he’ll decide to leave one day, so we can get excited again…

          1. It was merts fault not flamini what was he thinking. He makes me nervous everytime he’s got the ball it’s like he’s always panicking should have just cleared the ball

    2. Decent game from arsenal until the first goal. referee was so biased, Ramsey passing was very poor and I hardly saw Walcott getting one or two touches, to be honest I thought ox had a better game (apart from the miss)and would have been more useful in the second half when the game opened up. Sanchez was very predictive and ozil very casual. Bellerin, Giroud and coqulien were the better performers.

      1. dont blame ref,the manager gets it wrong again with his subs and timing of them. Welbeck on for Sanches who again cant kick with left on 60th Elerny on for Ramsey 65th. As for FLAMINI ON FOR Coquelin just shows Wenger has no idea on players choice in changing the game that is better not worse. yes we did well but you could see that Barcelona just waited for the turnaround with MERTISAKER TO FAR UP AND NO SPEED TO get back,Pique did every thing right. Again its the odd game that we click and cant be consistent with our games,this is down to not dropping players who arent playing well. Sanches Ramsey who are great at giving 100% in overal game time,but we need to create more so give Elerny a start with Coquelin and Welbeck on for Sanches. CB

    3. for God sake how on earth is flamini needed in this game.

      Giroud played 75 min but Welbeck was a biger treat in 10mins.(benched)

      Elneny benched (Flamini defend beta, pass beta run faster than him rit)

      God dt pass in d box by Giroud ….

    4. for God sake how on earth is flamini needed in this game.

      Giroud played 75 min but Welbeck was a biger treat in 10mins.(benched)

      Elneny benched (Flamini defend beta, pass beta run faster than him rit)

      God dt pass in d box by Giroud ….

      WENGER OUT (My first time but ds is it for me)

    5. For starters………..we need 3 goals against nil in the return leg to progress into the Next Round



    6. Jermaine Jenas
      Ex-Spurs & England midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

      “I’m a fan of Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud but he’s had one of those night where the whole stadium will probably be saying we need a world class striker. I can see Danny Welbeck replacing him soon.”

      Mr. Jenas to be flank, welbeck is more natural striker than OG, he is good in air and his foot work is better than OG, plus speed. the problem with this team is that there are a lot of fans who share love affairs with OG

    7. Around the 80th minute , barca were under pressure , all messi had to do was to hug the line , Look for space to bail out and provide an outlet for his defenders.
      That moment , that singular moment says all you need to know about how mediocre Ramsey is as a midfielder.
      Giroud, mertesacker…….?
      Do not get me started about those 2.
      As bad as Neymar and Suarez were today, they created more mayhem in our defence than I have seen in a long time by an Arsenal team.
      The last time Was when Van piersie wore an Arsenal shirt.

  1. This is by far one of the best matches I’ve watched Arsenal play against Barcelona.
    It’s unfortunate we lost…and didn’t score. We had our chances, but didn’t take them. Goes to show we need goal scorers. I’m really shocked the Ox missed that chance.
    The sad part for me is that…Lionel Messi had never scored against Cech before today…Against Arsenal, he scored two.
    We are not too far away from being a UCL super power…we only need to add extra quality.


      1. Does anyone else think Welbeck is quicker than Giroud, and should play more…or find a way for both of them to play together?

    1. @sadly chelsea are alot better than us in europe
      the can keep the bus parked for 120 mins if need be

      far more streetwise in that respect

      so yes cechs record was gonna get broken

      1. Chelsea is drilled liked that however we like the beautiful football, which sometimes creates the problems for us

        1. Exactly, Man City and Arsenal aren’t built to play defensive football like Chelsea, hence why we have poor records in Europe. We both played against Bayern and Barca and lost because you can’t play attacking football on their level unless you have absolute world class quality in every position.

      1. @Disturbance
        …and on the bench were the manager sits!
        LOL πŸ™‚
        LOL πŸ™‚
        LOL πŸ™‚
        LOL πŸ™‚

      1. Unfortunately the planet I’m living is one where our opinions on Arsenal almost nearly don’t count.
        But I still stand on the fact that we are only 3 quality players away from our first UCL finals in many years.

