Arsenal v Bayern – Expect Goals! Goals! Goals!

I don’t think that Arsenal have ever been in the position of losing their first two Champions League Group matches ever before, but all it means is that the Gunners will now be desperate to get their first three points on the board. Pep Guardiola thinks this will simply make Arsenal even more dangerous tonight. “In this situation they have an advantage because for them they have to win.” The Spaniard said. “When that happens with these kind of players, in this sort of club, with this sort of history, they are going to make the best performance possible so I cannot expect a team that does not fight 90 minutes, fight for each other and in this situation they are in an advantage.”

Wenger has already admitted that playing for a draw is not an option, and he will looking for his team to blow Bayern away just like they did to Manchester United a few weeks ago. Le Prof will be looking for another steamroller start from the Gunners. “What we want to do tomorrow is win the game. We want to defend well, attack well, score the first goal, that is massively important in the big games,” he said yesterday.

“You can never promise you will score three goals in 20 minutes because that would be absolutely crazy.

“What we can do is start in a strong way and that is what we will try to do.”

But the Germans have won every single competitive game so far this season and will also be looking to practically ensure qualification for the knockout stages with another win tonight. Their striker Thomas Muller expects both teams to go for the win. “Away to Arsenal here, I doubt we are favourites, but of course our statistics of the past few months are great,” said Muller. “However, Arsenal have quality and have shown it in the past few weeks.

“It will not be where one of the opponents park the bus in the goal, both teams will try to play offensively and it will be an open game.”

His strike partner Robert Lewandowski is also aiming to go for the win, and he is the one most likely to be scoring for the Germans. He said: “I hope we get the three points,”

“With three victories, we would nearly be in the next round. Arsenal would have an issue, yes, but that’s not our worry. We are Bayern Munich and we’re thinking of ourselves.

“We know it won’t be an easy game. For our opponents, at home, it is almost the last chance to reach the next round. Arsenal really need to step on the gas, otherwise it’s over.”

So both sides are looking for the win, and both teams know they are capable. This has all the markings of a very high scoring encounter, but who will score the most? This is the question….

I’m putting my money on Petr Cech restricting Bayern to a single goal, while Sanchez and Walcott will score three between them, at least!

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. My personal analysis on how the teams may or may not line up tonight man for man. Apologies for my typo’s especially on the Bayern players.

    1.Cech vs Neur – Both world class players in my book and can win a match with world class save. Tough to pick who’s better.

    2. Bellarine vs Lahm – A legend vs an upcoming star. Both love to go forward and have good technique. I love Lahm but I would pick Bellarine over him at the moment, he is a joy to watch and my 2nd favorite player from Alexis at the club.

    3. Martinez vs Mert or Gabi – Martinez is solid in defense plus has some education in midfield meaning he can read the game well plus create play. I think at the moment he edges both our players.

    4. Koss vs Boateng – WC center backs no doubt. They booth have there sloppy moments as do all the players (Boateng’s slip against Messi, epic). I think Kos wins this one.

    4. Alaba vs Monereal – Alaba beats Monereal going forward and creating chances but our underrated star is defensively sound and reliable in his position. One thing they have in common is good reading of the paly and anticipation. Its a draw for me though many would argue.

    5. Le Coq vs Alonse – again here a case of the new school vs the old and experienced. What Coq lucks in experience, beautiful long passes, long range shots and free kicks, he makes it up with his energy, stamina, fearless, aggressive type of play. I pick Coq as a modern day DM option perfecting his trade.

    6. Carzola vs Vidal/ Thiago – Tough one but I would pick Carzola over Vidal because of his contribution going forward and technical ability. Its hard to take the ball away from our Spanish genius plus he can wiggle his way out of any situation with calmness and maturity. Thiago is a good player too, in a few years time he will master that Carzola / Pirlo role well.

    7. Ramsey vs Costa – I haven’t watched Costa a lot but from the few games I’ve seen him play his a good buy for Bayern. Bayern have not missed Robbin because of this man and that says a lot. I know its a bit unfair comparing Ramsey with a tradition winger but that’s were his disployed at the moment. Costa takes it.

    8. Ozil vs Goatze (sp) or Thiago or Muller – Tough one as they are all different players with different skill sets. If you want a goal scorer Thomas wins, if you want a goal creator Ozil wins, if you want a combination of a little bit of both and a master at non then Goatze gets it.

    9. Sanchez vs Muller / Ribery – Sanchez!!!

    10. Lewa vs Theo / Girould – Lewa!

    Wenger vs Pep – ??? I will leave it to you.

    From my comparison we are not too behind with the mighty German’s first 11, full squad of course is a different story.

    1. I’m sorry but I would disagree with alot of that. I am an arsenal fan but I can admit when someone is better. The only players that could get in the bayern team are Sanchez,kos and maybe ozil. You picked seven arsenal players over Bayern players… why do you think they have won the champions league and we haven’t?

      Also i love Cech and Bellrin but how can you say there better than Neur and Lahm?!?!?!

  2. It odes not matter now, game is on. Individually maybe they are better/expensive but what it counts is the team that shows up for the game. If confidence, chemistry and belief is there then why wouldn’t we beat them?
    I just hope the ref won’t pick his cards too easy. It is known already that in UCL the refs have a different way in assessing intensity of a tackle compared with EPL.

    If you can’t believe you can do it then you have no chance at all.
    –Arsene Wenger

  3. Just as thought! Why not put Ramsey in the middle instead of carzola.. Makes us more compact as there will be long periods when we will not have the ball..

  4. football is a team game never won on paper have u done this before Zagreb olympiakosetc the team which will play as a team will win

  5. Cech/Bellerin/Mert/kos/Monreal/Coquelin/Cazorla/Ozil/Alexis/Walcott/Giroud is >
    Nueur/Martinez/Lahm/Boateng/Alaba/ Alonso/ Thiago/Vidal/Costa/Lewandowski/Muller

    All day long.

  6. The Bayern team we beat from 2 years ago was much stronger than the current team imo…a midfield trio of Kroos,Schweinsteiger,Muller..Ribbery and Robben on the flanks ..lahm in defence..all of them were at the peak of their wonder they went on to win the treble..The current team is on a more dominant run but I think we can definitely end their run tonight..Moreover we have better players now than 2 years ago..back then we did not have Alexis,Ozil,Coquelin,Bellerin or I am quietly optimisitic..COYG…let’s do this !!

  7. For us to win we have to score 1st..if we concede 1st it will be very difficult to comeback against Bayern..Also,heard a commentator say this during the Watford game “In the last 23 games when Arsenal have scored 1st,they have won 22 games..”
    Also Arsenal are yet to concede a goal when Gabriel starts for us and plays the complete match..

  8. Our under 19 team already set the ball rolling..beat the Bayern U-19 2-0..Alex Iwobi scored a brace..way to go Gunners..#yaGunnersya..

  9. Arsenal will not concede any goal to the Bavarian club. But beat Pep Guardiola’s side by 3 goals to nil tonight at the Emirates Stadium. As long as Bayern Munich are humans born of women and not made as Robots by man, they are liable to be beaten by human beings.

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