Arsenal v Bayern Munich Review and Video Highlights – Nketiah scores late winner

It looked like Emery started with the very best team available to him at the moment, and the official team was…..


It was no surprise that there was much sloppy play considering that both sides were decidedly un-matchfit after the summer on the beach, but the Gunners certainly seemed to have much more control of the game, and although the opening goal just after the break was a lucky deflection from a speculative shot by Aubameyang, it was definitely a deserved lead.

It was that man Lewandowski who finally put Bayern back in the game with a well-drilled header with 20 minutes to go, and despite many close misses we finally put the game to bed with a scrappy goal from Eddie Nketiah, who seems to be making a habit of scoring late goals. We definitely want to see much more of him this coming season.

Anyway, hee you can watch a very good highlights video of the game and make up your own mind about who played well or not…




  1. If we bring in Salilba, Tierney, Cellabos and Everton I will be happy. Hopefully another CB as well.

    We can’t keep playing Mustafi! I’d rather give games to Chambers, Mav and Bielik over him as we would get the same level our output but atleast they have a chance of improving. Please keep Bielik and give him game time!

  2. Three I learned from the game..

    1.) Looked like the usual switching off from Mustafi for the Bayern goal. If he stays (which I’m sure he will) I just hope he is not as calamitous as last season.

    2.) The youngsters looked good and deserve a good go at it next season.

    3.) Ozil’s hair ?. Might need to turn it down a bit?!

    1. Gunnery, and the fourth thing is that Arsenal still wastes too many chances in front of goal.

  3. Our weaknesses in the back four are still there for all to see but elsewhere there is much to be positive about including a very decent performance from the guy with the dude blonde hair.John Jules looks a real player to me in his short time on the park so is there a real need to spend £30m on an inverted winger when our own talent is waiting on the wings.Our goalkeepers also did well which is more than I can say for Mustafi who is at least consistent in his mediocrity.

  4. I don’t get why y’all keep saying we have no world class defender when we have Mustafi turning up and doing awesome at the same thing he’s been doing for the psst three seasons

  5. Saliba won’t be with us this coming season. And will all those signings I don’t see us buying another CB. So it’s either Mustafi and Sokratis this season or Emery May get a CB on loan or free transfer (like Cahill, Schwab, Ramalho, Pejcinovic, Vermaelen, Ashley Williams etc)

    1. If UE plans to start and finish the season with Mustafi and Sokratis as the main pair then I think i’m off to Ladbrookes now. I recon I can get at least 1000/1 on Arsenal conceding more than 100 goals. Mind you, I should think all bookies have this covered by now with 2/1 odds on Arsenal conceding more than last season!? It’s bound to happen with Mustafi!

  6. Ozil looked sharp and hungry, I just love Joe willock. Bernd Leno will be one of the greatest goal keepers of all time

  7. Emery had to use a no 10 and that reduced the number of CMs. We still have the same old problems:

    – Lacazette: Suffered from the lack of support and was isolated as usual

    – Ozil: Forget about his distance-covered stat, I know what I saw. Unlike Xhaka and Willock, he avoided shoulder-charges and tackles

    – Aubameyang: Our best winger, probably because he played on the right side. But he missed a perfect cross from Kolasinac, which could be disastrous if he misses some sitters again in the upcoming EPL games

    – Mkhitaryan: Worked hard on the left side, but not good enough as a winger there

    – Willock: Confident young playmaker with excellent ball control and strength. I don’t think we need Ceballos or any new CM if we have Maitland-Niles, Guendouzi and him

    – Xhaka: Nothing special as usual, but worked hard to defend

    – Maitland-Niles: Got skinned several times by Coman. Good as an attacking wingback, but he needs to learn the defending art more

    – Kolasinac: Good in attacking as usual. Tierney’s rumor seems to do a good job on him

    – Mustafi and Sokratis: Worked their socks off to defend Bayern’s waves of attacks

    – Leno and Martinez: Good reflexes

    The subs:

    – Nelson: Still looked awkward on the left side. I don’t think this boy can cut it as an inverted winger

    – Burton: Another promising CM like Willock and Guendouzi

    1. Interesting you picked up on Maitland Niles
      a) kept getting “skinned”
      b) a prospect for CM so why get Caballos

      Personally, i was gutted by seeing Maitland Niles get the nod for right back again. Bad for him and disastrous for Arsenal. Because he’s young he dodged a bullet for that super inept display in Baku but for sure he will never be even an average right back never mind a good one. Give him his chance in CM or ship him out.
      As for Caballos, what makes you think he’ll play on the right?? his favoured position is left, even though he’s right footed.

  8. I’m not really bothered about a friendly match.

    Yes it is a good workout to get the players fit and ready for the rigours of next season, and for them to gain an element of psychological advantage against top class opponents.

    We NEED TO and MUST win when it really matters in competitive games — Premier League, Europa League and in the Champions League (when and if we return there).

    As for signings, at the start of the summer window, I stated on a well known Arsenal fans blog that we needed to sign between 6-8 players, over 2-3 transfer windows and I still think that.

    We need:

    2 X CBs, LB, RB, CM, CAM, LW and RW. However, I’d be quite happy with half of that for this window, and we get the rest in the coming 2 windows.

    We need to sell players that is surplus to requirements:

    Mustafi, El Neny, Jenkinson, and HM7.

    I’d give Chambers another chance to prove himself.

  9. I’m still not happy with Maitland Niles at right back, his defending is poor,Koman is a class act but he went past him all too easily,I would rather see us buy cover for Bellerin and Niles in midfield where he prefers to play.

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