    2. We are so far of from being UCL super power, it’s not even funny. And as long as Wenger is manager we will not close the gab to the European top.

      We have a team that lacks in all departments.

      We don’t have a world class striker and Wenger will not buy one.

      We don’t have a decent back-up to Coqluen or a decent box-to-box midfield player, Ramsey was awful yesterday, losing the ball with dumb passes in dangerous areas and failing to put the ball on target in a few decent situations.

      Mert is too slow and wil always be a liability against top teams.

      In short we need a new spine and that will not happen under Wenger.

      1. glad he did …can u imagine if we had missed chance to watch the lionel messi score a penalty an double his petr cech record!!


        1. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of being in this tournament… Only a win against Utd can take this deflated feeling away now. Another home game without scoring a single goal.

    1. And start Alex “has never scored in the Champions League” Chamberlain. Oh no wait, he scored last year against Monaco and single-handedly gifted their third goal as well. My bad!

    2. It baffles me how little you muppets know your gonna blame flamini for that? That was 100% Mert’s fault who was excellent all game till he did that.

      Now the subbing of Coq made no sense but that had nothing to do with Mert not clearing his lines

      1. your choosing not to look at the play that built up to that chance.
        nor the fact we had three ppl infront of messi to try an block pers poor touch

        disagree goon

        fact still remains if coq doesnt get subbed that penalty doesnt happen. hes faster, covers the ground more efficiently and was made for those kinda clear ups

        wenger should be blamed for this not flamini

        1. But your speculating you don’t really know Coquelin would’ve got there, I am willing to bet coquelin would’ve NEVER expected to receive that ball in that position LIKE flamini. Like I said I don’t understand the sub at all, but if Mert just hoofed the ball upfield we wouldn’t be having this discussion that’s a fact.

          But muff, joking and animosity aside what did you think of the game?

          1. i thought we were excellent.
            they had all that domination…but actually didnt do that much with it.

            only when we came out to play for the win – did gaps appear which they exploited.

            i did not see david and goliath..
            for that the lads an arsene should be pleased.

            just a shame we could be be more streetwise

            1. we tracked back well. in packs
              held lines excellently

              showed guile in our interplay.
              there were lapses

              but boy theres promise there

            2. Exactly for all there passing it led to nothing and we stifled there front 3 for very large periods of the game. I thought wenger got the tactics spot on, we pressed them high up the pitch and made them uncomfortable then dropped back and kept a great shape. That was probably the best shape I’ve seen us maintain in a long time.
              We really did go toe to toe with them you can see how shaky they were when we went forward and we created good chances if ox just took that chance *sigh* what if.

      2. Mertesacker saved the day a few times in that game!
        I blame Wenger for that penalty for bringing on Flamini instead of Campbell… Flamini was still asleep when mert passed to him… he should have been more alert to whack it away!

        1. I agree with Mert saving the game many times, but I feel tht all he did could have been done by any defender in his position, or even better for the case may be Gabriel was playing, even the penalty stuff wouldn’t happen, Gabriel does no such non sense infront of goal

  2. Fantastic effort from the team but I am sorry.. If Wenger thinks Ramsay, Mert, Ox and Walcott are goodd enough for an entire season and European football with 200m in the bank then he needs to go. Koscielny and Monreal are believe it or not our best players.

    1. AW needs to improve aspects his management, because 70% of our team competed really well v Barca today. AW subs were, however, astonishingly bad. AW’s English core once again lookd to be the issue. Yet as on here, AW keeps promoting them above our quality players. (think Gibbs v Monreal a couple of seasons ago).. Fingers crossed they will break down after a couple of games as usual and we can get back to the balanced team that looked like it was going to win things

    2. The thing is Ramsey isn’t a deep playmaker which is what he was supposed to play as tonight. We need Cazorla in that position or someone with similar qualities and today showed how badly we missed him with our inability to pass the ball, Ramsey plays best when he supports the striker and presses high.

    1. @greg
      It was Per’s fault for trying the short pass to him with Messi on his shoulder, instead of clearing it away…Flame just instinctively acted by trying to challenge. It was a lose/lose situation.

      1. 70 mins of chasing the ball is very draining-i was worried this was gonna happen

        ox was far more affective than theo
        per had that momentary lapse

        great effort from lads-
        just couldn’t keep it going for 90…the best can…thats the difference

        1. Ox wasn’t effective at all!! He missed a sitter too!! Don’t let that little 30 yard sprint fool you, he still gave the ball away and a free kick. HE ISNT GOOD ENOUGH

          1. His sprint was ended with a useless cross because he didn’t lift his head. He still plays like a schoolboy. Joel Campbell stands heads and shoulders above him, as Monreal did above Gibbs, but people wouldn’t have it, because he is an all English hope. They try to diss Joel, yet 90% of the time he plays well for both club and country yet he is sitting on the bench watching a bunch of wet rags (Theo, Ox and sadly yes Welbeck) run around. Why do you all think Costa Rica qualified above England?

            1. On top of that Campbell plays excellently in big games, really don’t get why the manager favours Ox all the time.

      2. ANYTHING is better than conceding a penalty. Especially when you have defenders already inside the box. Messi did the EXACTLY same thing, the dribbled past Coquelin but his shot was blocked by Mertesacker.

        Flamini was never ever going to win that tackle. So why did he even try? Because he doesn’t think. Two-footed challenge after 6 minutes against Bournemouth not long ago procves it.

          1. Your comments prove your insight on football is utter fallacy.

            Mert made a mistake clearing the ball. Other than that he was flawless. Flamini did one thing on the pitch in 10 minutes, and that was conceding a penalty.

            1. You tool clearly you can’t read and your comprehension skills are lacking your first post says it was flamini’s fault then your 2nd says it was merts. Jog on

      3. @ NY Gunner I agree it was Merts fault. He could have sent a telegram to Messi to let him know in advance in order to be a little more helpful. It was also Wenger fault too indirectly. There was no need to take Coq off, and to take off a key defensive player at that stage and expect another to come in and get up to speed against arguably the best attacking front three ever assembled is a big ask, even for the mighty Flame. It was an accident asking to happen.

        I also thought that the substitution of Giroud for Welbeck showed how much mightier a player Giroud is. Once he was off the front line looked much more headless chicken.

    1. I’m just imagining if Messi had the chance that Ox had. ***Dink*** goal.
      If we loose the 2nd leg, then we would have gone out in the last 16 in 5 consecutive seasons.
      Arsenal needs quality…more quality…top goal scorers. That’s if we really want to challenge for UCL.

      Barcelona’s front three has 93 goals and 44 assists. Awesome stuff.

    2. How is it not surprising (im trying my best not to insult you) we should’ve went up 1-0 and arguably 2-0 we went toe to toe with arguably the best team in history and stifled there front 3 for large periods of the game. If ox put that chance away that changes EVERYTHING

      1. Unfortunately, we didn’t score, and we lost the game…and that shows the quality that Barcelona has over us.

    3. and now that’s 0:2 ……….with an uncertainty in the return Leg

      Let alone the away goal rule…. I repeat, it wasn’t surprising…..if it surprises u, then u must be thinking the likes of Ox ,mert or flamini are worldclass…. U are in ur own triangular world

      1. Haha please don’t go into the field of science your reasoning is severely lacking not sure how that would make me think those players are world class. But your not a fan so I would expect you to say that

    4. Excellent to think u must be Omniscient and knowing all the arsenal fans on the planet in Numbers…….. Kudos to u….The only Arsenal fan

      pride will pull u down, followed by ur insipidity

  3. We played really well in the first half but just couldn’t keep up with the intensity.
    Flamini comes on and the first contribution he does is a penalty. I don’t know why didn’t Per just clear the ball away.
    Maybe Flamini killed the game because he wants us to focus on the PL and FA cup. Wenger’s master plan. πŸ˜€
    Cech saved us from 4-0.
    In these games you just get 3-4 chances, we had ours but we didn’t take them.

    This tie is over and we should focus on the PL and the FA cup. Going to camp nou, scoring 3 goals and keeping barca quiet is just near to impossible.

    1. @vish
      We were already 1 goal down before Flame even came on the pitch. But I guess you wanna blame him for that goal also…

  4. Just not good enough.

    They tried hard but the quality or level is just not there. Hats off to Barca.

    No goals, bad passing, giving the ball away and not much creativity.
    Big heart though!

  5. Wenger masterclass once again.

    Starting OX/Giroud or both ahead of Welbeck and Walcott who got PACE which is exactly what is needed against Barcelona. OX scores 1 goal a season, of course he’s going to miss practically an open goal (that one clear cut chance we got). Giroud can defend but he’s useless when countering.

    And then… the dreaded Flamini comes on.. FOR WHAT?!?! Coquelin wasn’t on a yellow, he didn’t seem too much fatigued. WHY? 0-1 down and Wenger brings the worst player we have on our team on.

    I feel this Arsenal team could actually go far if they turn up like this. Add few consistent players and a manager who can pick the right XI against the right team and we could go all the way. But with Wenger and his idiotic tactics, no chance.

      1. LOL…@Juhislihis McLovin/ SoOpa AeoN
        I wish Arsenal take their chances…we had at least 4 clear cut chances, and didn’t score any.
        Arsenal has to understand that we can’t keep throwing away chances (especially against a team like Barcelona).
        I agree that this team could actually go far…but we need serious quality additions…goal scorers.
        I quite dread the return leg at the moment.

  6. Flamini needs to start at camp nou, he must complete his mission. And wenger needs to leave arsenal along with his british players

  7. I dunno what to think as we played pretty good for most of the game.
    Ox should have scored… Giroud should have shot (instead of a ghost pass)
    There was also a couple of times where the team over passed and maybe should have had a go at goal too.
    Most of the team played well but Walcott was again useless, Flamini was very unlucky as Mert shouldn’t of tried that dumb pass. Its like the defence fell asleep from the 70th minute.
    Hopefully we can score early in the 2nd leg and make a game of it.

    1. That ghost pass should have been right to Theo who plays on the right of OG. Oh yeah I forgot he wants to play centrally so of course he went there.

      1. so when Neymar plays on the left and he goes through on goal, Messi is supposed to pass to the wing where Neymar is supposed to be?? don’t justify what the clueless lamp post did, tht was a good scoring opportunity destroyed by a clueless lazy player

  8. Good effort from the Gunners
    Tie is still alive…just.
    Barca are a cut above anything
    in the Premier League.
    Arsenal must be favourite
    for the EPL+ FA Cup double.
    Arsenal will thrash United on Sunday.

    1. Tie is not alive. Tie is in a wooden box under the ground along with our hopes and flaminis new boot sponsor.

    2. Tie is still alive… You see arsenal scoring 3 without conceding.

      Whos gonna get the goals?
      Giroud 1 in 8
      Sanchez 3 in 15
      Walcott 1 in too many
      The list goes on.

      We should play our second string in the Nou camp. Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Elneny etc and focus on the league and FA cup.

      Then some major investment is needed is the summer because there are far too many there that aren’t good enough. Giroud, Ox, Flamini, Arteta, Mertesacker.

      Don’t get me wrong, your never gonna be as good as barcelona, there isn’t enough world class players around but surely we can find better than what we got.

      Giroud was the worst player on the pitch by a country mile tonight

        1. Didn’t think giroud was terrible tonight but he will never really destabilize defences …just doesn’t have the skills or instinct of top quality striker … Welbeck does have the skills but something missing still …Walcott a lost cause and has been for as long as I’ve seen him in arsenal shirt… Actually players know that this tie is over so hopefully they will channel,energy and frustration in to league and cup … But a clean out in the summer starting with wenger is needed for club to move on that’s a certainty …

          1. Our attack became like headless chickens when he came on. He can’t play with his back to goal as Giroud does.

    3. Barca are a cut above, and they will be at least until Messi begins to decline, which will be a few years yet. Suarez won’t be around then either. Even then they will have Neymar, but they’ll be less dominant over the rest of Europe, or you’d assume so at least.

      As for the rest, with the increased revenues in the Premier League, I’d hope we’ll begin to close the gap to Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, though of course those will still have a big pull as they’re very prestigious to play for. I’d hope we can at least be an equal to PSG.

      What I do struggle to accept is being seen as lesser than clubs that are more financially limited than us – Juventus and Atletico. We haven’t played either recently, but they’re two teams that I’d hope, as a club, we’d head into a tie as the favourites to win against. At the moment, that wouldn’t be the case..

  9. How can I put this???
    Ground Hog Day, Same ole same ole?
    We played well for 70mins then the old mistakes came creeping back in. World class striker needed. More composure needed. I won’t have a go at Wenger tonight it were player mistakes. OG with a bit more composure could of scored. Ox should of scored. players pushing to far up the fiekd lead to Barca’s 1st goal. Seen it all before. We didn’t have to win tonight just draw but we blew it

    1. I don’t think we pushed too far up the pitch for the first goal. To me it was Mertesacker and Koscielny getting dragged out of position, diving in to tackles and not winning them. That left Bellerin and Monreal isolated.

  10. Did our fans forget that it was a 2 legged competition. Shame on them for leaving so early. We call Chelsea fans plastic, well atleast they stick around and support their team till the end. I am ashamed with out fans.

    1. Everybody have the right to do how they please,they paid 4 it. Wud have done worse if I was there, wenger can neva win the CL.

      1. Imagine if players also start acting the same. Hey its our life, we give up. We dont think twice to laugh at other clubs and blame our players and manager but when it comes to do one simple job of supporting, we fail to do that.


        1. players get paid handsomely, we fans pay for that, for what? to go watch trash week in week out? Flamini tackling Messi in the box? Mert tackling in the middle of the field while he,s supposed to be the last man infront of the keeper? fans can act the way they want

  11. I don’t understand the reason for the last substitution. A slow defender with a naive and non-reactive DM caused the second goal.

    I am still proud of the performance. We did well enough against them. It was only unfortunate we lost.

  12. with this chicken mentality we will never win anything, sore losers, ffs game of their lives and they played like frightened kids, wenger loughing at the end, hahahahahahhahaha amazing

  13. OG is what crap at best and at 0-1 down he takes off FQ why? Again a manager with no idear of what to do. We now go to Spain and to be honest he should put the kids out because we won’t win end of. Man U weekend who can’t win a raffle but I bet we can’t get the win

  14. OG is what crap at best and at 0-1 down he takes off FQ why? Again a manager with no idear of what to do. We now go to Spain and to be honest he should put the kids out because we won’t win end of. Man U weekend who can’t win a raffle but I bet we can’t get the win!!!!!

  15. Do Arsenal ever Learn?

    I know we were gonna regret our missed chances as the game went on…

    Arsenal were so adventurous and left gaps in-between as we were pressurizing them before their first goal….

    Flamini first involvement led to the penalty but Mertsacker should be clearing his lines…

    We started the game well and were decent in the first half…

    Ramsey was piss poor in the second half and that Giroud moment of madness made mi ARRRRGHHHH…Just shoot…why pass the ball again without looking?

    Anyway, we can now say we are out again (Round of 16) Unless something strange happens in Nou Camp….I doubt!

    Welbeck looked lively when He came on…..Just delighted with his recovery.

    Our next games in the league : Manu, Swansea, Spurs and Everton……

    1. Only thing we might win is the FA cup but it’s going to be another season of what ifs. New manager needed but 2 of the best have been taken because Arsenal are frightened of telling him to go

      1. Even the FA is hard to retain it, Chelsea is still around and I knw how bitchy we play against them. and they just thrashed Man city very well

  16. While Juventus was able to come from 2 goals down, Arsenal wasn’t. We simply don’t have the quality at this level. Pathetic.

      1. But we are in the champions league, it’s for the champions. Or you should agree we are there by mistake, we arent supposed to be there.

  17. We were amazing, just the finish part was amateurish.
    Defenders were great. Our counter attacks were well worked albeit we didn’t score.
    Mertesacker was amazing today, but take note that we conceded the moment we went all into Barcelona’s den, and this is where Mertesacker was exposed. Our counter attack was working better than Barcelona’s attacking us then why did we go for an all in as if we were dying for a goal.

    It’s a shame, such an amazing performance lost down to two freak goals. Yes, Barcelona were boring AF, and far from brilliant.

  18. Arsenal fans booing flamini at the end of the game. Wenger signed him even when clubs in europe and asia wouldn’t near him. Also we seem to always want to walk the ball into the net. Wtf do these guys do in training

  19. WHHHYYYYYYY??????!!!!!!!!
    Why bring on flamini?! as if he offers something offensively….
    Why does mert attempt to tackle in the oppositions half in open play?! (manU and monaco of the top of my head)
    Why does wenger make stupid decisions at 1-0 down?! 1-0 still keeps us in the tie…2 away goals don’t

    Its like i’m watching the same sh** again and again

  20. I love arsenal team today, few mistake cost us d game. We forgot our tactics barca used it against us on d break. Flamini unlucky, welbek should replace ox, Theo is invisible, Giroud shouldn’t b removed, coqling shouldn’t b removed, arsenal team close to being great again. The two teams missed chances , barca later took their own. I kno one day barca won’t always b arsenal opponent.

  21. Wenger just called his players “naives”…!!!
    Is he having a f*cking laugh??

    Metersacker (cushioned the ball for Messi… What the f*ck!!) is his captain and one of the worse defender I have ever seen wearing the Arsenal shirt…!! A total disgrace and past his best, if he was good at some point, have not seen it.

    Walcott was invisible… He is arrogant and will never, ever, be “Thierry Henry”… He is less than average and basically a headless runner… He should have opted for track and field…!!

    Chamberlain is 22 and won’t get any better… This is it (unless mentor by a top manager which Wenger is not)… Same thing apply to Wilshere, Gibbs, Ramsey and more…!!

    The sad thing is that they were not even at their best, but it was more than enough to deal with the “potential” EPL winner (just to show how this league is weak)…11

  22. Why does wenger insist with Ramsey? He was terrible again and should only play every third game for rotation..would have liked el-nenny with coq..I don’t even know what to say anymore about Mert and Flame..why is Mascherano alowwed to grab and hold Giroud all game? Because he is smaller?

  23. Good match overall.No one expected us to win against barca with their attacking trio, but we did gave barca a few scares. Out of messi Suarez and neymar only neymar caused us problem. I think if neymar was injured or something we could have possibly drawn the match.The game was pretty open until coquelin passed the ball backwards when the crowd was urging him to go ahead just after that back pass they scored and we put ourselves in vulnerable position.oxlade and ramsey were both guilty in not scoring from decenr positions.Alexis Sanchez did an ok job not brilliant just meh.I was bit disappointed with ozil though i hardly saw him contributing much.Whenever he had the ball he lost it trying to do something stupid.Plus he makes these faces and grumps around as if he has put in a stellar performance and the rest have done f**k all. He has attitude problems.After giroud he is our slowest player.Hope we concentrate fully on premier league and likes of ozil should deliver better performances than today’s and stop moaning and get the job done. On a saddder note i think Sanchez has become frustrated with the players around him you can see how frustrated he got when players weren’t taking the throw quickly. He is a genuine hard working player but i think if we don’t win premier league this year he is going to man city or Wenger need to buy two or three world class player to convince him to stay. In short i am much more worried about sanchez leaving the club than todays result.

  24. If we could have just kept our head in the final third, counter attacks or even the minimal yet pivotal chances to finish, I guess we could’ve easily bagged 3 goals. This is what differentiates us from the best. We don’t have that sort of a pacific group that can nick in chances when least expected or grind a heavy draw giving us at least a chance in the next leg. Look at how Juve dug deep in their game knowing that they are not the best ball players. They exploited their strengths which we always seem to bottle up. I am certain that if it was Leicester or Spurs playing today against Barca then they would’ve easily taken away the game as they have more desire and are more driven as a unit. It was there for us to take! COYG!

    1. LOL please!!! Do not go there, that is an insult to Arsenal and especially Barcelona. Barca is the team in the freaking world with some of the best players in the world! Just sleep bro

  25. CL football is just too much for us and for British club in general.
    I think we are “happy” (false sense of confidence) to think that our league is the best… Well the one with the most money, may be, but English clubs cannot compete (anymore) at the top level of European football…!!

    1. Why does the Premiership have the most money? You would figure if they have the most they could afford the best.

  26. You all talk rubbish fact is AW not buying players will always cost us and our big stars will go because they want to win things not 4 place cup or the best of the last 16

    1. At last somebody gets it. You think Koscielny, Ozil and Alexis will wanto stick around for 4th place and an FA cup?? No chance, WENGER NEEDS TO GO IF HE THINKS HAVING 200M IN THE BANK AND RELYING ON OX, WALCOTT, RAMSAY AND FLAMINI IS GOOD ENOUGH

      1. Who are these people who thumb you guys down? they should share their views as of why the negate your opinions, or is it Wenger having 4 accounts doing his trick??

  27. It was a good game. We did well until the goals. Today Ramsay had a terrible game, Coq also wasn’t up there. Think he still lacks sharpness after the injury. Guess that’s y wenger replaced him with flamini. 2nd goal was mertsecker fault not flamini. If he backed out, it could have been a goal. Credit to our fullbacks , especially monreal. After getting the yellow card so early he still came to the party and excelled. I honestly believe that Wellbeck will be our main frontman. He has really impressed. We missed santi Cazorla .now we have to score 3 goals at camp nou. And without. Conceding. Massive task that. Really think Ramsay should start on the bench now.

  28. last year when chelsea played against us we called them boring cuz of similar game play, while when we play like that its good game hahahahahahahahahaaha we were like cxxts, scared i bet Leicester City would play better than we did

  29. It’s typical, when we play at our best the ref goes against us!
    Even though Barcelona had 70% of the possession, we had the best chances to score in the first half, we should have been two nil up within the first 20 minutes and Barcelona had their first chance of scoring in the 45th minute.

    Our players started the second half as if we were 3 nil up!
    Whilst Barcelona came out more lively…. But hey! We still should have won this game, Our finishing is too ? for word’s! and the two sloppy goals we conceded was pub team football on a drunken Sunday afternoon, quality.

    I’m Gutted for cech….and Gutted for the fan’s who were at the game.

  30. Welbeck more composed on the ball and more dynamic than Giroud and Walcott, give Arsenal more option, would have been perfect at the start of this game.

    Walcott showed why he shouldn’t be in starting 11. One header, one interception and nothing on or off the ball after that. To get the best out of Giroud, you have to drop him on the bench for a few games so when he is back he shows a fighting spirit.

    Ox missed a great chance at the weekend and again today, this guy just lacks the awareness and shooting quality, like most of the other players in this team.

      1. I remember those days where when he defends something happens, a penalty, own goal or causes a penalty, and now he can’t score even if he has a keeper only to beat, so what can he do?? dance around in the tunnel and making funny jokes all day?

      1. Cech solved it, deluded to only buy him, as if him saving a goal equals to a goal scored. now paying the price of the stinginess

  31. when I saw our line up I knew wenger was verry naΓ―ve to think that line up would upset barca. What stopped wenger from playing Sanchez in the number 10 role with welbeck on the left, Giroud as striker and chamberlain or walcot on the right? We would have scored iand cause them serious problems. Ozil should have been brought in in the second half imo.

  32. In games like this you need your fastest and energetic players from defense to attack. This not a game for favoritism.

  33. It was coming..not because we lost against the top team but IF YOU DO NOT BUY WHAT IS NEEDED TO COMPETE AGAINST THE LIKES OF BAYERN, BARCA just to mention then we will never do well in the UCL..all the AW backers will come with lame excuses as usual and tell us about all he has done for us..YES all he has done but it has been coming..time to go and bring someone who has AMBITION..Conte is going to Chelski..Pep in Shity..Mou at UTD and Klopp in year with Pochetino and even Ranieri doing well we are for some fight for 4 place. WC ST, WC DM AND WC CB needed all this years..the main SPINE OF THE TEAM ..just 3 signings plus the other 2 WC players in our team would be able to compete in all fronts..relying in British core which has never passed the level of expectations..OH Jack loves the team, OH Theo needs to play CF , OH OX is young..LISTEN, in other team they would not last as long as they have trying to develop..The coach, tactically clueless..GAME LIKE THIS YOU PLAY EL NENY-LE COG IN DM TO stop Barca Breaking play and Pace on the wings plus Welbeck up front..but noooo.. HERE WE GO RAMSEY WHICH HAS BEEN A SHADOW OF PLAYER..and top of it..Flamini comes instead of Neny but anyway i feel sorry for Cech- Alexis and Ozil seeing MSN and Co..looking for top trophies while our team lack of ambition is happy for 4th or qualifying every year..CHANGE IS NEEDED..not because of this game no matter if we win against UTD..future looks DARK

  34. I thought defensively Ramsey and Coq were awesome together, glad some noticed as I was reading comments during game. Just a pity that the four forward players couldn’t combine and finish. End of first half I was thinking if we closed space and marked men like this all season we would be hands down the best side in our league. Passing was lapse at times but not to single one player out, Ramsey as some mentioned but also Koscielny Oxlade Giroud Bellerin Alexis Coquelin so I was not best pleased seeing people go to their go to man for fall guy.

  35. I think we as fans need to admit that Barcelona were the better team and the gap between the teams is bigger than people think! Even though Arsenal had more opportunities at goal compared to last time, Barca had the better chances. If Suarez didn’t miss so many sitters we would have been on the end of a hammering! OX’s chance was our only real clear cut chance at home. We had a mere 3 shots on target today and if we flash back to October when we had 8 shots on target against Bayern Munich you can see the attack is just not good enough.

    In the end, we just have to give credit Barca’s quality.

  36. Arsenal played a great for 70 minutes or so until the best team in the world saw an opening and simply struck with lightning speed and world class level like quality as simple as that! We played great in the 1st half and even thought in difficulty manage to be at 0-0 half way into the 2nd. Chances came our way but again (same old story) we missed that clinical player to take them or confidence. We could have been up front…it goes to show that we are not too far but need to add quality and Wenger needs to stop thinking that he will uncover that gem for under the market price that will lead us all the way with WC quality they don’t all turn out that way. Still believe we can win the league with the team as it is even the double (FA-PREM) but other than that NO.

  37. I think we performed well. I think the tactic was also correct until the players sensed they could actually win it by mid of the second half and they started going a bit forward more and that led to barca’s first goal. From wenger’s reaction to the goal, i can say that this whole going forward without paying the necessary attention to barca’s lethal counters was not what he asked the players to stick to. Still, it may have worked for us.It did not. We have to focus now on PL and FA. Miracles can happen. The important thing is to go to barcalona and play our game. These are our players and this is our manager. lets stand behind them.

  38. “I cannot be too hard on Arsenal”. I can. When you get beat because the best team in the world simply outplays you there is no shame in that. But that didn’t happen last night. Barca had an off night with few chances created and poor finishing. Arsenal self-destructed and handed them 2 goals on a platter. We are mentally weak and tactically undisciplined.

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